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Water: how wrong can you get?


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The Environment Agency has issued four severe flood warnings - meaning life is at risk. It warns that widespread flooding of properties in the towns affected is "imminent". It has issued 108 general flood warnings and 318 flood alerts.

As reported by the Telegraph and others, the heavy rain is causing chaos on a number of rail routes and main roads across the UK and train operator First Great Western is advising passengers in the south west of England not to travel. 

How different it was in April last when the self-same Environment Agency was warning that the drought then being experienced "could last beyond Christmas". The rain over the spring and summer was "unlikely to improve the underlying drought situation".

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This is about the same order of accuracy as the Daily Express on 23 May 1938, which famously published on its front page an injunction from its proprietor Lord Beaverbrook headed: "Go about your business. Britain will not be involved in war". Beaverbrook personally wrote: "There will be no major war in Europe this year or next year. The Germans will not seize Czecho-Slovakia".

Yet, despite its almost comedic inability to divine the future, the Environment Agency presumes to warn us of future effects of "global warming" in decades to come. By 2050, it says, the total annual river flow in England and Wales could drop by ten to fifteen percent, with 80 percent less water in some rivers during the summer months.

So, unable to predict accurately over an eight-month time span, it is nevertheless confidently forecasting what will happen in 38 years time. And this is an organisation we should take seriously? Why do we take any of these organisations seriously? They are a total waste of space.