EU Referendum

Brexit: entirely unsurprising


000a IEA-026 Brexit.jpg

As indicated in my overnight piece, our "Brexit" submission did not make it to the final six. Instead, I got a bland, patronising note from the IEA press person (above), a classic example of rank bad manners. Given the effort all of us put into the competition, at the very least we should have been sent a personal e-mail from the chairman of the judging panel.

Although I could have used the money, not to be included is actually a relief. It frees me from the constraints of the competition and allows me to return to the debate. With that in mind, I am able to publish my submission here (.pdf 98 pages), and will work up some shorter essays for the blog, based on the content. We are also planning a dedicated website, to explore the wider issues involved.

In terms of the content, I feel my single, most important contribution is the observation that "Brexit" is not a single event, but a process. It must be a series of ongoing strategies which allow for a FLexible response and Continuous development.  Thus "Brexit" became "FLexCit".

The IEA has now issued a press release nominating the six finalists, and the award ceremony will be held on 8 April in London.