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Name Richard North
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As co-author of The Great Deception with Christopher Booker, the definitive history of the EU, and before that co-author of two other books on EU-related matters, with four year's experience as group research director in the European Parliament, as then author of numerous pamphlets and articles on EU matters, plus my ten years writing the leading, independent anti-EU blog in the UK, I think I can claim a little knowledge about the European Union.


I'm also 65, with experience of working at all levels of government, from local government – city and rural authorities – to central and European. I've established and run my own businesses, one a consultancy and the other a service provider (commercial and industrial cleaning), I've worked for multi-national corporates, small businesses, regional conglomerates and even done work abroad for multi-nationals.


I've been a journalist in my time, and was once (for several years) a columnist in Private Eye, I've had monthly columns in several magazines, co-authored columns in The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, plus I've written several books in my own name, on subjects as wide as food poisoning and eggs, British agriculture, the Battle of Britain and the War in Iraq.  On that latter issue, I am incidentally contracted to lecture at the Army Staff college on counter-insurgency, which I do twice annually to audiences of 150-180 Majors.


Currently, as well as writing my EU referendum blog (and having also run my ground-breaking Defence of the Realm blog), I am researcher to Christopher Booker for his Sunday Telegraph column, and I am also a free-lance political researcher and analyst, providing services to MPs up to and including Cabinet rank, MEPs and Noble Lords. I also provide deep research for some journals, for a US institute, and for other journalists, on an ad hoc basis.


Recently, I prepared and submitted a paper on "Brexit", a blueprint for leaving the EU, to the IEA.