So what Larry?

Why is this news?
One for your shit list (Guest post)
A touch of irony
Eating my words?
A new era of intolerance?
The greatest enemy
Stupid or disinegenuous?
Armageddon deferred
Understanding our history
Please adjust your spellcheckers
Nothing changes
Next crisis please
Back to basics
Launch day?
Low flying
The source of our problems
Warrior down
Words are hardly needed
A defence against referendums
Dutch eurodoom
The cliff-edge recedes?
The end of Merkel's Europe?
What is the purpose?
A cliché-rich environment
All hail Helmer the heretic!
Ignorance or deception?
The wages of wind
Lest we forget
For what it's worth
The slow road to madness
Has the greenie spell broken?
WWF in embezzlement scandal
Springtime in Brussels
Game changer
The perception of great events
Potential legal obstacles
Tax collection
Twisting and turning
Green jobs
Dialogue of the deaf
You can't fool all of the people
The End-a Kenny?
Stop thief!
Crisis fatigue
Unsustainable combustion
No surprise then
Reynolds News
Winning the battles – losing the war
Bad news
Poor little Spain
Thrown to the wolves
Wither transparency?
Gleick House
This is wrong
Another clue
Political sophistication
Liberal nationalism
Moonbat strikes back
I spoke too soon
The disease of incompetence
More error than trial
Being kind to Moonbat
A wee rammy
The killer of nations
Tories for sale
After the fall
Les grandes lignes
Fakegate breaks cover
And for the anally retentive
Silence is not golden
What have we missed?
Not even a rounding error
If we have to give aid
A very small tragedy
'Twas thus ordained
The dance must go on
The books, the books!
A confused columnist
I just simply hope
The thin green line
Drawn to the same conclusion
Eat and destroy
Tip of an iceberg?
Chasing the ball
The dance goes on
Is it any wonder people are confused?
A three-pillar war – part I
Playing the German card
Hail the MSM!
The Camekozy is born
The full Monti?
A reality check?
The fat lady clears her throat
Banned substances
Buying time
""India is as bad as Russia""
Upping the ante
A world-wide disease
An ever decreasing circle of relevance
Not self-promotion
Tension in the ranks
No turning back
As for Heffer
The euro-slayer
Prolonging the agony
Other agendas at work
Merkel, the great Eurosceptic
The Greek vote
A dramatic lull
As I recall
The sins of Harrabin
The child snatching dilemma
Corporate speak
Referism works
Dynamite on the Danube
Passing the buck
It's euro time
The fantasy of wind
Epic fail!
A byword for shoddy journalism
A man of the people?
When is a deal not a deal?
""Europe is domestic policy""
We are not surprised … again
I ain't happy
Glaciergate no more
Never tell the whole story
Lessons unlearned
Another ""cast iron"" bites the dust
A question of accountability
The terrible truth
Man overboard?
Was this a factor?
Worse than I thought
And your conclusion is?
Another one down
Political suicide
It's quacking cold
The realms of stupidity
Coal takes the load
Not what it seems
EU ""flagship"" near collapse
The first of the few
Unacceptable practice
Playing by the rules
We don't want your aid
Piling on the pressure
Every picture tells a story
History repeats
Dellers splats the warmists
They never give up
Flying the flag
Take your pick
Afghanistan: what to make of it all?
Joy upon joy
Watermelons kill
A stampede of elephants
We knew that already
Latest on the cold front
The truth will out II
The facts of (political) life
The truth will out
The forum
Playing it as a farce
Nothing more to add
Superbly put
The Monnet play
We need to win
The fog of Europe
The collapse of politics
The yellow in peril
All rather downbeat
Ve haff vays
Hidden Europe
Corruption and more
The future of the euro
Who cares?
Tractor production at record level
The great turnabout
You read it here first
Living in a mad world
A random observation
A shattered narrative
The Lord chuckled
We are so lucky
Kermits get the cream
It gets more bizarre
Global warming is bad?
Misleading the House
Shaping up
Après moi la révolte?
We know he's not that stupid
The future
Reality bites back
False alarms
The Boy retreats
I couldn't resist this
Something fishy
This does not surpise me
A walk in the park
Death by boredom
A muddled book
I keep wondering
So what Larry?
I missed this
The grovellers
A sense of irritation
The fluffy budget show
Hypocrisy unlimited
The big yawn
Insult to injury
Tories ""enthusiastically supported"" wartime Euro-integration
Investing in your future
Another reminder
Masters of incompetence
A gallant but futile effort
No one is in charge
Bring them to book
Filtering through
The making of a myth
What happened?
On the ball
Fiddling around
David and his amazing technicolour veto
I couldn't resist it
The black hole in Obama's speech
The latest ""green"" fiasco
Ditching his principles
He says, she says
A point of principle
Game over
No more law
No more than a rounding error
Round and round in circles
Going up
Madness begins at home
Number four!
What they would prefer us not to know
They cannot have it both ways
Necessity being
Re-writing history
Robbing us blind
Which comes first?
The beat goes on
Getting it so wrong
A brain disconnect
Not enough
A permanent loss?
That referendum
A global muddle
Going home from Nome
Where lies Greece?
A culture of denial
And then there were 28?
Wake up judge!
The new Heath?
A man for all soundbites
British interests
Booker on Concordia
Home grown failures
A picture with words
A sombre anniversary
The last moments
Blurring the chain of responsibility
An independent review
Not so much taking it
A failure of reorganisation
The European project
A bitter taste
Just a coincidence?
Empty vessels
Beyond surreal
Misleading the House
Who's this ""we"" Cameron?
On the march?
A rather silly piece
We did warn you
A dereliction of duty
Heavy snow kills
Declaring an interest
Diagnosing the problem
That precipice again
The answer lies in the soil
Media bias
A wish overturned
Could … if, but probably won't
The elephant in the clinic
The elephant in the tunnel
Lucky to get away with it
Telling left from right
Kermits' Kurrency Krunch
My one's bigger than your one
Another day, another precipice
Don't you feel proud?
There's no place like Nome
Call me (not)
So sad
Pragmatic politics?
A pathetic inadequacy
A failure of regulation
A provisional victory?
Doing it differently
This snow is not happening
The perils of referendums
A mindset conspiracy
And they think the EU is mad?
""Shrinking ice"" stops tanker
Not a happy bunny
Living history
Macho morons
No monetary union without political union
Well, there's a surprise
This is embarrassing
Sarkozy on the rack
A blast from the past
The narrative develops
That draft treaty
Fantasy politics
Cooking the books
The theatre continues
Read the blog
Marking their cards
Confusing the issues
Mother nature on our side
Who needs billionaires?
The eurozone isn't working
Not a major surprise
Government delays kill over 500 accident victims
Nothing can go wrong
Agendas come first
No respite
""Pragmatic"" eurosceptics
An essay in incompetence
A mutual suicide pact?
A rural revolution?
Do we actually care?
Democracy has no champions
Feel the narrative
The one to watch
Sums it up
Carbon democracy
Victims' wrongs
How much more evidence?
It hasn't gone away
Sacrifices are necessary
A political response to a political project
Happy New Year
The invisible revolution
Hannan loses it
Find your inner ape
Spot the difference
The great and the good?
What if
Slow on the uptake
Why we must leave - 5
Water down the drain
A perfect storm
Standing up for Britain?
Slaves to the media
Home for the stupid
Why we must leave - 4
Catching up?
Burn the boxes
One-dimensional thinking
A pre-New Year resolution
This England?
Babies at work
The ""bounce"" fades
Christmas greetings from Bradford
Christmas shenanigans
Why we must leave - 3
A retreat into dogma
Semi-hidden Europe
Fantasy business
""Trappists monks"" do the Hallelujah Chorus
Words have meanings
Have yourself a very merry Christmas
Why we must leave - 2
Modern history
Fantasy politics
Why we must leave - 1
A Bill goes to the Commons
A War of Choice
No disaster before Christmas
You can see why
Soap opera time
Virgin hypocrisy
That fantasy veto
A little more optimistic
Don't ask an economist for history lessons
The propaganda continues
Vote for apathy?
A policy vacuum
Making a meal of a meal
Jong-il is dead
Randall at large
Running it to the wire
To the shame of us all
A lack of rigour
Lite blogging
We should have expected this
Now it's official
Wrong questions
A force for evil
Gone missing
A rum do
Tribal loyalty
Not all it seems
Not even close
These we kill
Reality begins to intrude
A media contrast
A rare event
The looting continues
Courage is not enough
The story so far
A statement from the Great Leader
A phantom veto?
The agenda all along?
Electoral deception
Telling porkies
From the horse's behind
The real enemy
Now you see it, now you don't
A waste of space
When fantasy becomes reality
Armageddon deferred
Authors of our own grief
Sack Black
A good start
Been there before
It must be true
An odiferous rat
An uncertain situation
Decline and fall
Walter Mitty territory
A huge coup de théâtre
A few points
Read my lips
Endless horror?
The soap opera
Keeping warm
A triple betrayal
A focus on news
Planting the flag
Bring on the grown-ups
Spitting in the soup
That letter
Settling down?
The arrogance of the Anglo-centric élites
Which is the master race?
No one listens
Just leave
Not a referendum - a veto
Does he read his own clog?
The Grand Old Duke of York
Spot the difference
A history of failure
A-level fail
They are getting there
For the record
The tales of tosh
Civil disobedience
A lack of political momentum
A tale of two fantasies
The Cameron paradox
Taking candy from a baby
The arrogance of office
Only the little people pay taxes
A disgrace
Referism at work
The other credibility chasm
The credibility chasm
Buying inflation?
Another milestone
Quick off the mark
Danger, part-timer at work
Never mind the evidence
Synchronised departures
Confused signals
Tory Fail!
Please let it fail
Referendum times
Campbell at Leveson
Danger, experts at large
The Caesar option
A better way
Fantasy land
Corruption rules
Even our folly has its limits
From the unacceptable to the intolerable
Disaster in plain sight
Painful readjustments
Cry me a bucket
The reign of the expert
Not a problem here
Can we kill them now?
Christmas comes early
What's going on here?
Direct Democracy
The dance of the trolls
Fuel for thought
Who plods the plods?
Speaks for itself
A little local difficulty
Mr Plod scores again
Why do we put up with this?
A confusion of conspiracies
Another green catastrophe
Bobbies get bonuses
More of the same (sort of)
The faux rebellion
Barking mad
Is this a disgrace?
And the betting is?
More corporate customer care
The fish rots from the head
The game's afoot
Tar baby
Handmaidens to the government
Gated minds
We must lose ours
Rescue delayed
A rubbish piece
Booker flames the Met
A cracked record
One more on its way?
Getting there
One down
Another landmark
Open thread
It goes on
The Okhotsk crisis deepens
Falling off the map
The limitations of language
Another local event
And then there were (still) five
Insult to injury
How so very convenient
The cavalry rides to the rescue?
I will not be a member of such a mongrel party.
Re-writing history
Kill the cows
Not real scientists
Nice one
A distinct nip in the air
And they don't mess about
Your money, their waste
It's back!
Crises in the East
Bastardi and Corbyn
And so it came to pass
Troll fodder
It gets worse
A vacuum of power
Serious global warming
An assertion
This stinks
Heatballs fail
More global warming
Free degrees?
David Cameron ""satisfied""
Parliamentary outreach
Not waving but scrounging
All deals are off
Why are they asking him?
Vintage Dellers
No monopoly of violence
Reckless disclosure
Are they incompetent?
No way back
A perfect storm
A tale of two I-lands
A winter of discontent
The costs multiply
Different planets
Some would like to think
Dirty deeds
Out of their tiny minds
Follow the money
A tidal wave of stupidity
Your average Lib-Dim
Get out of the way
It's the politics stoopid
The Climate Reich
A benefit of the EU?
It's not that he's stupid
Oh, p-leeze!
Fianna Fails
Now they decide
Prattling while the plebs freeze
The march of the incompetents
Public stupidity
Were they misled by the Met Office?
What energy shortage?
Happy New Year
Bears poo in woods
More global warming
Open thread
Extending the paywall
A perfect metaphor
Of hell and handcarts
Lost in space
Completely mad
What is going on?
China bubble
Cravenly conformist?
Threat inflation
I missed this one
It's cold out there
A tale of two Chindamos
Parish news (not)
Entirely in character
A real opposition
Ourselves alone
Taking us for fools - again
It's just weather
Portugal next
Talking the usual garbage
Toasted Cowen
The Lean machine
The hottest year
Join the crusade
A day of reckoning?
Two little words
What do you say?
Now can we shoot them?
Take to the streets
The stoods are revolting
Name calling
Severe climate warning
Burn, baby, burn!
This is not good
Only doing her job
Hold tight!
The beginnings of fear
Gone missing
It's not what you think
It's a local event
Global frigging warming
Another win for prohibition
And then we kill them
Barking bloody mad
Hague hopes
Tories is Euroslime
What have I missed?
Just like the rest
More than a footnote
Winter Weather Awareness Week
Put them out to grass
A modern miracle
A stampede of groundhogs
Crisis on hold
Why not?
Totally at odds with reality
Cranmer is right
The league of thick
A lack of proportion
A crisis a day
Collopse is nigh!
Boxing day link
What is to be done?
Forcibly extracting the micturition
The blame game
Then and now
The question that is not asked
The hijack of the Met
Spot the difference
The Wright stuff
Stuffed warmists
""The growing toxicity of their attitude""
Too late
Sick bag time
The rubbish weapon
No puzzle!
Not even close
Those enless ""cuts""
Hot air
Our partners in government
Getting there ... slowly
Lightweight fools
We have been there so many times
The end of popular science
Nothing is true
Unfair to satirists
Climategate a year on
The answer is ""yes""
Running to the wire
Go figure - get angry
Hypocrites of the world unite
Backlash to the backlash
Smoked mirrors
From our forum
Let them dig peat
Kermit Airlines
Behind the curve
That £1,500
The biggest enemy of Europe
Restoring the link
Join the club
Caught out again
It's all Hitler's fault
Local politics
Joy in Heaven
It's the morning after
Danse macabre
Dem cuts
Surely they can't all be wrong
For the avoidance of doubt
Slime warning
Not long in coming
Well, what a surprise
An evening with defence
On my way
Heath in our time
Re-establish the connection
The ultimate solution?
Sixes and sevens
Historical tides
The revolting revolt
Kill off the wrinklies
It is a ...?
Is the A-380 safe?
Blowing cold and hot
Spectator debate
Bonfire or damp squib?
Pachy stays
Political theatre
What will the warmists do?
An MSM riposte to Marr
The price of knowledge
Little news
Look in the archives Mr Johnston
Christmas comes early
A certain lack of proportion
It's still there
Savagely vindicated ... again
Deeply, darkly depressing
Snow business
And the latest parody is
Dellers calls out Moonbat
The inspiration
O2 - false alarm
The silence of the Beeb
Has O2 withdrawn?
Say No to O2
Splattergate - O2
Splattergate - parody wars
Continuing a trend
Splattergate: Franny 1- Muslim parody 3 plus one
Vintage Dellers!
Splattergate – O2 ""I hope things gets sort out soon""
Splattergate: Eat your heart out Franny
Splattergate: O2 customer relations
Stacking up for cold
Splattergate – rare pics
Splattergate: a million up
Splattergate: ""too urgent not to use it""
Splattergate: Morano on Fox
Splattergate: Team stupid
Splattergate - they don't like it up 'em
Splattergate - Epic WIN!
Splattergate: the fear machine
Splattergate – the new Climategate?
Totally stuffed
A message from our sponsor
""Epic squalor""
We knew this
A year ago
It's all a load of Pollocks
""Ireland has been desperately unlucky""
Between scares
I'm not staying up
How to behave
Look what the cat brought in
Cameron hails ""new chapter""
March of the euroslime
Busted flush
A message from the past
The aliens take over
Final solution
Of rebellions and revolutions
When was this written?
It's over?
MPs must act!
Spectacular stupidity
And when my lips move ...
From his own mouth ...
Dunn Conservatism
Not the only one
She ain't wrong
A degree of overstatement
The floor is yours
Another reason for ABC
What is the problem?
Let not man put asunder
Closing down Britain
They can't leave well enough alone
More for our masters
Whatever happened to the internet?
A question of responsibility
Useless parasites
Another power grab
No option
What a horrible thought
""Close to undetectable""
Damned if we do ...
Put your left foot in ...
An era of plenty?
The face of reason
Sly, dishonest gradualism
The world we live in
Amazon drought: the least of their worries
Booker on bird choppers
The biggest mistake yet
Repeat after me
Party political games
Honey! I've shrunk the birdies!
The end is nigh!
Germany warning
Is climate change losing us the war in Afghanistan?
A carbon neutral blog?
The hidden hand
The sinister nexus
You can't buck the narrative
It's started
A multiple of insanity
They are serious
Not over by Christmas
Jobs for the boys (and girls)
When it's cold
Only right and proper
No comment
Nothing is ever what it seems
Pachauri: friends of friends
The Lord Pearson
Dirty dealings
Great minds?
Pachauri: TERI-Europe - the enigma (Part 1)
Pachauri: hidden subsidies
Ice not fire
Pachauri and Big Oil
A conspiracy of interests
All in your imagination
Economic suicide
On the one hand
Fuel poverty
Consistently wrong
Now and then
Then and now
Pachauri: not $300,000 but $800,000 admitted
More lucrative by the day
Pachauri: the Deutsche Bank connection
Keep the politicians out of it
We the people
Stand and deliver
A citizens' revolt?
Devolving power?
Are we being taken for fools?
A bit of technocratic tinkering
Getting there first
Flawed and simplistic
The Elastoplast King
Understating the threat
The crowd is always wrong
Looking after their own
The need for change
The truth, the whole truth …
Some examples
Sinister implications
Poll shock!
Out there in the big bad world ...
Turning on their own
A contrast of intellects
EU Referendum on telly
Vote for Dave?
Empty promises
History repeats
Filling the vacuum
Invisible Europe
It won't magically disappear
If, if, if
EUReferendum on the BBC
Make politics local
Quite right too
There for the taking
European elections
A moral crime against the climate
Filling their boots …
A misallocation of resources
Cephalic attrition
While the blogs do play …
Out of the mouths of MSPs
Filling their boots …
And the news is?
A litany of contradictions
A problem
An ""Enron"" speech
A national humiliation
Tzipi Livni
A wake up call
An elephant in the HBOS
The climate change industry speaks
You can lead a politician to water …
Reality is a bitter pill to take
Saving the planet?
The green scam
Negativity revisited
Spot the difference
Please, don't let this be true
Some surprises yet?
Do the maths!
The onset of madness
Come back global warming
The blindness of the political classes
All a little unpredictable
Can it last?
Sold out!
Terrorise the children
Splattergate: a word from our sponsors
And another one
The final solution
Fred Pearce saves the world
Before and after
Splattergate - the Muslim version
Splattergate extra
On paying monkeys
Eco-jihad - the movie
The noose tightens
On being prepared
Rewriting history
You too can have one
Belgian minesweeping
I really do hope
A cold wind doth blow
Oh dear
I should not do this
Thrice strange
Back to Eu-rope
And now for something completely different
You're gonna be screwed
Shared values and enduring ties
Day 39 - Battle of Britain
Another milestone?
Looks up
Day 38 - Battle of Britain
Death by indifference
Day 37 - Battle of Britain
The future of Iran
Defence cuts sorted
Not in the least surprised
Do it!
Day 35 - Battle of Britain
So what's new?
What do you expect
The Franco-German motor
Back in sync
Battle of Britain
He's right
Ye're all going to dieeee
The ultimate surrender?
War over ... Japan surrenders
Stupidity is catching
She's noticed
Silly season
Day 30 - Battle of Britain
A perverse set of priorities
Virtual democracy
Day 29 - Battle of Britain
Building the narrative
That oil spill
A breach in the dam
Day 27 - Battle of Britain
The loathsome duplicity
Day 26 - Battle of Britain
Go thou and micturate
Water on a stone
Day 25 - Battle of Britain
The £100,000 cleaning bill
An experiment
Is God a warmist?
Five years on
Social workers
Day 24 - Battle of Britain
Twenty years ago
The dreadful Huhne
That's The Boy stuffed
Day 23 - Battle of Britain
Not very funny
Greeks wearing mitts
Climate change?
Day 22 - Battle of Britain
Not a happy proposition
Day 21 - Battle of Britain
The latest WWF campaign
The dirty stuff
Greeks baring rifts
Day 20 - Battle of Britain
Right of reply
A bloody disgrace
Bit more than a headache
In the interests of justice
Scroll down slowly
And your point is?
Does anyone actually care?
Day 19 - Battle of Britain
Bills up by a third
Day 18 - Battle of Britain
Look at the timeline
Climategate, Amazongate, Bob Ward and the Murdoch empire
It goes on
Wider not deeper
Not harder - impossible
Day 17 - Battle of Britain
Conspiracy in plain sight
Stolen files?
In Europe and ruled by Europe
Day 16 - Battle of Britain
The march of progress
Shouting out loud
Northing cn goe wring
Day 15 - Battle of Britain
Taken for fools
Day 14 - Battle of Britain
Stuffed, stuffed, stuffed
Day 13 - Battle of Britain
Missing in action
No news is the news
Parish notes
The calamity cretins
Day 12 - Battle of Britain
Take your pick
Silly mood
I come not to praise Schneider
Delusion or deception?
It don't mean nuffink
Low grade stuff
Parish notes
Day 11 – Battle of Britain
Hungary's revolt
Wholesale micturition
Day 10 - Battle of Britain
Still glaciers
Careers for the stupid
Worse than stupid
A different set of pigs
Day 9 – Battle of Britain
Hungarian rhapsody (not)
A disappointment
Parliament must fix it
Day 8 – Battle of Britain
Cannon fodder
Why don't they just admit it?
