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MP: Monumental Prat

2012-08-10 01:43:54


Tom Greatrex is presently Shadow Energy Minister.  On his Facebook page, he presents us with a piece from the Scottish Herald claiming that "More Scots in fuel poverty than in any other UK region".  That is of little surprise.  But in the same breath, he complains that "Gov infighting over #ccs (Carbon Capture Storage) funding puts UK potential as world leader at risk" citing Teh Graudnian.

This is also the man who confidently proclaimed  "Any increase in renewable generation is welcome. The investment needed to make Scotland's renewables potential a reality is supported by consumers across the whole of Britain, not just in Scotland."

However, Andy Scrace, of EUReferendum.com forum, this morning pointed out to me the above data from bmreports.com, whereby wind energy was whacking out a whopping 12MW of energy.  That in terms of supply of is 0%. Installed capacity of UK wind is 4686MW.

Far be it from us to spoon-feed you conclusions.  Do the math.