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Eurocrash: crisis costs Germany €390 billion


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Expenditure for crisis management in the financial markets and intervention in the euro crisis have increased the indebtedness of Germany by around €390 billion, says Passauer Neue Presse via Handelsblatt.

This brings Germany's current indebtedness to €2.049 trillion, growing by €1,335 a second, equating to about €25,000 for every man, woman and child in Germany.

By comparison, the much-abused citizens of the UK have been lumbered with a mere €1.32 trillion debt (not counting the extras), which works out about €20,000 for every man woman and child – relative prosperity when measured against the Germans.

One can quite see why the Huns are so nervous about carrying the debt for the whole of the eurozone – they have enough of their own already.