A goad of lollocks
Not irony
Day 7 – Battle of Britain
As Delingpole sees it
Amazongate: Round two
And by the way
Thick end of the wedge
Day 6 – Battle of Britain
Too close to call
Queenie – meet Charlie
A rat is smelt
The scam spreads
It's not them, it's us
The heart rejoices
Snatch to be replaced
The House of Pachauri
Too many examples
Sodden and limp
It's dead
Is this man an imposter?
Another great victory
I think I've been saying this
Stuff them
Hospitals on hills
No getting away from it
Of bald men and combs
And so it starts
Read this and weep
Meaningless data
Yes, but!
In good hands?
A troubled soul
When the North wind doth blow
Day 5 – Battle of Britain
Hardly worth commenting
Fighting and losing
French back burka ban
Day 4 – Battle of Britain
Read this
Chinese downgrade West's credit
Beyond demonstrable failure
We tend not to make statements
The dregs of the dregs
Day 3 – Battle of Britain
The assumption of stupidity
An affront to safety?
Excessive welfare regulations?
Amazongate: why it matters
Dumbing down
Day 2 - Battle of Britain
Why it matters today
A half-hearted media
The source of Amazongate
She'll be coming down the mountain when she comes ...
It started today
Even stupid people deserve better
Thanks for the traffic
Here we go again
The noose tightens
A failure to communicate
Afghan turning point
I'm out of work and on the dole ...
Armageddon imagined
We're shocked, shocked!
Not today
Death threats galore
In sorry hands
Intellectual honesty
The big, fundamental questions
See no evil
Your foreign service
Didn't we do well!
A change of wind
They missed it
The myth has taken over
A bit of sense
And yet more stupidity
Nothing quite so stupid as a Tory
The art of propaganda
Who governs Britain?
They lied
Down the green plug hole
No more Mr Nice Person
No longer simple solutions
Who he?
Our profound hope
Going nowhere
Not defeatism, realism
Day 61 - Battle of Britain
What more can you say?
The fluffheads have taken over
State of the Union
The Blitz remembered
An apology too far
An interesting little spat
Liar, liar!
Mealy-mouthed Monbiot
A ""game changer""?
Them eggs
Better dead than REDD
The Awakening
Perpetuating the lie
Amazongate: the smoking gun
A comment
And your point is?
Third time unlucky?
Beyond parody
An alibi in flames
The deliberate deceit
Airbus: the flying subsidy machines
Getting a ""living corpse to walk""
Bring on the disposables
The battle of Amazongate
A pretend crisis
Not at all surprised
One can dream
A Euromyth bites the dust
Does he protest too much?
A heart of stone
Just what is wrong with us?
Credo in unum tipping point
It's war!
Economic sabotage - II
A modern-day barbarity
The Guardian
They do not compute
My daughter
Where is the evidence?
The wages of stupid?
Perverse consequences
A symbol of ""Europe""
Muffin the Mule
A Moonbat too far
Scientists are dangerous
A vehicle ""incident""
Oh for the good old days
The zombie returns
To the barricades?
Obama stuffs the military
A whiff of honesty
What are we doing there?
Quote of the week
A quote too far?
Corporate cowardice
We're shocked, shocked!
Another one
Is this how they see us?
Clichés by the coffinload
It's happened
What is going on?
The greatest failure of them all
Go boil your head
No place in government
A jolly good unit
Take up crochet
Bored witless
That fool Dannatt
Economic sabotage
Deutsche Mark über alles
Richards for chief?
Consistent and persistent
Two little boys
The politics of delusion
Who cares?
Bovine stupidity
A high level failure
Not his finest hour
Let's not
The master race?
The second one is ""off""
And now for the Saville Report
Moral and intellectual cowardice
Seriously scary
Germany falling
Our mission is doomed
What will it take?
Weaker is stronger
For every action
A crude characterisation
This dying creed
The real scandal?
North talks
Al Gore lied, James Lee died
Above the line
Wages of stupidity
The obvious question
Declining standards
My Goodness
A Continuation of Policy
Missing the point
Not incapacitated
Continuing the smears
The new colonialists
Stiched up
Lest we forget
Serial spammers
The hypocritical environmentalists
Antarctic cold snap = climate change ... yay!!!!!
Faces of extremism
Journalist ignorance soars
A dishonest response
A public service
The first climate sceptic?
Approach to Helmand ""flawed""
Stuffed by the eurozone
A political own goal
Media plurality
The changing of the narrative
The camera never lies
A bit bloody late
Another one down
Slime shall feed upon slime
Statements of the obvious
Still preoccupied
A ""difficult"" day
A travesty of justice
A partial explanation
The joys of research
L'escroc lives
The story so far
What little we know
You're all gonna die!!!
Those defence cuts again
Day 46 - Battle of Britain
A scam on hold – and another one behind
Lives at risk
Day 45 - Battle of Britain
Roll on the day
It never rains
A non-apology
Day 42 - Battle of Britain
They fool only themselves ... again
One of our hemispheres is missing
Day 41 - Battle of Britain
Compare and contrast
It should be recorded
A serious blow to its credibility
Day 40 - Battle of Britain
The green hypocrite
A certain inconsistency
Keeping up the standards
Here we go again
Treating us as if we were morons
A ""deadly raid""?
Not dead yet
The more we pay, the less we get
All to keep the men in Brussels happy
Yea, right!
A question of attitude
The final straw?
Israeli ""attack""
That amazing ""own goal""
Suicide activists
Not drowning but waving
Those ""peace"" activists
Brain dead
Random shooting
Cameron's War
The same old stench
Ryanair joins in
An ex parrot
David Laws is a thief and a liar
You can't blame the Messenger
Computer modelling in the dock?
Deliberately provocative
Slowly unravelling
You can't fault the logic
In tatters
They just don't get it
Going through the motions
The woolly world of Huhne
He's resigned
Well qualified for government
Double standards
Another clunk ...
So where are they?
Dog should eat dog
Are we children?
The great deluded
A period of silence?
One of our Dorniers is missing
The ""ash"" crisis continued
The story's out
Constitutional ignorance
Greece on the skids
It worked!
March of the morons
The great debate
Clearing the backlog
What a difference a day makes
On the rocks
Breaching the barricades of bureaucracy
A war without weapons
Hook, line and sinker
Chaos rules
All bets are off
Jobs for the (climate) boys
Passing the buck
Another swine flu
The beginnings of a recantation?
You think?
Fears in the night
Being reasonable
A scary silence
It's started ...
Go away and die
A fool and his money
They don't always listen to logic
And for my next trick
A question of defence
Thirteenth Century Fox
The age of rage
Fading away
I don't think we anticipated ...
We really do have a problem
The undead
Dave ""talks tough"" on Europe
Look! No ash!
You didn't see it here
Vanity money
A whole mess of uncertainty and fear
What are they hiding?
Currency change
Cowardly Europe
Asleep on the job
Not our own masters
Booker blazes away
A virtual cloud
Is it a scare?
Crash 'n' burn?
They still don't get it
Look back in Ongar
""Sod the lot""
The great switch-off
The great ... zzzzzzzzz
Iceland's revenge
Quality or quantity?
Oxburgh – not a whitewash
The plague party wins it
That sinking feeling
A slight amendment
All you need is love
Says The Boy
Missing in action
Lying cheating bastards
A surreal election
That manifesto
What about Afghanistan?
It's a plan ... sort of
The white man's burden
A painfully empty charade
Polish president killed
Indifference compounded by derision
An epitaph for Greece?
Go for coal (updated 2)
Not the Foreign Office
The beginning of the end?
Energy riots in Kyrgyzstan
The Refusniks
The great drought (not)
The great charade
A snake oil election
Taking on the greenies
Thirty days of theatre
From the horse's mouth
The euro is in danger
Don't laugh
Ghosts at the feast
Neither use nor ornament
A basic survival plan
Spelling it out
If anyone wants to know ...
Trouble in the wind
To panic, or not to panic ...
Unfinished business
Germany falling
A fuss about nothing
Euroslime at the helm
Joke of the day
A false and perverse interpretation
A growing backlash
Crash and burn?
Wrong, as usual
A culture of dishonesty
Happy days are here again
Not one of them
Winning for Britain?
As forecast
Labour could win?
A train wreck coming
Organised hypocrisy
Tectonic plates
Unreal reality
A ""death spiral"" for warmists
Slow burn?
Miliband's billions
Crushing the bureaucrats?
Personality politics
""Passionate"" about climate change?
The president has spoken
Only a blogger
The politics of politics
Cap 'n' fail
The objective observer?
Accentuate the positive
Montgomerie in Wonderland
Frankly, I'm amazed (not)
Good news for polar bears
Some progress on nukes
The land of perpetual crisis
Global warming
The universal politician
It was never going to be any different
How government corrupts science
Apples and oranges
Perpetual motion
Exactly right
Absolutely tickety-boo*
A choice
Dishonesty multiplied
Huge parallels
""We will not prevail in Afghanistan""
A thoroughly dishonest letter
Like rabbits in headlights
Is this what politics has come to?
No discernible difference
Germany cooling!
That other election
The plans are revealed
And then the riots
Work in progress
Defence on the back burner?
And even worser
And worser
It gets worse
""We have ... to rebuild trust""
'Tis done - the Cleggerons rule
Thick, or what?
A howl of impotent rage
Gloat early, gloat often
ABC wins
He who lasts, laughs ...
Proportional ""Representation""
""A terrible beauty has been born""
Cleggerons vs the Europhons
All Hail the Cleggerons!
A gamble that failed
UKIP effect 2010 - the full list (revised)
Cut off from understanding
The UKIP effect
The only certainty
Reshuffle special
Anyone But Cameron
Only to be expected?
More crap research?
Vote early, vote often
Split down the middle
Three out of three
The beat goes on
A surge of fraud?
The ash returns
Pretty boys
Keeping up the pretence
The doors have it
Obscuring the issues
Our phony war
Bus passes
A fraud a day
Euro off the hook?
Green jobs?
An international epidemic
Environmentalism has been hijacked by the warmists
Green waste
A co-ordinated counter-offensive
The US goes down the European road
A new blog on the block
Slowly deflating
A masterpiece
The long goodbye
Perhaps they really are that ignorant
Times Higher Education
Death by press release
The group-think with no clothes
The unsustainable BBC
It's the energy stoopid!
The death of real politics
Losing the battle?
An addition to the vocabulary
Can he be that stupid?
Bloweth the wind
They've been on a rampage
Prediction is futile
A condition of membership
Distorted priorities
The cold wind doth blow
Ads by Google
Amazongate II - Seeing REDD
Rage ascendant
Somebody has to be wrong
Mistake or mistakes?
What energy crisis?
Increasingly out of touch
Meanie greenies
Bricks in the wall
Big profits in climate hysteria
Better in French
Debating the real issues
The day comes closer
A wry observation
UN climate cronies
The £3 million mistakes
I cannot think
Neck and neck in the marginals
The politics of climate
Another day, another ""gate""?
I always thought
She's back
Daily Politics
How wrong can they get?
In perspective
The dawning of understanding
Still they want more
Climate money
Snowpocalypse Now!
The games they play
The beauties of blogging
In the money
Phil Jones interviewed
And now for Africagate
Money makes the climate [industry] go round
Breaking news
Less of the people
May I shine your shoes sir?
Who owns the science?
Where our money goes
A sad little figure
The killer blow
Broken Trust
And the latest version is?
British Council spends £3.5 million on climate change propaganda
Repeating its mistakes
A well-financed and vicious plot
Carnegie suspended Pachauri grant
The latest exaggeration
Another day, another (10,000) dollar(s)
Gone native
BBC – a hotbed of denial?
Sooooo yesterday
Phil Jones on Channel 4
Worth a snigger or two
Delingpole is suitably caustic
Comments have been disabled
They can't even get that right
An unbiased view?
It is a religion!
The great scam exposed
Lean times for the alarmists
No answers in the soil
Real politics
Big ""Climate"" Brother
The dance of the seven veils
The awakening
Farting cows online
The ice floes of reality
They just don't get it
Five times the cost of the Manhattan Project
Only another million
What sort of country is this?
Bird choppers
Making friends
What is the point?
Falling stars
Climate parasites
A third rate government
The system is broke
A face of evil
A state of fear (not)
Under the radar
Le GIEC est mort
Death wish
Climbing down
The para-governmental organisation
Another crack
The power of prestige
Follow the money
The ""controversial"" Dr R K Pachauri
The invisible India
A triumph of hope?
The ""larger truth""
Amazongate lives
""Profoundly irresponsible""
Indian media support eroding
He doesn't give up
Glaciergate – still a long way from the truth
Do as I say
Amazongate in The Sunday Times
And the ""professionals"" write?
A couple of blogs
Amazongate: the final phase
Keep the camp fires burning
It ain't over
He's toast
The end is nigh
The Great Glacier Show – Part II
This is where our money goes
Bin Laden to chair IPCC?
About right
Denial more dangerous than abortion
The glacier show – a comedy in many parts
They can't stop lying
Les derniers jours de Pachauri?
Monckton's finest hour
Trust is vanishing
And so say all of us
Déjà vu all over again
A conspiracy of scientists
Little blips?
Amazongate goes serial
The WUWT effect
The corruption of science
Rose-tinted spectacles
The turning tide
Vote for change
Wonders will never cease
Millions for IPCC chairman Pachauri
Stupid people
Joined-up commentary
Convenient criminals
A profoundly non-feasible option
Still working it out
A strange and ugly place
Don't laugh
€3.9 billion out of thin air
Quality, not volume
Charity begins with climate change
Even worse than Brown
""We're winning and they're losing""
Working for the enemy
Getting angry is not enough
Good riddance
Euros for Rajendra
If it's a bit quiet
It's just weather
Wedded to their lies
You think
An endangered species
Just one page
Breaking news
And now for Amazongate
Not one, but two ... and counting
Pachauri must resign
Tory eco-bullies rampant
Pachauri: the natural disaster scam
""Your credibility is impeccable""
Broken politics
Wasn't me guv!
UN climate panel blunders again
Pachauri: the real story ...
Pauchauri: EU caught by ""glaciergate"" hype
Decisions, decisions
Inconvenient truth
Contradicting themselves
Those embassies
I guess
Keeping it in the family
That ""conspiracy"" meme
Changing the climate
The agendas merge
Now that's robust
News you will never see
You do wonder
Lost it!
Pachauri doesn't talk to media. Shock!
Round two
A new blog on the block
A Western conspiracy
Short haitus
An outbreak of reticence
The full horror
A new peril
Not a happy bunny
""We got it wrong""
""A serious injustice""
Well, well, well
Times Now TV
A green rebellion?
Talk, talk
A man with no honour
You don't have to be German
Vote Dave – get Brussels
The hidden propaganda
Global warming is back
Credo in unum deum
Global warming meltdown
Tory fail
How green is my golf course?
Self-deception writ large
Saving money?
Peabody Energy Company
The Stack effect - updated
Money talking
A total farce
Holland's first climate exile?
Biased BBC
Saving the planet
There's always a catch
Are the rats deserting the sinking ship?
Diminishing returns
A satisfactory model of complete ignorance
A climate change person
Where our money goes
Compassion fraud
Mirror image
Deniers petition
You will love this
Hatton on hurricanes
Do we really want this?
Web satire
The second front
Climate change – a torrent of EU money
Buying thin air
Sunday comment
Against the grain
African crops catastrophe
That Radio 5 Debate
Notice the similarity?
Rally for Academic Integrity
When in Rome
Pioneers into practice
Shroud waving
A change of pace
Nice work if you can get it
Robbing us blind
Pachauri: there's money in them glaciers
The tsunami all over again
Taking some stick
The weakest link
Another day, another planet
Pachauri: protecting his interests
Ripped off
Pachauri: Sunday Telegraph – Part 1
The big money
We're ""very good indeed""
The Berlusconi method
Stupid comment of the year – so far
And the reason is?
Look in the mirror sonny
The way the money goes round
The greatest eurosceptic of them all
Now they tell us
This is England 2010
Then and now (Part 2)
Meanwhile ...
The denier
Radio 5 Live
The times they are a changing
An independent inquiry?
Downstream comment
Pachauri's law
Off Beebing
New voices
It's only weather
Throwing in the towel?
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Weather and climate
On hold
Still more global warming
A very, very sick joke
Looks like climate from here
Moonbat squeaks
Global cooling in 2009
Prepared for the wrong eventuality
Work in progress
An intelligence test
It'll be back
Closing down!
Anti human?
Haiti – a gathering storm
Garbage for brains
A taste of things to come
Beautiful people
Pachauri: another day, another dollar
The ice age cometh
In the balance
The real thing
Roger Pielke Jr
Pachauri: money laundering? Part II
Praise indeed
It gets better!
In your dreams lady
Pachauri: money laundering?
Does he need professional help?
Honouring a pledge
God Laughed!
Cooling anyone?
Watts Up With That?
Awaiting the Berlin Wall moment
Journalist killed
Pachauri: conflict of interest
Ripping us off
Green grows the opportunity
The real criminals
The fight-back
And a day of madness
In the grip of madness
A fuss about artwork
Double your money!
The silence of the Right
A bad Sheik?
I know ...
Springtime for Fraudocrats
Memo for Copenhagen cops
It must be global warming
Bishop Hill
The Real agenda
A global conspiracy
What more can I say?
Sell your shares!
And they want us to pay more?
Corrupt, untrained, underpaid, illiterate
The TWI visualised
On a completely different subject
Typical media
The hypocrisy of the Greens
A short hiatus
Not just the e-mails
Dale rejected (again)
A lack of trust
The most influential tree in the world
TWI update
One born every minute
What a picture
Clutching at straws
All by themselves
They catch up
Not enough
Pachauri: the smoking gun
The Scarygraph view
That remark
Who do they think they are?
Those deluded souls
Three years to wait?
Permission to doubt
Not enough support?
Making friends
A politician's myth
""Deep Climate""
Climate Saboteurs
Free sex for warmists
""Very worrying""
Is the debate over?
This is good!
Creeping up
Not puzzling at all
The fraud exposed
Caught short?
Measuring the media
Pachauri: TERI-Europe – the enigma (Part 4)
The Tiger Woods Index
Google on climate change
How unkind!
Better in French?
The ""Climate Comrades"" fall out
Which part of over?
A scandal
It woz Hansen
An absolute disaster
Ideological warfare
A romp in the MSM
Al-Gore gets it!
Not just the CRU
Here we go
Theft of data
Oh dear, dear
A peace conference
Polyfilla at the ready
The big climate change fraud
It's still global warming
Message to the Environmental Movement
The greenie's not for turning
The news we want
The wages of ""Climategate""
The wages of Lisbon
More work needed
""Muddled and confused""
Supposi-Tory waffle
Lib-Dims go squidgy
It woz Google?
Where is Devil's Kitchen?
A dispatch from an occupied country
Why should he have all the best tunes?
A diversionary tactic?
The shadow of history
It's started
American Thinker
The march of the clever-dicks
A mushroom cloud
Hiding the decline
Pachauri: the cover-up begins
Thought for the day
What a difference a decade makes
Taking off
A ""splending"" pledge
This is complete fraud
A deal rejected
Beaucoup des euros
Damage limitation
Shock news: UKIP is not suicidal
The mandarins' revenge
The tyranny of the net
Playing but a single tune
A Soviet stooge?
Thanksgiving Tea Party in London
Moonbat speaks
Our new government
A stunning victory?
Rolls-Royce minds?
Mandy who?
One journalist gets it
A use for al-Gore?
The wages of sin
Greenie watch
Global bloody warming
Cry Havoc!
Pachauri: ""no leeway for delay or denial""
And Russia
And Korea
A monument to folly
Pachauri: nose in the honey jar
Now it's Peking's turn
Driving us into poverty
Pachauri: follow the money
Right name this time
Pachauri: How much is this man getting?
Wolf Howling
The waste we are funding
What more can you say?
Pachauri: TERI-Europe – the enigma (Part 3)
Pachauri: TERI-Europe – the enigma (Part 2)
The cost of global warming
Rather preoccupied
Merry Christmas
Scare of the day
More harm than good
We are not alone
Losing the plot
Breaking out
Dave thinks we could win
A trade agreement?
Euro taxes
It's only a poll
Those hacked e-mails
Got it at last!
A contrast of priorities
Meet Herman
Commission 2 – Council 0
A more honest Parliament
A last laugh
The nonentity stakes
He's right
Spare a thought
Dreams of Empire
Another battle
Déjà vu?
Bad idea
Well, I listened to it
Nothing to lose but your chains
Suffer little creatures?
French state visit?
Exporting pollution
The dominoes begin to fall
Why we will lose
Climate emergency
The great divide
In defence of civil servants
Moving up the agenda
No jurisdiction
Wrong end of the stick
A common enemy
Political fodder
The duplicitous British
Land of the faries
But is it legal?
Banged up!
Way out in front
Spin and double-speak
Somebody reads it
And the real story is?
Ignorance is bliss
Howling in the night
Cowboys and Indians
Brigadier Anthony Cowgill
Fighting talk
Another nail
A new wall
Business as usual
Danger, North at work
A war in the offing?
They died in vain
Another one at it
Wise before the event
The end of the great deception
Laugh or cry?
Pachauri: admits to $300,000 in payments
Spitting blood
The lust for ""power""
Calling his bluff
Wise pleads guilty
Surrender monkeys
Village idiot
The Boy at large
Stuck on stupid
A change of government
The man really is thick
It's over
A certain consistency
A new religion is born
A different result?
