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EU Referendum: countdown to Saturday

2016-04-19 04:56:34

000a LeaveAlliance-018 flyer.jpg

We're on the countdown to Saturday, with what in fact is a unique event - the only time in the campaign when the Booker-North team comes together in the same place. But the really important people there will be sitting in the audience. We're making this the opportunity for some of you to spread the message to a wider audience.

What we need is about ten people to present specific topics, in the form of statements and questions - issues that need answers that can then be posted as film clips on YouTube. We're open to ideas on this, but the sort of questions we would like are, for example, on the problems of expats in the event of Brexit, and whether they will have to return to the UK.

In terms of the vox pop interviews, what would be good would be to have a collation of people, speaking from the heart, as to what they want to leave the EU. That would also make a powerful video clip. 

There's plenty of room at the venue, with space for 200 seats. We'll look forward to seeing you there. If nothing else, we aim to have fun and do some serious work - a powerful combination.