EU Referendum

Trouble at t'web


Evenin' folks, webmaster here!

Sorry about the service outage. Some Vietnamese chaps were trying to hijack the site to sell you discount Ugg boots but I thwarted them eventually. Personally, I wasn't aware our reader demographic was into that kind of thing. But thanks to the ministrations of, we're back.

Meanwhile, being a complete bastard, I've been busy over on my blog. We have maintained for sometime that the rump of the Ukip vote is in the bag come an EU referendum. In order to win it, we need to start cultivating a new breed of eurosceptic with bigger ideas and give them more positive reasons to leave the EU.

Here at Eureferendum we've charted everything that's wrong with the EU and we've been informing the debate for a decade, but we're preaching only to the converted. Now is the time to start fighting to win. This isn't about tribal supremacy or the success of Ukip. This is about selling an idea bigger than the EU. Flexcit is a start but Harrogate Agenda is the ultimate destination. We can't afford to waste time with the Mr Angry Party.

You can follow us on Twitter at @eureferendum. Retweet us, share us, work with us. Let's show the world you don't have to be a little Englander miserablist to want bigger and better for Great Britain.

#Flexcit #HarrogateAgenda