The sound of silence
Not part of the blogosphere
A tale of two issues
He doth squirm too much
It is official
The bigger picture
This is not supposed to be happening
We don't do comedy
A politician's word
""Over my dead body""
Playing games
Away from Waziristan
Fact checking?
You do wonder
Spend another few billions
Giving away our money
Don't ask
And your point is?
And why does it matter?
United in a common cause
Changing the battlefield
There's a surprise!
Pity the poor EU
British resolve?
Insufficient leadership
Who listens ...
On the streets of England?
End game
Pachauri: hornet's nest stirred
Back to normal
This is a joke, right?
Pachauri: Moving the goalposts
Pachauri: they've all got it in for me!
You have to smile
Not Guilty
Pachauri: another Tata link
A hypocrite as well as a liar
What is with the media?
Wheels coming off?
Welt online
Global corruption
Finger on the pulse
False signals?
Pachauri in expenses scam
And the story builds
Eating away at civilisation
Slow burn
Johnny Ball
Second thoughts
The power of the internet
It's all lies!
An Indian elephant
We should fear cooling
The final betrayal
How do I put this politely?
The politics of reward
The darker side of green
The face of surrender
Dangerously myopic
The real global warming disaster
Knowing your enemy?
It had to happen
Lock up your Mullahs
Village burning
Last night
Appalling bad judgement
Reading ...
Reporting from the frontline ....
Who'd be a reporter?
What are they worried about?
All you need to know
How to get rich
It's just weather
Another one
Mistaken identity
Protecting Big Carbon
Welcome back Mr President
In a world of his own
The theatre is over
Controlling the money
Wheels within wheels
Where's it gone?
Failing the test?
Pier reviewed
Going for the money
Farage on Corus
High Noon for Pachauri
Global warming
The process here is in chaos
A quick thank you
To hold or not to hold
Conflict of interest
Climate lies
Another rant
The real cost
One small setback for man ...
Go away ...
A ""plot"" exposed
Proud of ourselves?
Why we're getting it wrong
Hacking our money
Brown on Afghanistan
Handing down the poison chalice
War porn
Hollow power?
Rats and sinking ships
That dash for gas
The government can
The same old mistakes
Hard times?
Those power cuts
Another ""perestroika"" think-tank
We thought of it first
Stop fighting wars!
Climate justice
Does anything change?
Don't you love these warmists
An intellectual quagmire
UKIP ""hammered""
Some people in London might be interested
Give us a referendum
Food parcels
Is there a link?
The way the cookie crumbles
Unravelling the unknowable
Done it at last
Our money
It's like a war zone up here
Levers of power
Forgive them Lord ...
World government
In the strangest places
Sack your home and sell your wife
They keep trying
Dannatt revisited
The Russians are coming
We need a revolution
Geert Wilders in town
Unexpectedly severe
A Gray day
Join the EU and see the world
Our dilemma
AFPAK in the House
So that's a yes?
Stupid question
Catching up
Operational art
Operational art
Options and national discretions
We have been there before
Not normal
Get back to work
The perennial temptations of populism
Downgrading ""Europe""?
Totally unprepared
They hate humans don't they?
Not thinking straight
A full month ahead of normal
Not a great recipe
""Very worried""
A ""crass"" mistake
Less equals more
A global agenda
The story continues
Where the power lies
Consolation prize?
The wages of neglect
An unwelcome distraction
They are all lining up
Taking the water
Kingsnorth crashes
A betrayal of office
Neither loyalty nor obedience
Reclaiming the ground
How wrong can you get?
You have to smile ...
He can't be that stupid
Dannatt under fire
Letters in the Daily Telegraph
Give us tools?
All got up by the media?
Well, let's see now
The European Project has become the enemy
Double standards
They lie and deceive
On the way to victory
The betrayal starts?
The real debate emerges
Taking us for fools
What debates?
A message
That's enough Urop
Ramping up the fear
Nooooooo, it's Yes!
Elementary my dear Watson
Child abuse
Not 'appy
Global warming: an economic war
They've been had!
Depends what you want to hear
A ""compromise"" solution?
Killing the media
Democracy in action
Good heavens!
World government in action?
Corus in the EU Parliament
A vast nexus of influence
Prayers answered?
The MSM is committing suicide
The cracks are showing
The sky is falling in
Off to save the planet
A busy man
Money tree under threat
Boris sells out
Containing the heresy
Hopes begin to fade
The scam continues
All roads lead to Pachauri
Money for old carbon
We woz not worng
Big Carbon
A chaotic system
Get the woollies out
Western irrelevance
The climate obsession virus
Open debate?
It flewed
That European government
That elusive temperature
Dangerous climate change
An official diet
An unhappy bunny
Climate scientist attacked
A different crisis
An unfortunate juxtaposition
They just never give up
The ""generosity"" of the EU
Birds of a feather
Wonderful Copenhagen
The Manchester heat island
Feeding the green monster
Real money
Professional integrity?
I think we said that
""Very challenging""
Urban heat island effect
Reality bites
More data manipulation
A wobbly warmist
From the mouths of greenies
The money quote
Above its station
It's the government's fault
Another dimension
Missed two
The ""moderates"" attack
So much for the consensus
A political contraceptive
An attack on science
Failure in Iraq
One rule for them
Follow the money
They ain't sinking
Kill the IPCC
The trappings of religion
Blatantly bogus
Will it rise again?
Previous results
The Irish nemesis
Today's the day
Let us stop and think
Pearls of wisdom
Well, what do you know?
An elaborate deception
Snow job
Siren voices
Entertainment value
Bought and paid for
Ought I be flattered?
There was a time ...
Conflicting concerns
Climate illiteracy
Behind the curve
Commission breaks European law - shock!
Germany, elections and that treaty
Descent into madness
Ooooo ... er!
Garbled in transmission?
A nation of yes-men?
Time for a rant
The narrative prevails
Stop pretending
Is nothing sacred?
Watchdog of the watchdog
The naming of names
Yellow journalism
Carbon chaos
A deadly delay
Well, it's up
Round and round
When means now
This is a tricky problem
Germany calling
Behind the curve
Progress of a kind
We face certain defeat
The battle of the corporates
1997 was not Year Zero
Old allies die unnamed
Those light bulbs
It's a catastrophic success
Super-Europe no more
Use them and lose them
Netherlands calling ...
Tactically effective
Political footballs
Bending the rules
Another reason to dump Ryanair
Let them speak English
One might have thought ...
More cut and paste
Hidden in plain sight
Letter from Ireland
More to the man than that
Ted Kennedy dies
The vocabulary of war
Blessed be the peacemaker
Yes, the City of London is beginning to suffer
Michael Yon
A force for good
Not unrelated
I can't wait
Stop whining and love Europe
Speaking from ignorance
They were in a Mastiff
The Taleban within
Bogged down
The EU say ""yes""
Coming together
They mock themselves
The Brussels Taleban
Good point - sort of
One step closer
Leaving it a bit late
The problem is not the tool
A mission statement
Moral infantilism
They are not all bad
Political games
Dealing with the stink
Having it both ways
The office has spoken
Coprophagia watch #2
Missing the point
Coming together
Sending a signal?
Coprophagia watch
Brussels fiddles while home yearns
Double standards?
They should have kept quiet
Memo No 5,673
The public is bored
The values of the harlot
Back in the mincer
It's a good day for us
The hand of the censor
Mea culpa
Chinook shot down
The last throw of the dice?
A short rant ...
A conversation
Order of priorities
A smell of corruption
Unacceptable attrition
Why we are losing
Wading in
Bring them home
On our way out?
Booker on food security
Media management
The floodgates open ...
Sucking up to the MSM
We are not alone ...
The Ponzi Airbus
It happened
An ""exciting journey""
Intelligent debate
Economy drive
Democracy in action
Up his own passage
More news from up north
An amalgam of ignorant drivel
In the melting pot
All at sea?
There is no alternative
Subject to some malfunction
Still true after all these years
The antidote
They know nothing ... they learn nothing
Turd Watch
The pictures tell the story
The turd eaters
The bigger picture
A triumph for propaganda
On not playing nicely with other children
Silence not an option
Rising from the dead
Dave doesn't care
The hidden enemy
Jumping the gun
The mincer of Sangin
More news from Scandinavia
Losing on the home front
Labour's killer disease
Gaining momentum
Blood money
Investing in the crooks
Wir fahren, wir fahren ...
Distorted values
Getting minced
Nursery government
Are we actually interested?
A torrid time
State secrets
Justice there is not
A 40-year war?
Thought for the day
You can fool most of the people ...
No wonder we are in trouble
A common enemy
Three dead in a Jackal
Procurement on the map
Can't think of a better person
He can try ...
Private poverty, public profligacy
A reckoning
Making the point
Ducking and diving
Keeping up with the Icelanders
The lies they tell ...
Robbing us blind
It hasn't gone away
We could do that
From the authors of the inquisition ...
Now for change
Now that's serious
A certain sameness
It's all over bar the shouting
Holding the line
Snout in the trough
Burning our money
More news from Iceland
Frontline Club
News values
The boss tells me ....
Frontline – first impressions
Why no linkage?
Quote of the week
Not even a whimper
A question of balance
We don't know the half of it
Climate change hysteria
Another stitch up in the making ...
Well, they would say that ...
The ground truth
Santa Klaus
All you could ever want
A half-baked scheme?
North meets Gen Jackson
Nice thoughts
Staying with it
Getting to the truth
The EU commission stirs
For the record
Nice spot!
EU tax
And then?
Yon is wrong
God help us!
Well I never!
The expert speaks
The EU squeaks
A grasp of economics
A slight crack ...
A use for the Viking ...
Problems ...
And then there were nine
A breakdown of democracy
The Clegg on the radio
The wind doth (not) blow
Compassion is much overrated
A mighty kick?
The Lazarus project
Another review - Ministry of Defeat
And that election ...
You know it makes sense
Is this is what it's about?
The tyranny of the narrative
A change of pace
We interrupt this broadcast ...
Round and round in circles
There is a world out there!
Make it up?
More deadly than the Taleban
Not a funding issue
A dangerous self-indulgence?
Don't even bother ...
We need more helicopters
A brave new world
What you are not allowed to see
Dead soldiers tell no tales
The censor strikes
And why ...
An unwinnable war?
The great divide
Who's this ""we"", white man?
The situation is serious
Looks like October 2
At the heart of the evil
That's something, I suppose
Me no understand
Collective security
He is going
A paradise lost?
Moonbat squeaks ...
Bubbling ...
A parody of reality
Intensely political
They should not have died
Another break ...
In the media
More ...
Goodness me, people resign?
Propaganda daily
Time to get this sorted
How the media blew it
Welsh Guards CO killed
Watch the video ...
Details to follow ...
The Baroness Kinnock in place
Crap and fade
A small cheer
Green dole
This is politics
Twice as much for less protection
Toxic leadership
Strategic thinking?
An accident waiting to happen
A Bronx cheer
Galileo ""ill-conceived""
The truth ...
Another one down?
""No plans for a European Rapid Reaction Force""
The gathering madness
Not so fast
It's not lost ...
The Gore effect
They can't do it
European defence co-operation
That's journalism!
Where defence leads ...
Keeping a secret
Take your pick ...
The truth begins to emerge
On Booker ...
Military sources
Impotency writ large
Another review
A certain weariness
Iceland will be applying for EU membership
Ghost soldiers
Brown envelopes galore
The Saintly Dannatt
Here's a fun game...
Not even cat litter
And this says it all ...
No headway at all
Someone takes it seriously
Where Catalonia leads ...
Rigging the debate
Developing a spine
Maybe the Tories should start paying attention
The best comment ...
Another review
Insanity rules
Not benefits - but costs
Let battle commence
We are mugs ...
That road to starvation
Must have forgotten
A ""horse and tank"" moment
Bumps in Basra
Mad ... completely mad
Clouded reason
Repent at leisure
Full house again
One of those days …
Playing politics
They never learn
Will the real General Dannatt stand up?
The new Speaker
Interesting observations ...
Yet another triumph
Collective suicide
You couldn't make it up Part 5,697
Lies about lies
Slaughter them now
A lack of focus
A vile creature
UK strategy ""failing"" in Afghanistan
Road rage
Getting interesting
Brown Thursday
Do they know what is coming?
Economic illiteracy
How can we help
The last vestiges of power
Playing politics with peoples' lives
Burning issues
Who cares … spins
A mountain to climb
A litmus test
It's started
There may be trouble ahead
We have been lied to
Helping yourself
Keep them separate
A waste of space
Why are we not surprised?
The road to starvation
A ""loathsome charade""
Sadly, this is true
Ceremonies and traditions
We're going nowhere
Get a grip!
Trouble at the polls
A leadership crisis
On the brink
The cover-up continues
Our troops are needed here
Was it British?
The greater risk
Another one gone
Danse macabre
Brains into neutral
I suppose we should be interested ...
""Unsafe"" gun runners supplying ""Our Boys""
A la lanterne
Mowing the grass
Life goes on
Why are we selling these?
And so it drains away ...
Of course they need more helicopters ...
Evenly balanced?
The all heat and no light show
Losing us the war
Failing the test
The Mail on Sunday can reveal ...
The home front
A view from the blogosphere
Parity and more ...
Looking the wrong way
Climbing the learning curve
Another day ...
While parliament plays …
Just us and them
A double deception
Lost in the trees
Gardening tips
Low politics
Lost in the beauty contest
Fantasy politics
Unacceptable waste
Essential services
A lighter moment
Well, he has resigned
Scorched earth …
Revenons-en à nos moutons
Collective suicide
Institutional decay
David Cameron is pathetic
Not guilty guv
Being vague
A most abject failure
Damaging the system
Too much aggression
Above the roar of the crowd
Founded on deception
Absolutely spot on!
Closing ranks
What's with all these petitions?
A self-licking lollipop
Could this be the explanation?
The limits of power
Is this the best you can do?
Enough is enough
Another MoD blunder
Politics as usual?
In whose interest?
Safety in numbers
Because I'm worth it!
It never rains but it pours
Sticking plaster politics
Teeth gritted …
Looking behind the headlines
Desperately seeking graphics
One does wonder about their political understanding
Disabled …
This is so boring …
A ""victory for the European project""
So farewell then ...
The BBC mindset
A symbol of confidence
The computers fight back
Denmark's democratic farce
While the media plays …
The dash for gas …
Enough already
It's how you tell 'em
Getting worried are we?
Fool's paradise
Another thought …
Playtime is over
Just to recap
Number crunching – 1
The Noble Minister is stumped
A deepest, darkest hatred
Oh joy!
Well, who does rule Britain?
Taking it seriously
Different realities - 4
A balanced Booker …
Not green but red
The interesting thing is …
Victory Day
Perfectly logical …
It has come to this …
A stupid answer to a silly question
Pratting about
Yes Prime Minsiter
A little more on the Czech situation
Different realities - 3
No, no, we must not press for reform
Hard copy
Spot the difference
Who's laughing now?
Different realities - 2
Something in the water?
It's snowing all over the world
NATO exercises in Georgia go ahead
Think about it?
Different realities
Update on that treaty
Every silver lining has a cloud
Another day … another GBU
Ron Paul on ""swine flu""
Thirty years ago
Full circle
A serious discussion
Corporate self-deception
Sorry, couldn't resist it!
Defence sources have disclosed …
""Mistakes were probably made""
They still don't get it
And who can argue with this?
European elections 2009
Game over
Why do they remind me of pythons?
Don't panic!
The risk of failure
A crazy election
The escape from kiddies korner
A strategy in the wings
A green agenda
Update on Better Off Out
Kiddies Korner 1
A shared agenda
Sending a message
If only aid were under national control
A new one almost every week
Peace in our time
A question of prestige
Spring in Cheltenham
A match made in hell
Just imagine
Joined up politics
Another country to watch
On another planet
They can't all be right
A couple of links
Cynical and meaningless
No shit Sherlock!
Better Off Out relaunched
The fog of government
Feeding frenzy
A pig with lipstick
Wrong call
Different views on Ireland
Now that you come to mention it
And the good news is ...
Will we notice the difference?
And the big news is?
On the ball … as always
Alligators at the North Pole
How about some equality?
Something very wrong
Where does Britain stand?
While the children play
It's happening all over
A point of agreement
The politics of stoopid
The stench of corruption
They shoot greenies, don't they?
A bit behind the times
Another nail in the coffin
Dumbing down
Let it fail
Some people will be unhappy
Zzzzzzzzzz …
An honest politician
Clear green water
Six years away from an energy crisis
If we can't hack it …
Chasing their own tails
Opportunity cost
Keep taking the mantras
Greener than thou …
Utterly mad
An ocean of indifference
Yup! Got it in one!
Last man standing
A glimmer of sense
By their omissions …
Last Post or Reveille?
Little José day
We are one Union!
We will send you our ravening hordes
A Page turns
Even the luvvies don't understand it
An absence of strategy?
Getting the point
Taking us for mugs
A breath of fresh air
Thinking the unthinkable
A collective of greenies
Here is a man who writes some sense
At the end of the road …
This rubbish is rubbish …
British loans … for EU students
A title
The day of the others?
Slipping over the edge
Sacred cows to the abattoir
They are already on side …
Things that matter
A leadership vacuum
Politics for cretins
Capturing the mood
This is not a joke
Party system
A perfect (euro) storm?
What is the price of neglect?
The appliance of science?
A crisis of indifference
Mission Impossible?
No fuss about something
From the House of Lords
Oh dear!
A recruiting sergeant
I presume ...
Speaking of spin …
The rip-off continues
By the company you keep
Our secret society – Part 1
Caedite eos!
The spirit of informed debate
A diet of riches
Closer than it thinks
Remember …
As rejected by Americans
A howl of rage
I get accused ...
Intelligent and honourable?
A good point!
Nice to get it out of the way
Aren't we lucky!
Just a tad parochial
A little more detail?
You really could not make it up!
This might make it more entertaining
Still in a fog
Shoot the messenger
The soap opera doth commence
Sixty-five years on
Turn your back for one moment …
The abolition of ""defeat""
Can't resist this
Biter bit
Mother Europe is watching you
Dear me
Lord Dykes and Lord Malloch-Brown show their ability to debate
Crash and burn …
The greatest lie ever told
A few thoughts on the Wheeler saga
Another glorious victory?
This is why we should shoot them
The loneliness of the long-distance MP
A man of principle
Dangerously parochial
I was deliberating ....
""The situation is increasingly perilous""
The clackity claque
Real politics goes on
The Commission is not happy
Just as you thought ...
A sense of proportion
European democracy, eh?
Nursery games
Preliminary results
Defence in the House
Apathy rules
As clear as …?
Let us not forget
Ministry of Defeat
A wonderful title
Another humiliation
Brain overload
Well, that's the BBC for you
An invisible scandal
Those democratic elections
Making the point
Failure is not an option
The real world intrudes
Alter ego …
Giving them a kicking
Lessons to learn
Not good
The devalued Prime Minister …
From a distant planet …
Amateur's night out
A very simple answer
All because the EU wants to be loved
It is not what they do …
The yawning chasm
The little picture
Outside the bubble
Up, up and away
Amateur hour
This is serious
Another reality
Has Parliament permitted it?
A certain resonance
A great new blog
Oh goody!
Whither NATO?
Ferrets in a sack
Looking in the mirror
Things could be worse
You can't just ignore it
A parallel universe
Well, fancy that!
The sweet smell of retreat
You can be sure of Shell
Straws in the wind
They don't do politics, do they
Highway of Heroes
The servants are getting uppity
Sense and nonsense
Here be speculation
Here we go again
The underlying problem
A turning point
Blowing smoke
Whatever you do, don't listen
Big issues
Law of unintended consequences
Doing the job
A political conspiracy
Enterprise and industry
Just go away …
Wooops ...
A hundred days …
Let them eat carbon …
It didn't happen m'lud
Muddled thinking
Well, they are certainly stirring
Different agendas
Mote and beam?
Tories jump ship
Doomed Planet?
An interesting contrast
All over the place!
Meanwhile ...
One rule for them …
Boring …
Suicide demonstrators?
Missing the point
Oh no!
Little ado about even less
Idiot abroad
I disagree
Navel gazing
An emotive issue
How about it Mr Brown?
No, it is not a national tragedy
Comparable with ancient astrology
It's official - the law is different for them
It's the Directives, stoooopid!
The ring of truth
Them cracks keep on growing
Yesterday's news
The shadow of Auschwitz
Getting there?
There again …
Keeping the Queen's peace
We shall see
British jobs … for Austrian workers
A seriously bad idea …
You play, we pay …
Oh this is so sad
A question of priorities
Terrorism on our doorstep
No surrender!
A concerted line
The truth will out … sort of
Attack of the spammers
Preparing for a lack of power
Out in the open …
The watchdog that doesn't bark
A failing system
Is this significant?
Say it ain't so - part 5,379
Eye watering
What are they on?
The fall of Rome?
The silence of the damned
Errm, perhaps we do not think that highly of Obama after all - 1
A half-billion donkey
The silence of failure
Forecasters caught out …
A summer of anger?
The censorship of the Beeb
The wages of neglect
Bring out your unrest
Lost before it started – Part 7
Now they tell us
What fun
A wide-ranging debate
Lost before it started - Part 6
A lesson in politics
Not altogether surprising
Naïve or just plain arrogant?
In the heart of our democracy
Lost before it started – Part 5
Guardians of our freedom
Waffle, waffle
For all the fine talk …
Lost before it started – Part 4
Not wanted in Paris
Nothing changes …
How things change …
Playing games in the bubble
They are so thin-skinned these days
Yesterday in Parliament
Not all that illogical
Media bias?
