EU Referendum

Brexit: a day of shame


Yesterday, we saw the result of the Conservative collective losing any sense it might ever have had. Unfortunately, the consequence is not only a new leader of their party. Through a broken and terminally inadequate political system, the rest of us now have to suffer this man assuming the role of prime minister.

For my part, there is little more I can say to convey my utter detestation of this man who is so wholly unfit for any office, much less that of prime minister, that I would struggle to recommend him for the post of public toilet attendant.

Nevertheless, I need to place it on record that I believe the Conservative Party action has broken the political compact, that invisible bond which binds us in our nation to accept the authority of a prime minister, regardless of who we voted for or where our party loyalties lie, if indeed we have any.

As far as I am concerned, garnering the votes of 90-plus thousand paid-up members of a political party does not entitle anyone to call themselves a prime minister of this country, even if subsequently a weak Queen is inveigled into accepting the outcome of a charade which makes a mockery of the democratic process.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, therefore, is not my prime minister. And while that may be a symbolic declaration, that is where I stand and will remain. There is nothing on this earth that could change my mind.

I consider Johnson to be without a mandate and without legitimacy. I do not accept his authority and he commands neither my loyalty nor respect. He does not speak for me, nor in my name. I do not accept his policies – such as they are – and I share none of his values.

My only ambition for this imposter is that he should leave his assumed office as fast as possible and disappear from public view into total obscurity, preferably in the penury that he so richly deserves, having already wasted so much taxpayers' money.

In choosing Johnson – or the Oaf, as I shall occasionally call him – the Conservative Party has brought shame on us and on our nation, placing as our supposed representative a man who is so manifestly unfit for office. When we are finally rid of this incubus, we will need also to remember which party imposed him on us, and act accordingly.

Meantime, for the tenure of his occupation of the post of prime minister, we will watch his posturing and prancing, not in the expectation of anything coherent emerging, but with the sense of frozen horror that one watches a major accident. I have no expectations from Johnson other than of incompetence, and cannot wait for this nightmare to be over.

And until redeemed, we shall in the future know 23 July 2019 as the day when the Conservative Party drove the reputation of our great nation into the gutter. It is a day of shame.