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Media: Question Time

2014-12-12 07:09:41

I compromised: instead of watching it, I kept the sound track on, while I attended to other things. That way I could get the flavour of it, without having to watch the motley crew. As it turned out, I need not have bothered, other than to re-affirm what a ghastly creature Russell Brand is - with his juvenile, over-familiarity in the use of the term "mate".

The Telegraph has reviewed the show, conveying some of the ghastliness. It isn't worth going back into the BBC website if you missed the programme, so the report can suffice.

The thing is, nothing is ever going to come of this type of format, and its adversarial structure - or "adversal" as the moronic Brand called it. How anyone can take that man seriously, beggars belief, but since the media largely treat politics as entertainment, they must think he has something to offer.

Interestingly, the EU wasn't even mentioned, and the producers obviously bottled out, avoiding any question on the former Miss Ahmed. Nor did anyone refer to traffic on the M4. Altogether, Farage had a remarkably easy ride. He ought to appear with Brand more often - alongside this so-called comedian, Farage sounded vaguely credible.