The reality is worse
What to do about Pakistan?
Do we care?
Reality is a nasty place
Brown says …
One law for them …
Secret squirrel
Round and round the same track
That explains it …
Warming on hold
There's no business like snow business
Who are they kidding?
Tories v UKIP
It woz the greenies wot done it!
The capacity to destroy II
Armageddon Jones
The capacity to destroy
Just in case you have not seen this
Catching up
Who listens to the EU?
Behind our backs
There is no hope …
A dagger in the heart of the economy
EU members ""freeloading""
How much is a picture worth?
No port in a storm
Worth reading
Something very odd …
Collateral damage
Make no mistake …
I wish …
Arrogant, contemptuous and condescending
The fug of war
What a waste!
Fudging the message
A small complaint
The name of the game
Surely not
Lost before it started – Part 3
The joke's on us
The world has gone mad
""Far right may benefit in EU poll""
A price worth paying for our success
Brussels calling!
Before and after
Lost before it started – Part 2
EU losing its grip …
This man is insane
Oddly enough ....
The last word (well, temporarily) ...
Lost before it started – Part 1
A distorting prism
One knows how they feel
Raiding the reserves
The age of unreason
Only one choice
Killer Greens
Distorted values
Tomorrow's rally in Trafalgar Square
It is what they don't tell you ...
Wrong question
Even the ""brothers"" aren't buying it
Bluff and double bluff
That CNN video (cont.)
Another crisis, another opportunity …
End of the Tillack saga?
I don't think they understand
If we did this?
Gosh, what a surprise!
Apologies ...
This reminds me
Government by fiat
Agents of influence and useful idiots
Different dogs, same trick
Now it's our turn!
History repeats itself … sort of
More on those dates
In the money
Yet again I have to ask
Seriously screwed!
Two-faced Brits
Engrenage again
Broken China
Cherry picking
A defence of defence?
Windmills are not for turning
And that goes for me, too
Happy New Year
Pictures that tell a thousand stories
We are supposed to take this seriously?
Does anyone care what David Miliband says?
""Profitability was just around the corner""
Whatever the media may say ...
Marshmellow power
The new deal
A single European identity
Christmas is over
Worse than we think
Toothless talk
Another day, another prediction
The voice of ignorance
Which government?
Their noble parasites
Christmas wishes
Happy Christmas
Make or break!
A good Christmas game
Distorted priorities
Sooner kill than cure
Tractor production
Action this day?
They care not what they do
Booker – part 2
Booker - part 1
Getting in first
Any which way, we pay
Parliament's position
The cooling has it!
Work that one out
""Same old failings""
Utterly powerless
A symptom of our consensus of cowardice
It hasn't gone away
Mark of the beast
Statement from Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson of Rannoch
Justified pessimism
Well, now we have a problem
Got in one!
Stitched up
OK, you can pile in again
Nearly missed this one
A question of trust
Caught in the crossfire
Race to the bottom
Self indulgence
The blind shall lead the blind
Siren voices
If hypocrisy was a religion …
German reactions to Swedish decision
Regulation without reason
Being there
Sweden rethinking?
In need of pity
Hey, I was there. So what?
The cult of personality
Brothers under the skin
Should this be denied?
The Army has spoken
Euro Mail
An Atlantic rift?
A fair weather member
Some interesting speculation
The final humiliation
How could we have forgotten this?
A vacuum at the heart of politics
So madness descends
Take a break!
What is the point?
The erosion of government
Self-destruct mode
Protected minority?
The poisonous drip of misinformation
Creaking at the seams
A new(ish) party
It's the economy stoopid
Join the (EU) Navy
There is more to it …
A ""loophole"" in the law
Grecian flames
Compare and contrast
How Long Before We See Eco-Terrorism?
Record snows in the Alps
How to contain terrorists
Because we care ...
A plea for help
The madness of our age
Flying elephants
Which one's the democrat?
Mind over matter
Sack him!
Sense … but no sense
Changing the dinosaur
This ain't just ""weather""
A culture of denial
Scepticism ""morphed into contempt""
Outrage shouldn't be one-sided
It's getting bad here ...
From outside the bubble
The four horsemen for hire
And talking of democracy being undermined ...
The rule of law
A kind of a rant ...
Losing the plot
An object of contempt
A nice pot of tea
They live on a different planet …
The man who knows?
How others see us
Who needs the EU?
Busy on the BrugesGroupBlog
Someone doesn't read the blog
Do they read the blog?
The law is the law …
Bureaucratic Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)
Deluded or what?
Post-scientific hysteria
The polluted pays
What about the searchlight?
Rush hour …
Not what you do …
Window Dressing
They kill people don't they
A terrifying world
Informed comment?
Oh for a grown-up party!
Makes you weep
Does the sun rise?
Do we care?
Inside the bubble
An absence of leadership
A Tetley footprint?
Waiving the rules
Right and wrong
Greenie screams
This spells trouble
Guilty secret
Stunning news
You are welcome ...
More global warming
That totemic figure
Open Letter to the Taxpayers' Alliance
A few inches of global warming …
We can't have ""perceptions""
A promise of peace
Pointing in the wrong direction
Emotion as the new reason
Economically illiterate?
I'd say they are rejoicing too soon
Jobs for the (foreign) boys!
Now, there's a surprise!
An example
Real politics
Gone forever
The democratic iceberg
Empty vessel syndrome
The greatest delusion of them all
A lost decade
Failure is the only option
All I want for Christmas …
Collapse of a policy
Up to no good
More skeptics
No tears here
For interest
Less than impressed
Going nowhere
As they see us
Oh dear!
Children at work?
The dynamics of power
Ignorance is bliss?
Searchable database
The only problem
Climategate II?
Something has to give
Spanish lessons
A dip into the parties
Nicey-nicey does it
An entitlement culture
Democracy long departed
Background noise level
Taking the piss out of wind
Brains in the posterior position
A Booker trio
Jesuits at large
The trivia fairies
A ""revolution"" consuming its children
Chamberlain was a heavyweight
Countdown to failure
The elective rip-off
Struggling for coherence
A national scandal
Making it worse
Confirming our opinion
A message from Mrs EU Referendum
Wishing doesn't make it so
The war goes on
So farewell then ...
A dangerous line to walk
Officially out
On the brink of fragmentation
In the ""stupid camp""
Calm down dears
Confidence dealt a blow
Another exercise in rhetoric
A futile gesture
The only growth industry in town
A matter of trust
The whole point is that we don't
Gripping – and frightening
The tax the unelected are desperate to have
A hard days work for the Easter Bunny.
Missing the point.
There will be jobs.
Knock back the doubters
The future?
Not long now
I'm back
The European Spring?
HMG replies to two questions
The resignations just run and run
That man again.
Yeah, pretty much.
Guest posts
Are they going? Any minute now
Are they going? In a pig's eye
1688 and all that...
Not nobody is going to resign, not nohow
Karlo rather than Groucho Marx for once
Nope, they haven't gone
And just to cheer everyone up
We might lose two Prime Ministers
Not called Papandreou for nothing
Cruella is baaaaaaaaaaaaack!
Light blogging
Does this man have any self-awareness?
Homework fail
Britain's most dangerous podcaster
Democracy took a back seat
Things must be seriously bad
Greece in the limelight
Out of the public eye
The theatre of the absurd
A policy of failure
Not to be confused with democracy
Not such a surprise
A puzzle
Descent into the abyss
Grrrr – eeeeek
Carbon suicide
Happiness, happiness
I'm shocked
The convulsions of the corpse
Playing the joker
Amateurs at work
I think we knew this
The road to war
The gospel according to St Huhne
Contradiction in terms
The writing on the wall
It was always going to be
Who do you think you are kidding?
Not in a million years
Be afraid
Nothing has changed
A deal?
End game
Behind the curve
Lucky Libya
Parliament at work?
Read it and weep
Business as usual
The day democracy died
Not quite
On top of their game?
Not enough
They just don't get it
The privileges of power
Poisoning the well
This England of ours
Still think you would win?
That's a success then?
The limits of green
Now read this
Shades of '38?
Dead dictator trumps ""Europe""
Unravelled Green
Plumbing new depths
Worth less and less
Time running out
Green death
The generals finally share the blame
You can't defy gravity
Close down the blogs
Back in business
The threat of the individual?
A rational act?
No need to argue
Struggling for answers
Life in six-minute chunks
The least he can do
It's all de fault of ... somebody
Internal server error
Headlines I would like to see
The good old days
Then and now
Three years to the day
Not good enough
Not a dent in him
The wind is sown
Up a Gumtree?
Noted By Madame Defarge - 2
Self delusion
On a path to destruction
Support your politicians
Noted By Madame Defarge
A short interlude
A light touch
Stolen from our pockets
Of glass houses and stones
More Europe
Take an article Miss Failygraph
Well, we're totally shocked
Opportunities lost
Past neglect
Double bubble
Carbon dictator
Back to unreality
Back in the real world
Rise of the mega blogs?
More equals less
A spanner in the works
And today's excuse is?
Now you see him ...
The answer lies in the Euroslime
The agenda unfolds
Is anyone looking at China?
Err ...
The China Problem
Maritime surveillance begins ... in India
The worm turns
The worm is turning.
The three lies that prove the scam
This cannot continue
Reform of the BBC
A nation of people
No Greens in the Emerald State
Follow the money
Irish general election
The joys of democracy
Déjà vu all over again
Steel yourself
Really taking the piss
A scandal emerges
Open thread – part two
It's still a local event?
Wikileaks and The Guardian
Clever boy!
Is there a connection?
Biggest Douche in the Universe Award 2010
They were all at it
The fall of Moscow
No worries
Morano on Fox
Twenty hours in 40 seconds
""Citizens' initiative procedures""
The price of green
The price of indifference
The retreat into trivia
Trying it on
What is it for?
Of suits and spades
It's over?
Who cares wins?
Merry Christmas
A matter of priorities
""A transient phenomenon""
In the land of the morons
Playing for high stakes
Snow not an ""optional extra""
Total eclipse of the Moonbat
Tectonic plates
What shall we do with the climate sceptic?
There is a God in Heaven
A new low
I'm so sorreee
""Us"" and ""Them""
Chickens … home … roost
A dark and cold Britain
Afore we go
It came again
A family affair
Kallaste december på 135 år
Another king, another country
Irish eyes ... continued
The destroyer of nations
Lights out!
What is he smoking?
Is this for real?
I think we knew that
The EU goes on and on
When Irish eyes are crying
Now we shoot them
Oh woops
That's enough Dave
Spoiling the narrative
An icy blast from the past
Subliminal message?
Solar mania
There was a time when we didn't ask
More sense than most
A world gone mad
It started in Westminster
A reasonable alternative?
A lack of self-awareness
Our thieving partners
The Fox is shot
That referendum debate
The guilty ones
Why are they surprised?
And now it's Labour's Act
Anyone but Huhne
Death and taxes
That's revenge?
Who is this ""we""?
Help when you need it (not)
I am not going mad
Above the line – below the line
Occupying the low ground
Fox on the run
An ex-secretary
My sentiments entirely
Foundations of sand
Postpone the revolution?
A sanctimonious turd
They did not win
A last hurrah?
The dash for cash
This is dangerous
He can't even get that right
Sham consultation
Neither civil nor servants
Not even on the same galaxy
The Greed Index
Reporting the news
Shaping the agenda
Can we leave the EU?
Think positive
Never knowingly misinformed
Fake Tories
Saving Massa George
A perfect storm?
Of democrats and autocrats
The dream turned to nightmare
Are we at all surprised?
Greedy City
The power to decide
No easy life
We shall ignore them
Bristol bandits
The first ten
Conference time
A stealth tax on the poor
And with one bound ...
Not impressed
The master of irrelevancy
Passengers of events
Totally domed
From Hell, Hull and Halifax …
They know nothing else
When will they ever learn?
Value for money
Costs reasonably incurred
Robbing the poor
Party time
The rule of fear
Of no serious purpose or value
Small disaster – many not hurt
Non credo quia absurdum est
The feel-bad factor
Freedom of speech?
The guilty men
The ""phantom visit"" fraud
A long time coming
A fraud found out
The fear factor
A leaderless revolution
No respect, and no policy
Shambles upon shambles
He speaks too soon
We're all in this together?
Baby talk
A lack of commitment?
Loot of the day
Dark deeds and darker days
Reality bites
Loot of the day
One of our policies is missing
Back to reality
We would never have guessed
BRADFORD Capitulates
A predictable result
Over a barrel
A reason – give me a reason
Not only necessary but a duty
Has it started?
A vast criminal conspiracy
And so what?
Not all it seems
Unravelling the scam
Empty vessels
Never fails to impress
Diversionary tactics
40 Prozent würden Eu-kritische Partei wählen
The alternative plan
The £4 million heist
The only way out is out
The noose tightens
Power to the people
Holed below the waterline
The establishment on trial
Permanent austerity
Everyone's an expert
A result
A suicide note from the centre
News from a distant planet
This is only the start
The rule of law
The Siege of Bradford – day three
A statement of the bleedin' obvious
Strap in tight
Shaking the money tree
The Siege of Bradford – day two
The thick blue line
Not impressed
Dellers goes for Palin
Taking back control
The irony of it all
Good advice
Fighting back
The Siege of Bradford
Attacking the money tree
The corporate enemy
A measured response
Part of the problem
He doesn't
The legacy
Monuments to lunacy
To kill a bailiff
The thrashings of the dinosaurs
Mencken territory
Change of style
A thieves' charter
Tim's left foot
Not the last word
So where do we go from here?
Taking us for fools
The unbridgeable gap
The charade continues
Damage to us all
Playing with the faeries
This is getting to be a habit
Lawson flatulates again
Reality calling
Even the Greens don't believe it
It hasn't gone away
Always last to catch on
You read it here first
(Mis)reading the riots
A thought for us all
A humiliation for Merkel
Telegraph hacked
A small apology
System malfunction
Disaffection is catching
Justice beyond the grave
The end is nigh?
A history of England
Without consequence?
The days are numbered
Lucky for her
The enemy within
The bureaucratic mentality
Grand theft tidal
No ""Falklands effect"" for the Boy
Getting the point
I blame the parents
Too thick to learn
No confidence in the system
In the public domain
The real looters
Justice for all
Corporate looting
Are they afraid?
The looters' looter
We need a revolution
Tory splits?
The ""excellent blog""
Please leave the sector
Actions speak louder than words
Telling it like it is
Wholesale looting
Another day, another looter
The corporate looters
Sod the Arab Spring
Hackney looters hit the jackpot
A sense of betrayal
I'm alright Jack
Everywhere you look
Can they really be serious?
Nuff said
Only one part of the picture
Wanna date?
Hitler would have been so proud
A matter of judgement
Jailing the wrong looters
They shoot looters don't they?
Look in the mirror Dougie
A herd of Myrtles
Madness ""is far too polite a word""
Manchester looter keeps job
Looking stupid
As hypocritical as the Guardian
Cameron's father-in-law loots from old ladies
A low-grade civil war?
The looting continues
Reality bites
Strength through Joy
The looting of the Hill
Sceptic tank leads to jail?
Camden looter escapes jail
Picking up the wreckage
Not the end, but a rehearsal
Suicidal walruses
A COP-out
A mind which had become warped
The fantasy of wind
Running scared?
The price of wind
A fundamental truth
I'm rather enjoying this
Grinding to a halt
The PR world of The Boy
The piss-off factor
Is there no end to this perpetual insult?
Expecting different results...
On the up side
Only half the story
And the fool speaks
The phoney ""fightback""
Looters escaping justice
This is wrong
Someone is going to get killed
Other pieces of the jigsaw
That Blitz spirit
Our big, brave plods
A fine bit of prose
In defence of David Starkey
A free pass for Cameron
Shoot the royals
The politics of fear
We may be too late
He's got a point
It's our job
It could never happen in Texas
Someone is listening
No limits?
On the other hand
A scent of rebellion
A cat-a-strophic tail
Out of control and above the law
Fundamentally lacking in judgement
The charge of the councils
Rebellions bite upwards
The march of time
Sacre Bleu! Eees climate change!

A failing industry
The nature of our problem
They really don't get it
Another looter ""outed""
Are we men or wimps?
A fool unto himself
Consider it a rehearsal
Still more looting
""Robust and more effective policing""
The knee-jerk fool
More looting in London
A nation scared of its own children?
Got it in one
Knee-jerk garbage
We cannot tolerate this
Corrupt and decaying from top to bottom
Getting it wrong again
Don't forget the alienated middle class
Sow the wind
It was ""we"" wot dun it
That word ""respect"" again
A healthy reaction
Those Peelian Principles
It's not a riot - it's an insurrection
The end of Boris
Mindless journalism
Not difficult to see
A loss of respect
A second-rate melodrama
Oh yes it is
And then we get this
A sitting army?
Reason departed
Failure writ large
How Hacking Started
The smell of death
Lovely people
Noted By Madame Defarge - 7
A grand old tradition
Delete ""Armed Forces""
Nothing yet will change
Riding the tiger
Is there no end
Get on with it
They can't even resign properly
Noted By Madame Defarge - 6
An unrecognised fracture
It isn't
Mr ""Facing Both Ways""
Noted By Madame Defarge - 5
A Soylent Green moment
No way back
Noted By Madame Defarge - 4
Spot the difference
They should not be shocked
Totally missing the point
A world of grey
If we didn't know different
He really is that stupid
The parasite class prospers
This is not a riot
A nice day out in a free country?
United States downgraded
And while you are waiting
Bear witness
It's scary time again
When the possible becomes the inevitable
Racial discrimination?
Enter the fact checkers
So easily pleased
These people are thieves
A ""massive shock""
None so blind..
Cut-price failure
The band leader resigns
An international phenomenon
The symptoms, not the cause
Noted By Madame Defarge - 3
The Army looks after its own
Sweet 'n' sour
Germans not doing enough in Libya, shock
The new normality
Never trust a junkie
A dose of unreality
Booker: a question of history
Power and responsibilities
Squeaky voices
Is the ""great"" off the menu then?
Doomed to failure
The brothel keepers
An interesting business model
With weary predictability
A moment of shame
An absence of history
Will the real Peter Oborne stand up?
You next
A way in
Deliberate or just plain stupid?
You don't say
Another power grab
They did it
Just the sort of crap
Where have they been?
The European idea
Euroscepticism – but not as we know it
Trawling for truth
Pre-emptive strike
Strike, baby! Strike!
Er ... excuse me?
Lost it!
Say no more
Insult to injury?
How they all lie to us
Hidden Europe
A hugely ironic inversion
What is royalty for?
A mandatory qualification?
I think we knew this
Nose bleeds
Our monstrous MPs
Forever failing to perform
No longer news
Count the teaspoons
That's democracy?
The tramlines of Referism
Churnalism almost wins out
Life copies art
Another charade
Corporate clever
A question
Voting for oblivion
Asleep on the job
What are we doing?
Trapped in the bubble
Why only a ""little""?
They still can't get it right
Doing the honest thing
And plan B is?
Sun shines ... Greeks strike
Losing the will to live
Back again
This is why
MoD ""bloated and dysfunctional""
Blown it!
A measure of the divide
Has to be good
Scottish practices
Look in the mirror?
The EUterus
Ignoring the elephant
The penny drops
Nice and easy does it
Matured stupidity
The Austrian defence
There is no hope
What is and will be
Softening the line?
The epitome of ignorance
Escape from Brussels
A field for them all
Green jobs – Boeing jobs?
Never let it be said
The decline and fall
The circus elephant in the room
Confirming the obvious
Wilders is innocent
The perils of the eurozone
Another one bites the dust
A message of peace and love
Klepturition 7
A very dangerous time
Default blues
The Green Revolution – part 1
The edifice crumbles?
Of revolutionary times
Barking cats
In the spirit of Leighton-Morris
The bleating starts
Greece will fail
Bog off
They really are all the same
A repentant sinner?
It would be a mercy
A threat to our security
Greenpeace in our time
Klepturition 6
A nosedive of morale
Revolution on hold?
Shades of 40
Who would have thought?
Down in the underpants laundry
Mind over matter
Ta ta Tata?
By your advisors shall ye be known
You're still going to die
Adult news values
The shame
Revolting Greeks ... again
When elites fall out
Dhimmitude 1940
Up their own fundaments
Hitting the switch
Double domed
Cutting back
They don't get it either
The Boy dun wrong
The fat lady sings
Not an ounce of sympathy
Go hang
Encore Rafale
Aren't you proud?
The prattle of tiny brains
Delusion bites back
The story continues
By special request
Another day, another promise
The wheels groan on my wagon
What did they expect?
Breaking News
Not a problem
A common thread
The appliance of science (not)
Point, missed, completely
The dynamics of power
Oh woops!
Stupid, malign idiot
Who's mugging whom?
Where has he been?
The tyranny of ""science""
Watching them squirm
""Breeding ground"" threat
Another hijack attempt
Listening mode off
The mighty have fallen
Foreign aid is ""bold and right""
Micturition in the same pot
Tax bandit
'Elf and Safety
Do it yourself
Don't forget the barbed wire
Your excellent book
Perpetuating the delusion
Unsustainable libraries
We've been there before
Do not feed the clogs
The Macaulay effect
End game
A very different country
Referism: the debate
What can we learn
Political blogging
Silly season comes early
More thievery
Revolutionary times
""Accurate forecasts ... not possible""
The corporate world
Five-a-day is up
Creature comforts
The plunder continues
Thinking it through
The system doesn't work any more
Deserves a wider audience
A Wednesday fourteen
Thieves at large
I got it wrong
Thick MSM
Asheep at the helm
The agenda revealed
Twitter ye not
And we need the MSM why?
Another day, another jailbird
Another dozen
And for my next trick
Beware of Greek politics
The cruellest fiction
First they came for the slaughterhouses
Over the top
Devil's Kitchen speaks
A backwards look
An invitation
All the news not fit to print
The power of an idea
A fantastic fourteen
Heatwave? Yeah, right!
It's happening
Crisis! Panic! Disaster!
Not PIIGS but Pigs
The darkness gathers
Politics of the nursery
The gentle art of revolution
Blogroll hopping
Huff-Puff comes to town
Good news – for once
A lack of consideration
Stop the cheques
Another twelve
Not on the back of the poorest
About 3,060 results
Klepturition 5
A voters' alliance
And the value is?
Global government
The threat does not go away
Not unrelated
The lies they tell
A good start
Always a reason
Eleven weeks' borrowing
Under our noses
Not ""deniers"" but ""dissenters""
The only acceptable diagnosis
This is getting stupid
All the motivation you will ever need
Any goo will do
They know not what to do
The Parasite Class
The slide into decline
The death of UKIP
The verdict of history
Plaything of the Gods
Steely-eyed killers
Answers please
Not invented in London?
High fives?
Blogger is back
Ruminations on Euroscepticism
The curse of the bubble
A short communication
The deferred revolution
Can I have some of that?
It ain't fair dealing
I'll go with that
Only the start
On their way out
One day my son
The truth dawns
Koch facts
They really are thick
Referism: breaking the chains
Mind your own business
To chasten the guilty
Nothing has changed
Now tell us something we don't know
Greenpeace not a charity in NZ
Holding the line
Eurocrats lie – shock!
Referism: abolishing the general
The joys of photoshop
Sadder but not wiser
There is hope
If Heineken made stupid people
That ""ism"" again - Referism
An astonishing revolution
Mission Accomplished
From one to another
Death wish
Lessons learned
New pics
Our Masters
Another lurch to the bottom
An abdication
The next steps
No shit Sherlock!
An air of unreality
Greece stains
A model of chaos
So that's a no, then?
Animal Farm
What Obama really saw
Protecting the narrative
Election (not) special
Frozen Poles
Honey! They stole my vote!
Change of pace
Sailing away
Cutting his losses
Getting it wrong
Breaking news – gnomes seized
They didn't!
Achieving the impossible
The ex-Kommissar speaks
Unlawfully killed
Nothing changes
Go strikers! Go!
Prince of hypocrits
A feast of fools
How very convenient
Drawing the battle-lines
The march of Ruritania
Photos released of violent thugs
Fighting the babysnatchers
A tale of three cities
The ring of servitude
That narrative again
Another grand day
Getting a result
Herd instinct
Don't learn - can't learn
Lessons learned
The sacrificial van
Another fine mess
Thank goodness
Maybe it's me?
On a mission?
A message from an alternative universe
And the fallen
Decline and fall
Ian Tomlinson: final decision
One rule for them?
The story repeats
Out of order
What are they for?
A grown-up subject
Forget the principles
The cupboard is bare
Not their business
Of this world?
Never heard of him
A new economic paradigm
Propaganda ? us
When, not if - ugly
The right way
Where is the Prince of Wales?
The politics of denial
Closing ranks
Thank goodness for the MSM
Shocked ... again!
I see no immigrants
The babies are out
Bristol Stokes Croft riot - the story so far
Time is not on their side
And now for something completely different
Setting the agenda
Towards incompetence
The Taliban anthem
This can't possibly be true
Global warming is real
Oh! The genius of it all!
Questions on Bristol
A last word
Missing a trick?
This is really funny
A wilful lie?
Hail the MSM
Don't know nuffink
Serious overkill
The information hub moves on
More reason
The proposition is absurd
Eruption in Grimsvötn
The morning after the day after
Not wanted
Cashing in the carbon
Happy Birthday to us
Thick ... or what?
Returning the compliment
It won't
Carbon footprint
Pulling wings off flies
MPs should make the law?
Pay up or else
Poolside gossip
Klepturition 4
They can't cope with it
It guessed
Blowing our minds
Suicide by bomb disposal
No shit Sherlock ... 2
Nice friends
And they expected any different?
A voice from the ghetto
Holy Carp!
No shit Sherlock!
Incoherence comes from
Klepturition 3
The forgotten war
A view from the Szamuely
Don't call it apathy
Please tell me there's a ""Plan B""
Greece domed
I think we already knew this
Intellectual mildew
Man of the people
A question of priorities
An opportunity missed?
Working together for a police state
He's always doing that
More wonderful plods
The very essence of the EU
Alarming stuff
Here we go again
Not just the politicians
By your friends shall ye be known
Dellers on blogging
EU ""ready to send troops to Libya""
Can we shoot them now?
Not a very good job
We can knit
Sending a message
Rejecting the agenda
Surprising it's that many
There at last
Baby dribble - the antidote
Spot the difference
Oooh! The hardship of it all
Our masters speak
Why do they play these games?
Scraping the barrel
Wise choice
And now if you want to weep
The face of the enemy
Other people's money
Mad days
It gets better
And why should they?
A phoney war?
Unfinished business
Just deserts
Obama does something
The spotlight shifts
Open borders
Falling apart
Political Inertia.
They're all at it
Strike first, strike hardest
A bail condition?
The Guardian thinks
Guilty as charged
And just in case
More than he bargained for
Sadly deluded
What are they for?
Watch the other hand
What now?
Stresses and strains
Doesn't that make you feel proud?
What did they expect?
Gone (Euro) soft
An unforced error
Our wonderful British bobbies
Off with their veils
Good stuff
Keeping us in the dark
Election fever
Fantasies collide with reality
A shining symbol of incompetence
Bye-bye democracy
That defence review
Every silver lining has a cloud (not)
Pain in Spain
Operation Amnesia
A spectacular failure
On their way
Parliamentary language?
Beneath contempt
A distorted picture
It is happening
Klepturition 2
The fool rushes in
Talking of losing it
Off the rails
Lookee here
Money for gestures
This is piece of theatre
Too complicated to care?
Seventy years apart
Below the line - AMENDED
Ten mill down
Paying the price
There must be a price
Some time
Gaming the system
A worst nightmare
Political suicide?
We need a new approach
Fred Karno's Katastrophik Kapers
Denial of climate change is irresponsible and dangerous
Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra
Blowing smoke
Outgunned and outfought
What a bloody mess
Foxtrot Oscar
To a benefits queue near you
Judge not Judge Judge
Many a true word
The real Dave stands up
Ice cold in Petersburg
Beyond barking
Unintended consequences
It ain't fair dealing
Not even an airshow
Take your pick
Dem cuts
The tyranny of the crowd
None the wiser
Military execution
On the trot
What goes through their minds?
Ben Dover
Creative writing
A new Hague doctrine
To amend the Treaty
Another day, another crisis
Sense and stupidity
Payback time
Unfinished business
The peddlers of prestige
Political incomprehension
It's a start
Costing us a bomb
Nuke to the rescue
We have not heard the last of this
And we should care?
Cameron's game of silly buggers
The price of ego
One of our interests is missing
Plugged in
Costing our nuclear future?
The storm gathers?
Second-rate minds
Theft is all around us.
Preparations continue
They know not what they do
Laugh or cry?
Settling down
Barriers to understanding
End of the BNP?
""Leader"" calls for ""leadership"" shock
Community relations
Totally, completely, utterly
Not global warming?
A loser's creed
Year of the icebreaker
Put not your trust in governments
Unexpected consequences
Their contempt for you is total
More pictures
Sleeping easily in our beds
Thinking straight
That's all we need
Tipping point
Doggies, poppies and Pex
And then what?
Fukushima for dummies
Our conception of the ""new Europe""
Life goes on
No competition
A positive object
Terminal decay
The net closes
Can't we give the gentleman away?
How come
Blow-jobs drive unemployment
Heart of stone time
Oh happy days!
You can't be serious!
They are the masters ... for now
We need a new ""ism""
Irony chip melts
Les incompétents
Lawful rebellion
Already sold ... out
Green and pleasant land
For the chop?
Gung-ho and arrogant
Le Pen is mightier than ... Sarkozy
Top Tory Talks Tosh
Remove from friends...
They don't get any lower
How much more?
We're domed
Thick Tory Talks Tosh
Reason long departed
You really do wonder
Spring cleaning
No ice here ... move along please
Cleggerons bomb
Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story
Serious quality
And now we pay
The great wall of Europe?
The great wall of Europe?
Synchronised burning
Terminal decline
She don't get it
What for?
Learning how to rebel
That's shocking
When chaos rules
It's Foxtrot Oscar time
Surrender of the euroslime
Even our rubbish is rubbish
They can't jail us all
A real liberal
Cloud-cuckoo land
Go no further
Giving in to your rational side
We are revolutionaries now
The wages of instability
Money for Mr Pachauri
Snow bomb
Too far ahead
The knee bone is connected to the ...
Sad, bad and dangerous
Is Fox serious about the ""Military Covenant""?
We've been there before
A smile passed my lips
Sucking it in
A third world country
Just another lie
The world goes white
A Fox is shot
Bye-bye Harrier
An Italian job
Greeks on the boil
Stop feeding the filth
Here we go again
The words begin with
One born every minute
The death of satire
The retreat continues
The whores of Failygraph
Help for heroes
Sucking up subsidies
Rot at the Beeb
Europe: voices from the grave
Who wrote this, and when?
Baiting the warmists
Open Fred
Finger on the pulse
Komik Korner
False prophets
The shape of things to come
A gift that keeps on giving
Heartwrenching and complex
An existential threat
Unmanaged space
Give the mob its Bone
Part two
Why the surprise?
A classical education
Three days early
Grovelling in the weeds
If it quacks ... it's a horse
They have lost their fear
The deed is done
Fun and games
UK consumers are ripped off
Comment removed
Stitched up in spades
Record breakers
She is out at last
Simply reckless
Back to the Nursery
An article of faith
The Jamesmobile
Are they at all surprised?
Through the worst
ET don't phone home
Nimrods home to roost
Nice one
Built on a lie
Three hundred metres
Buy euros
Myrtle the Judas goat
""Experts warn""
On being stitched up
Groundhog day
A ""disproportionate"" response
Last one out?
A neat asymmetry
Biting my tongue no longer
They were only playing leapfrog
Walking the dark side
Out of touch
Wrecker greens
Before and after
A spat in the corner
Avoiding the debate
""Unusually strong""
It's Booker time
He took the hint
Sucking at the public teat
Hope springs eternal
It was always going to happen
Stormy weather
You can hide
Shale gas
The ""finality"" of an election
It's only weather
Plumbing bottom (not)
One cannot help but observe
Wholesale plunder
Rescue on hold
Gullible greens
Retreat into childhood
Helping it on its way
Dedicated to Booker
Redressing the balance
Bribery and corruption
So sad
Second-time lucky?
See you in court, Minister
Give us more!
Banged up!
A tale of two coldings
We who also notice
Am I bovvered?
Rattle dem chains
An epidemic of panegyrics
No end to it
Time for a stroll
An unexpected vacancy?
Part of the problem
The hallmarks of genius
Smile sweetly
The Great Dale returns
The road to Hell
From little acorns?
Doing bird (not)
This is news?
A reunited shambles
Galileo leaks
Corruption should not begin at home
It's not over
The new politics
Managing the webspace
Herod to investigate deaths of first-born
Joining a new ship?
The icebreaker dance
They would kill us all
Ahead of the game
BBC bias
She's out – one to go!
That dam
Booker rampant
In days to come
The madness of green
MSM on the ropes?
A man-made disaster?
The faux election
In serious trouble
Questions may be asked
Robbing Peter
A crack in the façade
Pity poor Brazil
Without benefit of human intellect
Kill them*
Essex bobbies
Off and on it goes
It was bound to happen
Go for the lot
The Loughner affair
Killing with kindness?
This is what it has come to
Just sit back and watch the chaos
Another ride of the Valkyrie
The dustbin test
al-Gore stuffed?
Did you know ...
Not all is lost
No better word for it
Global cooling shock!
Can this be true?
The tranzi disease
Stacking up trouble
Reality bites again
Agonizing, what?
Bruges Group Conference
There's no business like snow business
Who cares spins
The taxman is watching …
A cri de coeur
In a fantasy world
The power of the pen
Change one can believe in?
That's politics for you!
Physician heal thyself
Hmmm, if this goes through ...
Caught out
It has come to this
What do we do now?
Ever popular
A choice of catastrophes
Engrenage again
Welcome, but four years late
The last hurrah?
A bizarre U-turn
Curse of the blogs
A good deal of excitement ...
Couldn't have put it better myself
Vote blue, get Friends of the Earth
That rarest of commodities
Tory hands in the till
It isn't news – until we say so
We are not the only ones
Remember the living as well
A magical mystery heatwave
More of that successful recycling
No end to their ambition
All is explained
What have you been saying?
Matters to do with the late unpleasantness in the former colonies
Something fishy
Right on cue
March of the morons
So, is the eurozone a safety zone?
Playing away from home
A vicarious thrill
More chaos and confusion
The last laugh?
An exercise in applied futility
An exercise in applied insanity
I did warn you!
Well, what now?
One is not amused
Down the black hole
The people have spoken
They never give up
A narrowness of vision
Who regulates the regulators?
What the next 48 hours will bring
None of the above
Abandon ye hope …
The travails of UKIP
Thirty years on
The ugly face of politics
A small piece of history
An Almighty sense of humour
Supine, staid and wooden
March in Belfast
Sharing in the proceeds of growth
A man without honour
What a difference a rule makes!
""Cavalier at best, criminal at worst""
What are politicians for ...
It tells you something …
Small comfort
Who are the masters now?
How sweet!
How true!
And now for a break
Climate change Bill
Will the last grown up …
What's in a name?
Another fine mess
A nice old dust up?
Told you so!
A failure of opposition
Sterile and infantile …
Serves them right
Some light entertainment
Let it snow!
Come here and say that …
Redesigning the architecture
Apart from that Mrs Lincoln …
Got it in one!
Academy of Lagado
With a heavy heart …
The nasty party
Invisible government
So nice to know he cares
Give them a stick …
More on that elephant
Arctic ice melting ""even in winter""
Confusion reigns
A bucket of hot soapy water
Eyes wide shut
We found a pic …
Life is a cabaret, old chum …
Rectifying an omission
Has everyone gone completely mad?
It occurs to me …
Fiduciary responsibility
Another confession
That North African river again
Keeping an eye on the monster
The Rt Hon George Osborne, BOAP, MP
Our ruling elites
They've noticed!
The Tories aren't working
Not quite there yet …
Delayed reaction
Planet? Which? On?
Oh, what a jolly jape!
A smell of decadence
It would rather not say …
Another day, another admission
This is not a game
Are they getting worried?
Factoid alert
Out of bubbles
A contributory factor
In hiding
Listen to this man!
Suffer ye the little children – no more!
A major service outage
Totally unaccountable
And another thing …
Hidden in plain sight
""Lifestyle journalism""
Something of an enigma
Back to snarl mode …
Dave won't fix it
A flight from reality
We need an inquiry
Ye Gods!
Did you know ...
Hiding from the truth
A random event
This will not surprise you
Confrontation in the making
A study in useless
What's with these people?
We have a problem
Look behind you!
I have high hopes ...
""Mad"" doesn't even get near
They still don't get it
Russia, Georgia and the EU
A touch of the global warmings
Will there be a break?
Absolutely no comment
Altogether rather sick-making
When justice is not done
It's an ill wind …
Five million down
It ain't a victory
Another bit of light relief
A K-wave winter?
The case for the prosecution
It is all soooo complicated
Another discussion on propaganda
A harvest of woe
Paying through the nose
Now who is speculating?
Best wishes
Who should decide? - Part 2
The future?
Cradle to grave
The money weapon
Political consensus is often wrong
The propaganda game
The ignorance of the Irish
The blogs run frit!
Who should decide? - Part 1
Drunk in charge of a blog
Lawful excuse?
Policy now!
As others see it
Knee-jerk politics
A culture of irresponsibility
It ain't going to work
The awkwardness of truth
Changes in Germany
A lucky prime minister?
Idiots abroad
A lack of vision
Incompetence or corruption?
A problem with the Conservative Party
A requiem for UKIP
The struggle over power
Russia wins another victory
Real journalism
There I was, trying to write a serious posting ...
A whiff of realignment?
The bigger scandal
It begins
Candour from the Beeb
A few thoughts ....
Out of touch
This is serious journalism folks!
Missing the implications?
Mad Bank Disease
Blogs away!
The enemy within
A confrontation shapes up
King maker or pretender?
By their propaganda shall ye know them
Two articles from over the Pond
A breath of sanity
The wise and all-seeing leader
A ""changing media landscape""
The ""hockey stick"" lives (not)!
The unholy trinity
Got it in one … almost
The consequences of meddling
The elephant strikes again
Low grade misrepresentation
When is science no longer science?
The joy of Palin
A huge diversion of resources
Cutting their own throats
The European Union way …
United in [in]action
Jumping the gun?
That budget
The wind of change
What do they hope to achieve?
It takes a crisis
Beyond parody
The £6 billion rip-off
The propaganda marches on
There is no hope
A nightmare comes true?
The Great Freeze begins
A dose of reality?
Beyond the capability of mere mortals
A perfect storm
Not only coal
Joining up the dots …
Oppression begins at home
A high water mark?
The inflow continues
A failure of regulation?
I've calmed down – a bit
Angry ...
Cracks beginning to show?
A delicious rant
The end of civilisation as we know it
They've known it all along!
Unfair to Tories!
Some observations on regulation
Smoking gun II - update
The blind will not see
Smoking gun II
Courageous journalism
Market value
That bad!
The driver quits the train
State aid
Mr Darling writes
Quotes of the day
Follow me!
Hic sunt dracones
Children at play
Questions in Parliament
A fascinating insight
It ain't working … yet
The politics of denial
Something smells
Now there's a thing
A crisis of ""enormous proportions""
Not just the euro
He's back
Neelie 1 – Ireland 0
What journalists find amazing
God help us!
Joining the dots
What they actually agreed
Would you believe this?
The truth will out … but not here
Except …
Groping …
Who will ...
Some sense
""Practically irrelevant""
Another one behind
In a fantasy world of his own
An institutional breakdown
Those Olympic Games
A religion without borders
That loathsome media
Harvest blues
The dark side
Last year was different
Charge of the Light Brigade
Charity money goes astray - dog bites man
Meanwhile let us have a look at that aid to various Palestinian groups
Autres directions
This was not supposed to happen
Nope we still can't solve it
The casual lie
A question of negligence
Things must be bad
Greenie schizophrenia
You don't say!
Changing the equation
The ultimate joke
Unintended consequences
The scourge of the greenies – US style
Good news and bad news
And so it goes
The decay of a nation
A journey from hell
Concentrates the mind
No blogging yesterday at this end
Counting chickens
Sarkozy is pleased
So what now?
Tee hee
Politics across the pond
Straws in the wind?
It's the same old story
The EU moves at its usual speed
Miffed is what I am
We arrived
No news is not good news
Re-learning every lesson
Super Tuesday
War in the Caucasus (cont.)
While the cat's away ...
By the time you read this …
The biggest story of the moment
War in the Caucasus
We already knew this
The essence of politics
The loneliness of the long-distance eurosceptics
Maybe they should stop complaining
There is only one true God
Garbage in ...
Abandon ye hope …
Propaganda ? us
That obituary
An ""open goal"" goes begging
Where Italy leads?
Disappointed but not surprised
Hiatus 2
Even lighter posting
Democracy in action?
The love that dare not speak its name
Made in Brussels
An egregious example of myopia
Alexander Solzhenitsyn 1918 - 2008
A reckoning awaits
Robert Kagan and the return of history
Return of the freeze?
You read it here first
Energy: a choice of policies
Something not right here?
A book everyone must read
The land where politics still survives
Signs of the times
The sound of silence
A triumph of hope over experience
Kinder Cops
Don't panic!
Prattling while Rome burns
Try looking in the mirror
The final insult
Drip, drip, drip
Wall Street blues
That complaint
A one-dimensional view
Where others lead …
Perhaps they insist on organic milk
Another stealth tax
A political black hole
It's a mad, mad world
Always good for a laugh
A politically-induced crisis
Those ""climate crimes""
First the bad news …
Climate Nazis
A climate of deception
Taking us for mugs
So human rights do not matter?
Cost in space
A political earthquake
We should be happy about Obama's performance but ...
Trouble at t'grid
Problem solved!
How to avoid a recession
Finger in the dyke
Panic takes over …
An air of unreality …
Happy days are here again (not!)
And double shit …
Oh shit!
And just when you thought it couldn't get worse
Sooner or later this was going to happen
Seventy percent of the crisis
Blood on the floor
War on Taliban can't be won
The story so far …
What is worse than scum?
Sucking the life out of politics
The House approves
Beware of Greeks …
Reshuffle blues
Sauve qui peut
Do they really not know?
Stop Dave!
More on the Austrian election results
Another bit of light relief
The elephant dives for cover
Senate has passed (a somewhat different) Bill
The heart of the crisis
A short rant ....
A dark and dirty game
No shortage of warnings
We get what we deserve
The smoking gun
Go figure
Dear me!
The elephant emerges
Breaking news
This is one we missed
A bit of light relief
In Europe but not ruled by …
This might explain some things
Bruges Group fringe meeting
New developments in France?
Do these people actually read anything?
An exercise in nation-building
Today's sob-story
Interesting developments in Ulster
Gullible or not?
Global mismanagement
Green illiteracy
Meetings in the east
We have a problem
Proud of the Union
Another return
It's all down to those ""modalities""
Back to the garden
Where Africa leads …
One weeps …
An unprecedented amount of scrutiny …
Another one?
A licence to print money
Welcome to Hectare
Excused trade
A mixed blessing
The contagion spreads
Our ""strategic partners""
Problems and solutions
An economic suicide pact
Democracy is perfect
End of the line
Apocalypse soon
A new prime minister
Part of our government
No sooner on than off?
An outbreak of candour
The dirty deed is done
Ahead of the game?
Reports of looting greatly exaggerated
What will be Zimbabwe's future?
Another beef and dairy ban?
Shouldn't Brown and Cameron do ""foreign""?
We cannot afford this
Good cop – bad cop
An ex-Belgium government
Shot down by the EU
Bad form
An important campaign
Men of Iron
Playing with fire
A puzzling development
And therein lies your problem …
While the children play
A nice little earner
Missing a trick
This is too much ...
The descent into madness
First report
Too little, too late
Mature debate?
A done deal
A market solution?
The invisible takeover
Heads in the sand?
The devil's techniques
News from the big bad world
Freedom of speech – EU style
Of politics and policies
The instrument of destruction
Crossing the Rubicon
A haven for libel tourism
Fiddling while Africa burns
You know aid money works
It has come to this
A chilling tale from North
The erosion of liberties
The appeasement moves to Paris
The great biofuels con
Reactions to the Colombian rescue
The elephant lives, part 400
Of course they have immunity
The real agenda emerges
But, if you are guilty …
This is getting silly!
A blank cheque for the race relations industry
The wrong things for the right reasons
Contempt, not conciliation
""European interference""
Between a rock and a hard place
Added value
Angriff auf England
Who is this ""we""?
Spelling it out
Opportunity costs
G8 stupidity
Funny that!
Iran said today …
Priced out of the market?
Watered down
Fly the (burning) flag
End of an era?
A Letter from Limburg
Political discussions
Not a bad idea?
Glacial speed?
Could this be the answer?
Czech Republic signs agreement with USA
Anti-Americanism is not precisely new
London calling
Throwing down the gauntlet
With friends like this
National pride
Putting it all together
Winning the war
What's in a word?
It flew!
While the cat's away
Happy days!
Nerves fraying?
Stupidity squared
Elephant in the chamber
Vacuum at the centre
We hold these truths ....
Sarko scrambles to save face
More on Geert Wilders
An interesting snapshot
Just ""a question of when""
More global warming?
Not a minor spat
Do as you are told …
The right to a job
Tax is for the little people
Don't we have enough on?
Outsourcing the war
What is happening in Burma?
Holland asserts the importance of free speech
Reality check
Wrong prediction
Raiding the public purse
There is a parallel
They should be made to read this
The glory of France
Good and faithful servants
The prodigal's return
The madness exposed
Hearts and mines
Is there anything it can't make worse?
How the EU and the US are losing us the war
""It is not your business!""
Nuff said ...
Nice work if you can get it!
Light my fires!
Ukraine, Russia and the EU
Publish and be damned!
And the good news is?
A totally avoidable disaster
It isn't working very well
It's the ordinary folk who carry the can
The thot plickens
The green-con boom
Plundering the private purse
Do I wish!
Ambiguity – or the truth revealed?
One reason why we are in trouble
The perpetual motion machine
The mother of all failures
The view from Montenegro
The end is nigh?
Climate vandalism
A get-out clause?
Beyond a joke
When madness grips the land
Caught red-handed ...
Gone to ground
Money for hate propaganda
Understanding, not grandstanding
Not only the immigrants
The erosion of power
It's not cricket!
Rogues' Gallery
The real morons
A political crisis
The silence of the ""colleagues""
Global warming – Swedish style!
Detached from the political process
Ceci n'est pas une revue
""Europe"" writ large
Yet again, we are superior
The sunset of environmentalism?
No newts is good newts …
The ""underfunded"" MoD strikes again
Theatre and practice
Update on Burma
Are they thinking what he is thinking?
The elephant lives!
Spending your money
Wash your mouth out with soap and water
Fax machine law?
Rumbles from the East
Where we lead…
Now you can blame the EU
It gets worse
The edge of madness
Where is that international community?
A retreat into infantilism
The ultimate humiliation?
A bad day for MEPs
Tip of the iceberg
The very worst of the media
News of the World
Why are we unable to act?
The Greenies are worried
Inhabiting a twilight world
You read it here first!
Winning the war
""Cowen's mistake ...
Operation Barbarossa
Creatures of the night
What is to be done with the ""virtual caliphate""?
They're all at it
Tom Wise arrested
Birds of a feather
You read it here first!
A symbol of subjugation
National Journal
The people speak – sort of
Ratification ""on hold""
A ""process of engagement""
Srebrenice in the news again
It's a hard life in the tranzi world
Marching us up to the top of the hill …
At sixes and sevens
Irish ""no"" vote reduced to a ""glitch""
More on those Czechs
A recipe for disaster
News Values Today
Happy Victory Day
The destruction phase
Happy Europe Day!
Are we shocked?
Another embarrassing showdown?
Global cooling caused crash?
What next for Russia?
Political staging
Tearing apart the House of Europe
It was only a matter of time …
The blogs have it
One crisis to another
It's not that hard to understand (or maybe it is)
Another day, another failure …
Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen
More equals less … or is it more?
Reinforcing a world view
And the culprit is ...
The blame game
All eyes on Serbia
A rebuke
Now, that's ""green""!
Turning the Juggernaut round
True heroism
Then there were six …
A lesson from Afghanistan
Enough already
Stealing the food from their mouths
From City Hall
We've all got it wrong
Full circle
Wheeler gets leave
Local elections?
The best laid schemes …
Not on the side of the angels
""…several decades of global cooling""
Oh this is such fun
The politics of food
The Balkans again
Be afraid …
An object lesson
Your Community airline
Well, it must be true
The debate goes on without us
A vicarious pleasure
News from the seat of the great and the good
Grow your own
The propaganda flies
Complexity upon complexity
Vintage Booker
Mail on Sunday
Some data on legislation
The real crisis has yet to come (Part 2)
Wasted opportunity
The real crisis has yet to come (Part 1)
A new era of incompetence
The women of Basra
Let's have 27 common foreign policies
The wheels are coming off …
Wasting their time …
A'boycotting we will go
No sense of shame
A black day
Well, I hate being contrary ...
An own goal
Light blogging from me
Democracy in action – EU style
Will they stop it?
That petition
Do it again
A hidden agenda?
That petition
Turning to other subjects
Lisbon or bust!
There's a thing!
A missed opportunity?
A petition
A silent edit
They might win this battle
Not Czech-mate yet
The game is far from over
One side fits all
The Financial Times clog
This is your dinner …
Stitching up the deal
The last time
Fair enough
A stealth treaty
Cat out of the bag
Those irrational Irish
A cautionary tale ...
They didn't see it coming
The game plan unfolds
The party's over
The amazing toad
A mild headache
Final results
Your Führer speaks
Pajamas media
A tribute
Yessssssss! It's no!
Don't panic … yet!
What are we to make of it?
Blog Wars
Ex Nazi supports Irish ""yes""
David Davis resigns
Extruded verbal material
Interesting publications
Oh yes?
Where there is a will, there's a way
House of Lords reject referendum
A new direction – on Europe?
And so it came to pass …
Can't help wondering
The lights are going out
No plan B?
Another book launch
Agenda setting
A glimmer of hope
Markets are good for you
A call to arms
The price of neglect
Time for a new flag
Losing the plot
A chorus of complaints
A novel way of creating set-aside
They are not taking this seriously
Another one down
Three meals from a revolution?
The scariest photo
Looking in the wrong direction (again)
A conflict of reports
A bureaucracy that will kill us by the millions
The elephant in the floods
An important new discovery
A meeting of minds (not)
An MP for UKIP
Great new slogan
A heroic, if doomed exercise?
Reduced to the status of spectators
The contradictions of environmentalism
What's in a name?
An inability to comprehend
The worst of the worst
A visit to the real world
The universal solution
Stop the scare
Prescient – or what?
A different world
North is back - the last open thread
Interesting musings
Are the MSM listening to themselves - open thread for Friday
Bye-bye Washington
The hamburger test
Figaro here, Figaro there
Bush warms to warming?
They think they've got problems?
There will be no horlix tonight
Gordon who?
What do we do about anti-Americanism - open thread for Wednesday
A problem with reality
Fickle lot, these Europeans
Operation apathy
Read this
An entertaining week?
About time, too
No further forward
Who is using whom?
Daniel Hannan is delighted
Hope there is none!
What do we do?
Leading by the noes
One could feel sorry for the guy
Chichester resigns …
And they say blogs are ""derivative""?
The new Puritanism
Well, of course it should be cut
A Letter from Limburg
An ""honest debate"" about energy
They never give up!
A beneficial (food) crisis
Stuart Wheeler
A cloying, claustrophobic ""little Englander"" mentality
Tell it to the Marines!
I suspect that those reports of death are exaggerated
Taking on the ""army of evil""
Where Japan leads …
The come-back kid - open thread for Tuesday
They catch up - eventually
He is back
A political message?
Dirty work at the crossroads
I am shocked
Enjoy the confusion
Moving forward - open thread for Monday
The bubble across the pond
Life as normal in Bulgaria
The real thing
Some things never change
Arrived safely
Falling down on the job
Marching orders
Scares goes to Washington
""Fire and ice"" threat to the world
The dominoes are falling
F**k off!
On our doorstep
The Single European Voice bleats
An open goal in the making
Why wasn't there more fuss?
A gamble succeeds
Revolving doors
A ""shadowy bank""
""Trust in me""
The real economy
And snow it goes on …
More on the mass lobby and the House of Lords
The real news from Afghanistan
North on Euroscepticism
Look far back in order to look forward
Energy saving day (not)
Reshuffle in the wind?
Tinkering at the margins
Prince Harry in Afghanistan
A matter of understanding
A good starting point…
Ploughing a lonely furrow
Ceci n'est pas un complot - absolument
Beyond imagination
Win some, lose some - part 2
The way we are governed
The limits of power
European defence – an unrealisable dream?
She chose the wrong day …
Thou shalt not be efficient
When is a riot not a riot?
Why do I bother?
A Roman Catholic Union
The lies and deception continue
Declaration of interests - 2
The end of the beginning?
A question of subsidy
A world gone mad
Declaration of interests - 1
It may be more complicated than it seems
Those wonderful tranzis
Consistent incompetence
The farce continues
Something missing
Cabotage to extinction
Nice little earner
An interesting and disturbing phenomenon
The ""train of shame""
Aren't we glad to be funding NGOs?
Knife crime
The wages of Green
The elephant lives, part 400
A milky conundrum
The parasites in our midst
Retreat to Victory (Part II)
A national crisis in the making
News from the outside world
Those power cuts
In the national interest
The way we were
A Letter from Limburg
It's purple banana time!
The Irish No Campaign needs our help
The plot thickens
What the future might hold
Lawson on global warming
An absence of government
The most appropriate response
An entertaining blog …
The rose-tinted voice of ignorance
In the country of the blind
The will of the people…
If you can read this ...
Court cases for everyone
Win some, lose some ....
That's the seventh one down
""Despised"" is not a strong enough word
The subversion of democracy
The EU scores again
The curious mindset of Mr Miliband
The perfect European
A corner turned
Wasted lives
Happy birthday
Time out
Wrong target
Dying for Europe
Maybe things ain't what they seem
The objects of our pity?
""Presentationally unacceptable""
Why can't journalists learn ....
Our invisible masters
Is there anyone at the helm?
Freedom of speech is a European value but ...
A ""defining moment""
The Times gets the point
Beyond the fluff
Coming in the ""back door""
Nick meets Betty
Another room, another elephant
Supporting the nation state
Masters of irrelevance
Events on the cusp
They not only get it wrong, they continue to get it wrong
Shoddy goods
New bottles for old wine
And so it begins
A taste of things to come
We don't do ""issues""
A Faustian deal?
An infantile refusal to accept reality
They just don't get it!
Under their very noses
A nation ill at ease with itself
Where buffaloes fear to tread
Displacement activity
Style or substance?
Five Years On - a predictable addition
Compare and contrast
Five years on
Thin edge of the wedge
Wouldn't it be nice ...
Hurrah, Belgium has a government
A no-score draw?
Shooting the messenger
Clutching at straws?
Collective punishment
Thanks for nothing
Going our way …
News from the House of Lords
Big issues
The joys of independence
Not to be trusted
Planet Notting Hill
EU speaks with forked tongue
Times are tough and taxes are too high
Time to press the panic button?
Passing the reality test
The ""miracle"" of globalisation
Get lost Gordie
Balts annoy the Commission
Worrying for the colleagues
Global Yawning
Somebody likes us!
Global storms
Who are the masters now?
Conservative MP resigns whip
The trouble with budgets
That Irish referendum
Who cares?
Retreat to victory
A customer has spoken
Fantasy politics
Barking cat syndome
The elements of propaganda
Fifty-seven minutes and one sip of water?
Election news
What is this man smoking?
Virtually unreported in Britain …
Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
Renegotiation is no longer an option
And you thought it was all over?
It seemed like a good idea …
Cut their pay!
I blame the post office
Towards the House of Lords
The voices of the people
He doesn't get it
Our role is to applaud
This is not for grown-ups
Another EU failure
Inflation or deflation?
Things are not the same
The death of parliament
Lies, damn lies and David Miliband
That is what we do
Not even a whimper
A reminder
A distant disaster … not much news
All the propaganda that's fit to print
Hey, he won!
More equals less
The stuff of politics
Count-down to an amendment
""… I am really frightened""
The new imperialists
That reshuffle
Weather isn't climate!
Give us a referendum …
A House divided
Common milestones in culture
Those polar bears
Getting there
A good question
That protest
You don't say!
Thought for the day
Screwed by the EU
The snows of Kilimanjaro
Lib-Dems walk out
No longer sovereign
A taste of things to come
How we are governed
Can't resist this one
A real world crisis
It was that big!
Whither Cyprus?
Business as usual
Times change
""It will start in Kosovo and end in Kosovo""
Mushroom government
Unravelling the Gordian knot
Serving its paymasters
""Allowance abuse""
The asbestos scam
Second thoughts from the commission?
More on the fraudulent MEPs
Grown-up choices
Please, could we have a new scriptwriter?
It's not secret – it's confidential
Costing lives
So we can do business with the Kremlin?
The China effect
Just asking
Brown to visit his masters
Selling snake-oil
Has anybody thought about Scotland?
A half-way house
More global warming
Basket case Britain
The only leader worth voting for
Politics, policy and the internet
A diet of unremitting negativity
Calm sun, cold earth
They shoot horses …
Quote of the day
Who rules Britain?
1929 ""a walk in the park""
Santa's claws
What a difference a year makes
Offering a silent prayer
Michael Yon on the soldiers back from Basra
You know aid money works
A significant move
Something is going on here
Kultukampf Russian style
Useful idiots
A puzzle
""Be of good comfort, Master Ridley""
What is Turkey playing at?
And so to fish …
The measure of the beast
More social dumping
Hajrá Magyarok!
A threat of legislation
Belgium never ceases to amuse
A matter of spacing
Sanitation begins at home
Distorting the debate
The peace process processes
This issue is not going to go away
Misplaced enthusiasm
It ain't getting better
Madness stalks the land
What are we to make of this?
An antidote to Bali
What's a ZERP between friends?
Remember the Wolfowitz saga?
A stronger Union for a better world
Uncle Sam to the rescue?
I wonder if they have seen this
Win some, lose some
Ignoring the people
Let's not get emotional …
Meanwhile, back in Paris
A bit of light relief
What are we fighting for?
We are not your citizens!
Today's the day ...
Strange bedfellows
Message received and understood
Civil war? What civil war?
Commitment to the battle
That elusive national identity
Writing themselves out of the script
They are really serious
Not good enough
Are they mad?
Naked streets
Whom is one to believe?
The wilderness is getting rather crowded
The last hurrah?
Helping the Presidency
And now it's official
A glimmer of hope
This is the state we're in
A photographic feast
Leaving it to the amateurs
For God's sake!
An heroic failure
What do they hope to achieve?
Why we cannot win
Weeping after the event
The shame of Iran
Behind the curve
Now ... and then
""An ill-prepared rush""
We are on our own
They're going home
The mouse that didn't quite roar
Too much ice!
They've got it all worked out!
The single European newt
A dose of reality
We are funding this
On the one hand …
You can look but you can't fly
Charles endorses the EU
The state of the Empire
It had to happen
The great disconnect
La famille Sarkozy
The only growth industry in town
Return of the prodigal
Black gold
We’re all (not) going to die!
Arrests in Denmark
Why are they shocked?
What's going on 'ere then?
""At the going down of the sun ...""
Dial 112 for European unity
A silent edit?
Does nobody care any more?
If this is global warming …
The disappearing Labour rebels
A case-study of impotence
They can see it!
""Collective amnesia""
""An exotic and wasteful box-ticking exercise""
A reckoning to come
Crying ""dog""
Who will rid us?
Colonial baggage
Service may be interrupted
A single European police force (not)
Touching a raw nerve?
A new blog on the street
Not with a bang, but a whimper
How very sensible
We have a problem
Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Duncan?
In space, no one can hear you scream
Elections in Italy
Picture post
EU macht frei
It was never going to happen
Another failure unrecorded
The trouble with bloggers ....
""Mass producers of distortion""
""This is going to end badly""
Education, education, education
""Secretive and bizarre"" decision-making
A new logo?
A Letter from Limburg
Not drowning, but waving!
An establishment turning in on itself
We're insane - official
The new Roman Empire
A quick round-up
Mote and beam
Ooooooo … it's dangerous!
China on the brink
A corrosive indifference
A marathon trial of strength
This is global warming?
The story is over .... maybe
Too close to the truth?
The death of a petition
Democracy matters!
Another one down
A declaration of interest
EU to the rescue?
A Letter from Limburg
""I know me place""
The sins of the euro
A matter of convenience
Why are they surprised?
Overdue Retirement
Pie in the sky?
Fourteen down – sort of
A matter of perspective
Politics is dead … long live politics!
Europe House
What do they know?
A confusion of policies
The cult of the myth
The elephant lives, part 399
The poor little darlings
Fauxtography revisited
Things may be changing
Ceci n'est pas un complot
The worst of all possible worlds
Tinkering at the margins
It's what isn't said that matters
Malign neglect
It has emerged …
Memorial Days
Just keep writing the cheques
Looking on the bright side
Confusion reigns
We have only ourselves to blame
Social dumping OK!
Another one down
Lisbon for lunch
A museum of British history
Back again!
A scrap of paper
Game over
Who would have thought it?
Cathedrals of insanity
A victory for Gordon Brown
Sarko is having a bad time (sort of) - Part II
The things done in the name of being green
The failures of our government
Is this a joke?
A mean-spirited device
Somebody noticed
Those who do and those who preach
The great fishing debate
Sarko is having a bad time (sort of) – Part I
The BBC has learned
We have been here before
Capturing the mood
Well now, where do we stand on the Belgian government?
Common rules but no common sense
Keep watching the sun
An unmitigated record of failure
The perils of blogging
More on that courageous art world
The heart of the issue
You mean he does not know?
A question of attitude
An opportunity to support the ""project""
Whither Belgium?
In Foreign Fields
Another myth bites the dust
Life through a distorting mirror
A bizarre twist to a bizarre tale
The Euro-census cometh
The hidden benefits of membership
Next act in the Tillack drama
They seek them here …
Do we know what it is we do not know?
Multiplication is vexation
Lie in the sky
Unnoted connections
From Michael Yon's latest dispatch
A lack of imagination
Just be proud!
Start as you mean to go on
Closing the curtains
They are still alive
Mugabe going, Brown not going, Senegal to mediate
As ye sow, so shall ye reap
At last!
Four legs good, two legs better
The ""terror"" of it all
Is he listening to himself?
Brief news from the Anglosphere
The European Arrrest Warrant is being used in an unexpected way
Tribalism to the fore
A humourless post
Lebanon again
Despotism in the European Parliament
Why is it humiliating?
About that referendum
Of fools and angels
Rebellion in the ranks
Is he winning?
Twittering at the margins
Playing with fire
Those courageous artists
Take a referendum, any referendum
The authors of our own misfortunes
Getting to the heart of the matter (not)
By the way!
Forward the Anglosphere (again)
Hungary again
Another trivial story
Unfinished business
And your point is?
A ""true myth"" is born
Doom doesn't sell
Are they sane?
""One election does not democracy make""
How could we possibly disagree?
Madness stalks the land
Somebody likes us!
The end is nigh!
Ship without a rudder?
One ring to rule them all ...
Meet the real boss
A reminder
The single European soil
Europe can't deliver
Creative tension?
Yahoo tries to settle
The British just don't do ""visions""
Good government or self-government
The politics of contempt
Preserving the grand projet
Who guards the guardians?
A Letter from Limburg
Daniel Hannan is shocked!
Dog bites man!
The tipless iceberg
It goes on…
A short hiatus
They get there in the end
Court of Auditors Report
Anglospheric ideas in unexpected places
""A herd of pigs""
The Brown paradox
Juan Carlos one, Chávez nil
The corrosive effect of (EU) money
The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month
All part of the master plan
Romanians in Italy
The ""Godfather"" speaks
Falling out over thieves
Stakeholders are the ""key""
A little light on a murky trade
Foreign policy deficit
Another demo
More EU funding
The reform that dare not speak its name
Will this be the necessary compromise?
Anyone would think it was a tragedy
The UN again
Ruled by a bunch of incompetents
The noose tightens
Death of an important man
The battle lines are drawn
Brussels fudge
The Blair legacy unravels
Could someone interpret this, please?
Pro-Referendum Rallies
The fantasist speaks
More on those pesky Hungarians
Greenie Watch
Scared to Death
What a mess
What did you do?
A blue nettle with yellow stars
The drama unfolds
Those pesky East Europeans
What should the Conservative Party do about the European Union?
Italy on the rack
Who needs enemies?
Few events are more depressing than meetings about Zimbabwe
The regulatory nightmare continues
Deferring the day of reckoning
More EU grandstanding?
Controlling the debate
A load of rubbish
A conjunction of issues
The officials decide
Plus ça change …
Lofty ideals of unity?
A question of trust
Vain the ambition of kings
The Duty Europhile instructs …
The new comedy act
I thought only Americans did nasty things
The other side of the story
Taking us for fools?
Tells you everything you need to know
The Constitutional reform unrolls
There are limits …
On the lump
How very appropriate
Against all odds
What do these people do for brains?
The great demonstration
Little Gallic games
So much for scrutiny
The wages of Green
Other peoples' money
And Spanish justice
Pain in Spain
Low grade tactics
They're at it again!
Say it ain't so, Joe
Even now, they don't get the point
Pro-Referendum Rally
The dog that didn't bark
Does he speak with forked tongue?
The focus shifts?
The ping-pong treaty
A foretaste
Elections, elections
The enemy speaks
Now we know they are mad …
Government by consent
What will happen to the Celtic tiger?
Finding a way back
Meanwhile, out there in the big bad world
Taking the p*ss
Of woods and trees
How long can we continue calling them liars?
The enemy in Brussels
Under the microscope
The next reshuffle
A new role for Parliament
A Letter from Limburg
Mission Accomplished!
The last British government
Good for Britain!
Through blinkered eyes
While I've been away
Does Google know something we don't
Get it over and done with!
The fog of misinformation and incomprehension
Push me-pull you
It's all so damn predictable
A cautionary tale
Insulting our intelligence
A coincidence?
Twenty-one today
They jes' keep on gettin' stronger
Who said petitions didn't work?
Message from Istanbul
More of the same
A new world of freedom
Planet, which, on…?
Right on cue!
Well, ain't that the truth
Here we go again
A new blog
The Czechs are an embarrassment
Pot and Kettle
Behind the curve
Not good enough Mr Browne
We are soooo happy for them!
Greeks protest
Lieber Herr Kollege... I would like more power
And so it goes on, and on and on…
Hooray for the Nobel Peace Prize
A BAD moment
Calm before a storm?
Pro-Referendum Rally
Beware of presidents quoting Mill
Those who serve …
Cat and mouse?
Shock news - Belgian politicians might agree on something
Zero effect
Is he that stupid?
A sinner repents?
The soap opera continues
A battle won … but a war to fight
""Substantially equivalent""
They're at it again
News from the Goracle camp
In the bubble
Somebody has been listening
Circuses but no bread
This must have hurt
No wonder they wanted to keep it quiet
There will always be jobs for the boys
Do they know they are lying?
It's off
Shouting a little louder
Double standards
When I want their opinion I'll ask for it
The revised treaty - it's up!
Assault on the blogosphere
The minnows and power
A lack of engagement
Only connect
The European Council on Foreign Relations is finally launched
They will comply, it seems
A crack in the façade?
Clearing the decks?
Has anything really changed?
Musical (euro) chairs
It's official
Take back our government
If you treat people like fools…
Who will rid us?
A fatal miscalculation
He jes' keeps rollin' along
Is there a politician in the house?
The people are pleading with him
The capacity to surprise
Is he saying what I think he's saying?
Faking it!
Who is the bigger threat?
Being Right
Cognitive dissonance
You can't buck the market
In the national interest
The debate that never happened
Do as I say…
The end of hope
Concern is just another commodity
Upping our game
Is this real?
A Letter from Limburg
It's too late...
Treaty text
Another reminder
Our government has spoken
He who turns and runs away …
The ""debate"" progresses
Another Vector?
Mr Bolton agrees with EUReferendum
A reminder
The war goes on
They lied yesterday; they will lie tomorrow
Flying blind
An interesting time?
Where it really matters
Parish pump politics
Piggy in the middle
Plumbing the depths
Russia's war against the British Council
The contagion spreads
They really do not care
Amendments galore
Strength or weakness?
Never a dull moment
They still don't get it
Not even Burma
How little they understand
There is a new one every day
Headline chasing?
A reminder
There's no story in this
Labour isn't listening …
It gets better and better
Shocking behaviour
Rum thing, politics
The price of a soldier
A Letter from Limburg
It's The Sun wot's doing it
A little less propaganda please
Closing down the debate
A dose of reality
""A local authority in a new supranational body""
The Sun has got its hat on …
A study in irrelevancy
What is wrong with the Observer?
An interesting analysis
This is very sad
Nice work if you can get it
A ""lose-lose"" situation
A delicious conflict
A Letter from Limburg
Spot the difference
A Nato run by France?
Breaking news (sort of)
Constitutional debate in Turkey
The Macedonia problem
Break-through in the al-Dura case
Umbrella blog
A Letter from Limburg
Confusion reigns
Can anyone help?
A last ditch battle?
The reckoning
Us and them
Focused lethality
Still reading those runes
The cracks are appearing
Reduced to impotency
Thank EU very much!
Something of a myth-match
A Letter from Limburg
Here we go again - part 2
Force multipliers
Hidden in plain sight
Careful with the baby
Never mind a week ....
The dead hand of bureaucracy
Greek election results
Booker in the WSJ
Not altogether surprising
What are we supposed to do?
Can't have that, can we?
A hundred days and counting…
A one party state
Cathedral of ignorance
The Metric ""farce""
Do referendums undermine representative democracy?
The myth of the ""super-bomb""
It's started
An ""honest debate""
The tale of the Panther
The wolf is here!
Reading the runes
This is very worrying
Who will be first?
Death wish?
No ducking or diving
Spin and reality
Total stupidity
Overspend! Overspend!
The making of a myth
There may yet be hope
That's progress
That demo
We must never forget
No compromise
Cracks in the ""non-imperial"" Empire
The turning point
Bad news
Belgium again
How to be Topp in Politics
""Ignorant or malignant civilians""
Another silly Euro-myth
Nice try
Brown may ""shift"" …
Independent on Sunday
It ain't over till it's over
The law of unintended consequences
About time!
""Poisonous debates""
A broken Army?
The time has come ....
Gordon Brown hopes …
A killer of men
Up yours!
The front in front
A deliberate and brutal decision
What motivates these people?
The story behind the story
Playing it down
An ""environmental tax on food""
The annals of retreat
The games they play
Do they want to win?
Avoidable and culpable deaths
Another step in the slow process of integration
A self-fulfilling prophesy?
It's begun
A waste of space
They are afraid of the people
We're cool!
The news from Belgium
Forum off-line
""Those are words on paper…""
Going through the motions
Dousing the flames of integration
Herding cats
Back to work…
A vast network of influence
Strange bedfellows
Wither Europe?
It all went horribly wrong
It really isn't going away
The other surge
These men should be dead
Work in progress
What are we to make of this?
A few empty soundbites
Clashing ideas
Imagine this was a ""Snatch""
Oh dear, they've noticed
The ""pros"" have it
Misguided we ain't
What to make of this?
We are not wrong
What is the agenda?
Frattini on the warpath
You pays your money…
Don't mess with Texas
Do we have an unelected Prime Minister?
The shady past (and present?) of Mr Barroso
Another day, another rant
Greek fire
Let the people speak
Less money better spent
Meanwhile ....
""A public relations disaster for the US""
A gesture from the Anglosphere
More friendly fire
Never ending entertainment
Crisis in Belgium
Don't you just love this!
A portrait of a Europhile
The thin blue line
""Here's a pretty kettle of fish""
The battle of Basra
Belgium is not Europe
The great divide II
What is the point of Amnesty International?
The great divide
When thieves fall out
A mixed blessing?
What hope is there?
Update on the EU and Gaza
Then again, some things have changed
Getting it right
It woz the EU wot dun it!
Too corrupt for the EU?
Alright – I did tell you so!
And so it blunders on
How significant is this?
Can he ignore the popular press?
Call for the Guardian
An interesting question
Oh look!
Polish MEPs defy European Parliament
What is it trying to achieve?
How about doing YOUR jobs?
The farce goes on
Notice anything missing?
The Saturday ""toy""
Parallel universes
""Stop whining. It's unattractive.""
This is getting worse and worse
A thoroughly irresponsible post
This is a newspaper?
A deliberate and calculated deceit
Update on that demo
Now it can be revealed…
Another snap election to be called
A glaring inconsistency
Something really useful
Technical illiteracy
Almost all the innovations
You can't trust anyone these days
The elephant lives!
Poland complains again
Georgia does have some friends
Bloggers on the loose
A Europe of results?
Mythbusters II
A ""vindictive"" campaign
It's the subtle changes, stupid!
What is the point of this?
John Biffen
What if they say no?
Talking Turkey again
Reality begins to intrude
Lest we forget
That coup d'etat
Our masters have spoken
A single European drill
Bloggers on the loose
Losing the propaganda war (again)
Living in a time warp
No such thing as bad publicity
How do they know these were hackers?
Ploughing a lonely furrow
Shackled to a corpse?
Polish government in trouble
The demo that will not happen
Mr Brown wants to give them more powers?
Blogger round-up
It was a Snatch!
Don't EU forget
A most peculiar gesture
Now it's ""housekeeping""!
Control freaks
Speak no evil ... or anything else for that matter
The road to defeat
Put out all the flags
Libya admits to torture
A useful website
It don't mean nuffink
The real threat
A minor hiccup
Joined at the hip
Soft hypocrisy
Nine months to force a referendum
End game
Of course, they are bluffing
Passing off?
A threat nearer home
You don't say!
Is this really news?
Throwing the match?
They doth protest too much
Whom should we trust?
Something Robert Zoellick could get his teeth into
The Anglosphere at war
Gesture politics
It can't be accidental
Satire lives
Smoked elephant?
Wising up
From yesterday's Evening Standard
You cannot fool all of the people all of the time
That travel ban
A world gone totally mad
It is not going to fly … it is a dud system
That other reshuffle
You looking at us?
What is happening in the House of Commons?
What you are not allowed to know…
The story so far…
Turkey's new parliament sits
A trip to Tripoli
Blogger round-up
Not again!
And the power ebbs away...
Harvest time
A footbridge to power
Is this wise?
Not altogether surprising
Red lines! Red lines!
Shum mishtake shurely
A ""binary"" treaty
Gazprom is at it again
Bolton sees the point
It was bound to happen
A supreme government of Europe
A touch of obsession
Europe united?
A self-fulfilling prophesy
Hitting the wall
A classic non-answer
They are all so enigmatic
Diversionary tactics
The acid test
I am putting this book on my list
The fifth column
Own goals galore
Irish troubles
The ""constitutional concept…"" lie
Going private
Cynicism and modernization
Government begins at home
It certainly isn't going away
The Saturday ""toy""
That's the way to do it
It isn't going away
Have these people no shame?
Ratification woes
Will he ever die?
Time for opposition
Galileo costs to ""skyrocket"" - shock!
A good and faithful servant
Party funds
Intellectually dishonest
The £40 billion sting
Evasion, evasion, evasion
An avoidable death?
Cameron on the constitution
Comprehensive Spending Review
Quote of the day
Nowhere but down
The Hague speech
Hoist with his own petard
Tony Blair, call your office
Move on … nothing to see here!
A charmed life
EU taxes on the way
A statement in the House
The new treaty: a whopping 277 pages
Turkey has the same government
A small entertainment
An apology to our readers
They do not appear to be happy
Playing the ""Europe"" card
Global warning
An example of failure
People tend to laugh
All too familiar
We shall soon be losing this
Getting it wrong
The gamble that failed
These foreign ministers are quarrelsome
The Galileo of the internet
That's it?
Where is Giscard in this line-up?
Target Brown
The corruption of the Beeb
Taking over our health services
Go away! Just go away!
Cartoons: four jailed
That famous enigma
The spectator sees more of the game
Will he live up to it?
The help is appreciated
EU pays to be lobbied on global warming
Who does he work for?
A contradiction of policies
That petition
How to avoid a referendum
Credit where it is due
What are they trying to achieve?
Allons enfants de l'Europe!
What about the bigger picture?
If you are not winning - lie
A recipe for inflation
Too good to be true
The perfect EU policy
Global warming strikes again
Can we learn from the Russians?
That petition
The debate is not over
Sins catching up?
The wages of (in)equality
A mountain to climb
Arrogance and ignorance
Vanity first
A new cooling?
So, what is his status?
Speculation, speculation, speculation
Those cartoons again
A mindset betrayed
And now the fun begins
A strong euro is a good thing - discuss
A triumph of hope over experience
British justice
More on that ""empire""
The enemy within
Education, education, education
Swedes to make the running?
The Empire speaks
Stagnating in space
More on that value-based common foreign policy
More groundhog days
Fun and games
Sits vac
The empire's ""egregious errors""
Shock waves
Repent … the end of the world is nigh
It's an ""Empire"" – official
We pay for this
An election soon in Poland?
Second take
As Europhile as they come
Dodgy deals
Confederate Yankee v Associated Press
Is political intelligence another oxymoron?
What is Sarkozy up to?
Subtle bias, or just bias?
Galileo and Her Majesty's taxpayers
It's not a constitution, but …
A tale to cheer
No change at the top
Sisters under the skin
Banging on?
Nuclear cant
Continuing madness
Still contributing to the gaiety of nations
The great double deception
Have you noticed ...
A question of language
A good idea turned bad
Trying it on… again
Still not talking Turkey
Chipping away
Yes, but which one, Gordon?
""Jumping the shark""
French logic
The House of Ussher
Murphy's law
Rejoice, rejoice but ask a few questions
A solitary voice
What's in a word?
OK I waited long enough
Tax Freedom Day
The true masters of broadcasting
Blair's EU deal not binding
Not so innocent?
A candidate for the Green Helmet Award?
Let's be done with it
Useful to know
A message worth repeating
The Saturday ""toy""
Glasgow airport
With the greatest respect in the world
Says it all
Lèse majesté
It must be true - the Iranian government says so
Blair's poodle?
What I should like to know is ...
Happy days are here again
Not enough rain
This is not a civil war
Another recruit for the ""colleagues""
A sign of the times
Well said!
The stitch-up continues
Continuing the stitch-up
Gearing up for the fight
Did you know?
The hunting of the constitution
It never rains but it pours (again)
Elsewhere in the world - 2
The man who sold out Britain
Fanning the flames
A dangerous and deliberate obfuscation
Zoellick makes it
Elsewhere in the world
""We made a real effort to be opaque""
Grumblings in Prague
The same in Spain
We're all deviants now
Ducking and diving
Another one
Like trying to bottle smoke
Did he have legal advice?
Are they insane?
A mature debate?
""I didn't surrender""
Was it Fatah al-Islam?
""Not dramatically changed""
French (dis)information
A constitution in drag
Towards a Common Defence Policy
Back in business?
And now to the detail
Hungarian journalist is found badly beaten
""Obey your own constitution""
A coup d'etat in the making
""It's not a treaty…
A predictable end
He got paid for this?
Before he left…
We're shocked! (again)
The deception continues
Trailing in their wake
Call me cynical…
So, the theatre begins
The face(s) of democracy
They're at it again
""Little Europe"" told to think again
We're only a blog…
Right on cue
When the media caravan packs its tents…
A matter of trust
Another chapter
Salmond the Brave
A gigantic, ocean-going con
We aren't idiots
Why we need helicopters
Money for old carbon…
Still no common European policy in Lebanon
Not a landslide but good enough
Oooops, I was wrong
Will he, won't he?
A curious and scandalous mystery
Can't they think of anything sensible?
You think we've got problems
On the treaty trail
Political thought in cartoons
Going for the cheap shot
Can't win 'em all
The Saturday ""toy""
But will they make better films?
Mind games
All is explained
What is that vehicle for?
Mamma Mia!
What are we to make of this?
To sign or not to sign…
So what else is new?
Will the Poles compromise?
The blogosphere comes of age
Propaganda war
The climate change blame game
More ""Europe""?
Which side is it on?
The big three
Yahoo faces more legal trouble
Wine, women and song
A confusion of terms
Engrenage in practice
Good tunes from the devil
Negative consequences
You do have to wonder
The enemy speaks
Swell timing
Blast from the past
Spanner in the works?
Thinking it through
Another unnecessary death?
Tomorrow will be important to us all
The monstrous regiment of women
French elections
It takes a special kind of genius
If you think you know what is going on…
Shocked! We're really shocked!
Going off half-cock
In the interests of us all…
What hope is there?
""Give me liberty or give me death"" - Part I
The Saturday ""toy""
Not fit for purpose
You tell 'em!
Gosh, what a surprise
Too true
The latest betrayal
Lost in space?
The games they play
Stresses and strains
Money talks
Book burning averted
At war with his own paper?
A world safe for cretins?
More on those six days
Just thought you would like to know
Crying in vain
Six days that changed the world
President Putin speaks again
Taken to the cleaners
One mad proposal after another
The hyperventilation continues
I didn't say it was easy!
The return of self reliance
Lebanon at war
Idle hacks…
Shurly not!
We're all isolated now
Redressing the balance
The Saturday ""toy""
Rampant idiocy
What a shame
Dialogue … but only if you agree with us
The tempo quickens
A purely imaginary world
One size fits none… again
Poles ""ready to die""
Guessing about the future
Update on the Bronze Soldier
The saga of the Bronze Soldier goes on
Global rip-offs
Where power resides
How to lose the war
Not quite Bolton or Rumsfeld
Driving out the news
To debate or not
Losing the will to live
Vaclav Klaus speaks
Irish ayes
They're still trying
The news is out
Well, what a surprise!
Occupying the high ground
Decommissioning costs
What a mess
And why would that be?
Fighting goes on in Lebanon
The Saturday ""toy""
Neutralised and emasculated
Fun and games in Ukraine
They are victims again
Vedi Napoli e poi Muori
A look into the future
Harnessing the internet
A change in behaviour
The politician's victory
Damning with great praise
Bold as brass
Of donkeys in uniform
Wheat and chaff
A change of perspective
A spiritual home?
War tourism
The great disconnect
Oh this is so exhausting
What a gal!
Bulgarians are truly disappointed
Another civil war that is not happening
The Morality Police acts
Creeping sideways
A cunning plan…
Leave it to the experts?
Will the white elephant fly?
There is always the internet
Recognising the reality
Green eats green
The silence of the right
We must remember them
Why Samara?
Not the best option
BBC bias?
The Saturday ""toy""
Mad, or just mad?
The new French cabinet
There is always one
Bulgarians have groundhog days as well
Fun and games
We're all doomed (not)
Bolton rampant
Strength or weakness?
Angriff auf England
Telling it like it is
When I use a word it means what I want it to mean
Receiver tax to save Galileo?
And your point is?
They don't even fade away
A timely reminder
Driving a wedge?
Who will give the true picture?
Define peace
Easy come, easy go
Ready for compromises – but no compromise
When thieves fall out
Defence questions
Water, water everywhere
Warfare state to welfare state
Believe what you want to believe
Do you support terrorism?
Run out of town?
Useful for trade
It ain't going to happen in June
Polish court strikes down new law
The Russians are getting serious
Time to get patriotic
Unfinished business
The Saturday ""toy""
Speculation cubed
The march of the Sefra
A period of suspension
FRES is dead – long live … er?
Buying into the myth
A first for the blog
How high?
A blind spot
I did what I thought was right
Fair is fair
Mood music
Same old story
Metric victory?
Happy Europe day!
The middle ground is sometimes hard to find
Ignore the good news…
Here is one I made earlier
What if we won, and nobody noticed?
The truth will out
What's French for ""watch this space""?
A European Council on Foreign Relations?
Taking the war to the enemy
We are moving into a dark time
We're still asking
Just in time
UNRWA just cannot get it right
Job for the boy?
Great minds
A new member of our government
Personality politics
Surrender in the offing?
Moderation is not the way forward
The Saturday ""toy""
Nearing the end?
Back to two-party politics?
Is this for real?
Small things
The EU acts (not!)
Keep it simple stupid
That's democracy for you
Conceding defeat
It's voting time
This goes on and on
Free speech?
What was that about teddies?
The contradictions of Polish lustration
More waffle
Too little, too late
A lack of connections
The call of nationalism
The worse it gets…
The presidential veto
All's fair?
Recognising the challenge
Act of Union
A scream in broad daylight
View from the back
Ash trays away!
Quote of the day
No apologies
Turkey votes
Global warming denial
Last word?
The MoD strikes (not) again
Down but not out
We need Hyman Kaplan
Back in the self-referential bubble
Losing the war
European politicians v. Wolfowitz
Shush fund
Burying the dead
A game worth the playing
No wonder they don't want to talk about it
The Euroticket cometh
Another one down
The credibility of the BBC
The Saturday ""toy""
Cartoon physics revisited
A lost battle?
Calling all left-wing feminists
Interesting twist to the Wolfowitz saga
Air cover
This does not compute
Where in the world?
Three charged
A nation of wimps led by wimps
Another cost of EU membership
Counter-insurgency in the House
Mr Solana doesn't like fences
Motes and beams
Defence debate
It ain't all bad
How the media partnered with Hezbollah
The Fluffy Commissar mis-steps
We are not alone
Doing the unforgiveable: criticizing tranzi officials
Stupidity is infinite…
Herding cats
Truckers' lament
All at sea in Strasbourg
Then there were two
Which way will it go in Turkey?
Being a conservative
The space-fillers strike again
Inquiry details announced
Where sheep may safely graze
Many a slip
Funny money
Boris Yeltsin 1931 - 2007
People get paid for this?
Nelson would not be amused
News as it happens
St George's Day
A country divided?
Don't you love this global warming?
The economics of war
France votes
French turnout unusually high
Confusion reigns
A trip to Karachi
Creeping Metrication?
Hedging its bets
Wailing and gnashing of teeth
The Saturday ""toy""
They're serious
You have to laugh
Read and groan inwardly
Iranian students protest
Dog bites man
We need the freedom
Millions wasted on ""junk"" helicopters
Suing Yahoo
Xenophobia comes to town
It's all too complicated
Order! Order!
One must support the EU for moral reasons (not!)
The failure of a system
Another language
The nature of the problem
Under their noses
Just one little niggle…
A correction
Life still goes on
Another demonstration in Iraq
The Browne Statement
A world upside down
Journalism is as journalism does
Unfit for government
Can't wait to see this one
The limits of power
Return of the undead
How could they do otherwise?
The cult of personality
Some quiet pride
Gosh, some people have useful and interesting jobs
Fools rush in
National or European?
Glory on the cheap?
The faces of Britain
One would have expected a little better…
Now he's asking
A spot of blackmail
Good to know he is on the job
A very brave lady
A failed attempt
Did France betray its principles?
The Anglosphere helps out
Political acumen
Hate mail
Exposed and vulnerable
Two more join the sinking ship
The price we shall go on paying
The heroes of not long ago
A catastophic error?
Another one down…
""We apologize""
Sunday's quotation
A loathsome ploy
The political dimension
Life goes on
Heads must roll
Compare and contrast
Armchair generals
This whitewash won't wash
The rot starts at the top
Start of a cover-up?
No more goody two-shoes
The price we continue to pay
Is this the price?
Let me get this straight…
The Royal Navy has a lot to answer for
Not another common policy!
It's all the Americans' fault
You pays your money…
More sensitivity is required
Failures and complacency
An Easter present?
What sort of story do these tell?
How lucky we are
Flawed choices
Not the half of it
It can't get anything right…
The party's over
Is this quite the time?
Sigh, deep sigh
The mysteries grow
It is, probably, too late
Twenty-five years on
Convincing only himself
More detail emerges
It's taken them long enough
Not enough ""Europe""
The alternative week-end toy
A matter of respect
The Saturday ""toy""
""Appropriate measures""
Something of an irony
""One of the most democratically representative in the world""
News from Greece
They call it installation realignment
Holding to account
Still behaving like adolescents
Thanks for nothing
Turkish gambit
A proper inquiry
An interesting idea
Devolution in reverse
The Saturday ""toy""
Could we have better targeting?
The Friday ""toy""
More news from the tranzis
UKIP fine shock
A matter of perspective
Feeding the crocodile
Police raid EU offices
Should we be impressed by this?
He's probably right
Sloppy reporting
Pyjamas Media
Can't help sympathizing
Rules of engagement
Oh dear!
The pretence blown apart
Different attitudes
A foundation of lies
You can rely on the Pope
What's it to be?
Definitely not ""us""
A sense of déjà vu?
The sucess of the EU
Fifty years of surrender
The Berlin Declaration
We already had one of those
Pervasive it is…
Democracy ... but not for us
German judge does not come through
Ourselves alone
Getting it wrong
That didn't take long
A lost cause
French judge comes through
Here we go again
Some you lose and some you lose
A very worrying development
After Airbus, Galileo
The mystery deepens
Back from the brink… sort of
Competing to recognize terrorists
The power of lists
Cheap and cheerful
The winds of change
The (Tory) retreat continues
Overwhelmed to impotency
Those Iraqi figures
A lukewarm response
The battle continues
Madness or higher dialectics?
News from Sweden
The biter bit
Another eurosceptic campaign
Contempt of Parliament
Lustration in Poland, riots in Hungary
Serial dishonesty
Bureaucrats kill
Why should universities live off the taxpayer?
Are they fools or knaves?
The full facts have not come to light
The Airbus of space
Funding of parties
The price of betrayal
As I left it…
Well, of course, it is Bush's fault
Controlling the debate
The propaganda machines
Sentence upheld!
Another suprise (not!)
Slovenia rules OK!
Well, goody for them
More on that Global Warming story
How true...
Out of this world
Light bulbs and Eco-Fascism
Reporting from the West Bank
Politicians trailing
Worthy only of contempt
This will hack off the Huns
Working from home
He is really going
Two minds…
Plane stupid
London calling
An unhealthy lack of information
The Saturday ""toy""
The curse of the Eurobulb
So, is it coming in by the backdoor?
An excuse not needed
As long as they pay for it
A statement of ...
Happy New Year!
Not impressed
Food security – the coming crisis
A lot more is needed
Shum mishtake?
Something missing?
Double fudge
An alternative to committing suicide
Reckless democracy
Wham! Kerpow!
An attack against democracy
A profound and dangerous development
An exercise in hypocrisy
Who should be Person of the Year?
A year of achievement
The achievements of the European Union

Bah! Humbug!
Melly Clistmas
Another year, another pay demand by MPs
Global warming anyone?
Curiouser and curiouser
A cautionary tale
A tale of two worlds
Assisted suicide
We are owed an explanation
News from France
Poles apart
Robbing the present
Is there a lesson to be learnt there?
It ain't over yet
What the papers say
May they enjoy it while it lasts
How will you do that?
The scale of the problem
A fabric of lies...
Who is to lead?
Value for money
The bigger picture
A self-indulgent posting
I know this is a far-off country but still ....
It's The Sun wot's doing it!
What a coincidence
One size fits all
Where have we heard this before?
That's more like it!
The Sunday ""toy""
You can beat a Pinzgauer
Riots in Denmark
Hooray for Hollywood!
A certain lack of humility
The Saturday ""toy""
How dare they kick our boots with the seat of their pants?
Dog bites man…
The great guru writes…
It's a tax!
The Tories at work
French is the one
Self deception
Collective realization
Carbon credits - the new indulgences
Israel's temporary Arab president
One dead fox
A matter for contempt
You read it here first!
Airboom or bust?
Banged to rights
Wrongs and rights
UNder age
The real rapid reaction force
About as useful as anything else
Then there were nine...
Layered defences
The tide retreats
Action this day
Shock horror! (Not!)
Is this the Third Man?
You mean other countries ignore the ICC?
The way our government works
History in the making
The black hole at the heart of our defence policy
Return to Eurohistory
A matter of urgency
Authors of their own misfortunes
The difference is taxing
Did the Left lose its way?
All I want for Christmas ...
Delusional, or what?
Those generals and their ""toys""
Un-wise affairs
Arrogance or national interest?
The carnage continues
Missing the story
Hillary for president?
Misplaced priorities
Facts are optional
Cash for Kim
Now will they do something?
One to watch
Of course, we are in favour of democracy ...
Repellent, crass and trivial
Unnecessary risks
Chancellor Merkel speaks (again)
First one
Halutz goes
A tragic anniversary
C'est magnifique…
Never fails to impress
A sign of incompetence
War is too important to be left to the generals
Do we take that as a ""no""?
The Thursday ""toy""
Neither one thing nor another
Some encouraging thoughts
""Europe"" takes second place
Nine whole months?
An important turning point
Blair's Iraq statement
The alternative Wednesday toy
Stupid, stupid, stupid…
We the undersigned…
Blair ""to confirm Iraq timetable""
Meet the Flintstones
The perfect definition
The Tuesday ""toy""
Who cares?
Mugabe's achievements may be recognized
Some (relatively) amusing information
Losing ground fast
What is to be done?
Not particularly civil and not much of a service
A seriously unimportant story
Action and dereliction
A great service
Idle talk
How the mighty have fallen
The mummification of politics
I'm a Tory… discuss
And so to Gerald...
Battle of the giants
One small cheer
Geoffrey Van Orden
A fatal arrogance
On the ball?
Every little bit helps
Two more die
An autistic response
The shadow minister responds
Engrenage in action
More than private grief
Special delivery
The NFU in its usual form
Filling the vacuum
Terror warmers
How is the new boy doing?
Could the Iraqi MOI be winding up AP?
It never rains but it pours
Mote and beam
Both can't be wrong
A done deal?
Tax banditry?
Keeping up with the AP story
The ""spin"" machine
Well, it's only money
Liam Fox pontificates
Another own goal
Intruding on private grief
Neither here nor there
They have finally done it
Before and after
Something to be pleased about
More like an essential
I wish...
Our caring, sharing MoD
Pass the smelling salts
The ""inner tosser"" rides again
Independence Brown
It's a crock…
There is always a silver lining
The strange case of the ""red priest""
Doing a Harding!
Not on the agenda
It's a complicated life
Doomed, I tell you, doomed
Daily irritations
Not good enough
We have a problem
Small blackmail - not many interested
Predictable or what?
Grown-up politics
Know how he feels
Something you never thought you would see
A single European wife beater?
Piddling while Rovers burn
When parents are brainwashed
The girlie boys
I suppose this makes sense to someone
The fifth currency in sixty years
Cautiously optimistic?
Oh no, not food labelling again
""The international community must do something""
This blog can reveal...
Now there's a surprise
What kind of EU are we going to have?
The myth and the reality
Where did you get that hat?
Post-modernist politics
No apologies
Airy promises
No land, no hope, no glory

New Year resolutions
The Pink Arrows
A totally boring piece
They can stick their blue flags ....
A question of values
The Monday ""toy""
You speak not for us
A clash of cultures
One down...
And again…
They have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing
Again… and again
Education, education, education
A bunch of festering amateurs
Surrendering we will go
Gerald Ford - longest living American President
What does it matter?
Panting in the rear
The year of the blog
Looking for Gordon
God rest ye merry, gentlemen...
Merry Christmas
Sir bono?
State secrets?
""We should not fool ourselves""
Me like...
Wind towers
One step closer
The fog of war
Nothing to worry about chaps...
Questions to ask
They get paid for this? (2)
No hope, no hope at all
A word from our sponsors
Top of the wars
Should we tell lies?
Smoke, baby, smoke!
I could not resist this
Danger alert
Pass the sickbag
Here we go again
End game
All I want for Christmas...
Royal's international credentials already tarnished
The destructiveness of aid
They get paid for this?
We did win!
A single European lame duck?
A tale of two planets
When are they going to start doing their jobs?
A useful quote (not!)
Worse than bread riots
An institution in decay
Sending messages
Buy a Blair
Sour grapes
Verdict on SecGen Annan
More turbulence on the Eastern Front
Obsessive navel gazing
Told you so
Yah-boo, say the Swiss
Government prevaricates
The best speech that was never made
It was bound to happen
And your point is?
Not us, Guv!
Stupidity has prevailed
Another day...
The real Sunday ""toy""
Move on… nothing to see here!
A very poor job
A doomed currency?
A few spots of bother
Let us recall ""Captain"" Jamil Hussein
They dun it – sort of
""Monetary masochism""
The courage of Iranian students
Four reasons why…
Not exactly helpful
Can't keep a bad man down
Go, go, score that goal for Europe
Return of the prodigal
The Enron Airliner
That strange disconnected feeling
Riding for the fall
Told you so!
One for Timmy
Lost for words…
The price of a soldier
The alternative week-end toy
A failure of opposition
Going backwards
A whiff of panic
On such a slender thread
Picking at a sore
Losing the plot
Where were you?
Sounds familiar?
Gee thanks
Heh, toys and smoke
Not impressed
Mixed news from Yemen
Who cares?
An important event
Two soldiers lightly hurt
Working in wondrous ways
I shall miss this guy
What's in a word?
Open Letter to our so-called legislators
How bad is this really?
Smoke signals
Comitology for beginners
Yesterday's battles
The curse of Trident
Time to call a halt
Read this and wonder
Plenty of questions
The Great Deception continues
Booker column censored
The Egyptian paradox
Sauce for the goose
The new Byzantium?
Oldish news but ....
Yet more irony
So where was the story?
The wonder of polls
Irony compounded by irony
While we were away…
Shoddy pieces of work
A question of sources
The curse of the Eurofighter
Do we want politicians of principle?
And a very happy birthday to you, too
Not made up their minds yet
The retreat from politics – Part III
A brave face
Taking the Michael
The retreat from politics - Part II
Not impressed
Another costly and wasteful exercise?
Admission of failure
Unrest in Teheran
Lord Pearson's Bill
Pot, meet kettle
The ""happy snaps"" war
The retreat from politics
Hung out to dry
Against the law for MPs to save lives
Taliban preparing new tactics
The window is closing
Muppets' half hour
Another coalition in the making
Time to overcome outdated guilt
The Saturday ""toy""
Why should we care?
A reminder
Grannies for Gaza
UNIFIL ""shows its teeth""
Dereliction of duty?
It's the way they tell 'em
They come and they go
So much waste paper
No cheap booze online
It can be revealed…
The pictures are telling the story
Moving to the end game
Nothing had prepared me for this…
Riga mortis
We are not alone
Disaster tourism
More about la Ségo
Just in
You can't beat something with nothing
Praise indeed
The other 2008 presidential election
Same old, same old ...
Repeat after me: I am Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition
Somewhat limited visions
Womens' issues
Apparently not
Muddled thinking
A different perspective
Do we have an opposition?
For the record
Have they missed anything?
They're waking up
Another day, another international proposal
They can't cope with freedom
French socialists pick candidate
I cannot resist this
Serious Shi'ite
Tarred with the same brush?
A picture that cost £765 million
Turkey's first quid pro quo
Except for the recriminations
Another one gone
Turning into Belgium
Let's do it!
Love it!
When the fishing has to stop
When the music has to stop
The new Euroscepticism
Be afraid, be very afraid
I guess this explains it
A freakin water-taxi!
Squandered lives 2
I expect his family will be pleased
Any ideas on how to go about this?
Not a pretty sight
Leaving, on a jet plane…
How we see it
Sovereignty up in smoke
Justice is as justice does
The Beeb strikes again
Grannies or garbage?
The haemorrhage continues
Uncharted waters
We do not forget
What is it we are fighting for?
The alternative Friday toy
The wonders of Europhilia
The Friday ""toy""
Yet another war?
A toy to end all toys
A temporary expedient
Those dark days may be back again
A serious alternative Thursday toy
A window on the world
William Tell rides again
Parochial or what?
European politics just got more interesting
We really are not that stupid…
The real Wednesday toy
The alternative Wednesday toy
Privatization Polish style
A small boring detail
""Lift high the flag of Ghana""
A cause for shame?
The Tuesday ""toy""
Ségo’s pact with France
Oh dear, not again!
Not guilty!
Apparently the American system is not dying after all
The amateurs at the Beeb
What a buffoon
And still the MSM sleeps
We are all going to die
And the message is?
We are not being told the half of it
How could any of them be wrong?
A wrong 'un from the start
President Kaczynski goes to London
We could have told them that…
Mine your own business
Will this help the Republicans?
The Beeb does it again
Here we go again
What Mr Prodi needs
That ""wow!"" factor
A paradox
And so it begins...
Early warning?
Final words on the Budapest riots
Tipping points
Another courageous journalist
Out in the open
One to die for
The Al-Dura case revisited
Make Europe your revenge
Well, what do you know?
A Single European blackout
Hang 'em all
Santa's giant dustbin
Cost-effective defence
Hot air everywhere
Missing the bigger picture
What will we have gained?
Sparing his blushes?
I really must stop doing this…
Never pick a fight with a sweep
Toys ?n't Us
Cock-up or conspiracy?
It ain't overfishing
Do they know something the British population does not?
Euro impossible…
Impotence revealed
All we hear is silence
It died of boredom
Do they know something?
Hearts and minds?
God is on our side!
It's The Sun wot fluffs it
Germany to dump EU constitution?
An exercise in self-indulgence
No, this was not a revolution, not even an uprising
Serial incompetence
The ultimate oxymoron
Taurus excretus
For the times they are a-changin' - 2
Courageous film-makers
Run away... run away!
So what do we do?
My little Pinzy
Give war a chance...
The Monday ""toy""
Trampled by the bunny-huggers?
When France lost the propaganda war
For the times they are a-changin'
Totally out of their depth
What is important?
Denmark fights on and wins
Rum story from Spain
""The poor of the rich countries subsidizing the rich of the poor countries""
Do we really look that stupid?
Suffer ye children
Lightning II strikes
Time to press the panic button?
Those murderous French
Claudia Rosett says it as it is
EU accounts qualified
An odd sense of values
Wake up and smell the coffee
""Never glad confident morning again""
Bevan summed it up
A sky black with chickens...
The end of the beginning
Where Britannia?
Not quite Gleiwitz
More equals less?
In the grip of its metric obsession
The eyes have it
We are sooooo lucky
Win some, lose some
Running back?
They can't help it
Blood on their hands
Passing of a great man
Another century, another trial
Another one…
A great idea
Much ado about nothing
They haff vays of bringing you down
Can we leave yet?
Pity the poor readers
The great disconnect
What's Polish for mulberry bush?
Opportunity cost
This is the future…
There is hope for us yet
They don't want to know
Cease-fire is as cease-fire does
Speaking out
Completely mad
Another patronising, holier-than-thou post
India to pull out of Galileo?
Winning the war
Before defeat becomes a rout
What is it going to take?
Nobel prizes, Turkey and France
Now pull the other one
After the hubris…
Opinion polls do not lie (yeah right!)
Get some professionals in
Historical date
They, too, should read EUReferendum
The march of the amateurs
The big lie or many small lies?
The most likely person wins
Getting there…
Entertainment from Norway
Back inside
The fame and the glory
Oh how sad
Crime and punishment
On hacking back the jungle
Vlaams Belang powers ahead
The EU is non-judgemental
Death of another courageous journalist
Another time waster
What, if anything, are you going to do?
A veil of tears
But what do they need?
Always there when you need them
Wrong call
Wouldn't it be nice ....
Choosing sides - 3
Lucky escape
The real rubbish
So what?
The heart bleeds
""Shambles"" is too mild a word
There's always somewhere else you can go
On the road to disaster
Not a pretty sight
Failures galore
I read it in the papers...
Another ""Snatch""
The minnows march
This truce is an accord
A ""little bit pregnant""
Needed: German national identity
They keep on making encouraging noises
The Thursday ""toy""
Second time around
Luftwaffe to the rescue - not
Good to hear sense from somebody
Interesting news from North Korea
We shall deal with it
A great lady
Why should it?
The chain saw massacres
How appropriate
On to the next one
It's that time of the year again
The real thing
Adding to the confusion
The great debate
Same old, same old ...
Thunderbirds are go!
There was something odd about it
Difficult to believe, but…
One small step for a Tory Party
I can't believe he actually said that…
One's heart bleeds for the Grauniad
Errm, why?
To celebrate or not to celebrate?
Talking rubbish
This democracy thingie
Too old to fight?
No shame, no honour
Elections inside and outside the EU
Will the European Parliament condemn this?
A fatal disconnect
Not fit for purpose
We can't all be wrong
The hidden arm of the law
Pseud's corner
What more can you say?
Trouble in Francophonie
The fate of the Union?
Give me money, that's what I want
Who says UNIFIL is doing nothing
Damned and double-damned
A love letter from the MSM
Choosing sides - 2
Blog with attitude
If you really want to know what is going on ....
Non-news about non-negotiations
Medals galore
A matter of perspective
An opportunity?
They are lining up
When is a riot not a riot?
The real business of politics - 2
The real business of politics
What's in a name?
The long farewell…
This is quite interesting
Disingenuous, or what?
Bloggers - which is it to be?
Why am I not surprised?
Irish academics really, really believe in academic freedom
EU in the frame
Invasion of the blogosphere
A ""European"" victory?
In their tender care - revisited
Ever popular
The erosion of freedoms
This does not look good
Is Osama Bin Laden dead?
Cloth for brains
A fight over principles in France
Smoke and fire
Peace keepers in southern Lebanon
The European Union shows its strength, as usual
Yet more parochialism
Well, there's a surprise
The sky is not falling in...
News from Iran
He doesn't use the internet
Will you pay our fines?
Which is which?
Getting above their station
Britons ever shall be slaves
When all we can do is bitch
Winds of change?
Outing the lobbyists
Choosing sides - 1
Is there a hidden message?
Under-rated blog of the week
Making you feel better
The real enemy
Why on earth should he resign?
This may cheer up a lot of our readers
A Eurosceptic paper?
More grand but futile statements
A great day...
Another own goal
None so blind…
National identity
Putting it all together
Is this an apology?
A dialogue of reason
Death of a courageous journalist
Why don't they just belt up?
Little things…
Well, they've buggered that one up
The words motes and beams spring to mind
Nothing seems to change
Even the bureaucrats are complaining…
A failure to communicate
Media tarts
Someone seems impressed by Western negotiations with Iran
European Union backtracks on promises
The king minnow
A little more attention would go a long way
The legacy of Mr Heseltine
Freedom of the media, Chinese style
Two million up
Snarl mode
Under-rated blog of the week
The challenge of reality
The struggle continues
A very slight inconsistency
A nation at war
Our own worst enemies
What is wrong with these gormless hacks?
What to do about Darfur?
We cannot afford to play fast and loose
More parochial stuff
Who holds the media to account?
Neither strength nor unity
Trouble on the eastern border
The wrong sort of government
OK, this is a little parochial
They are all going to New York
Just how valuable is public opinion?
When is it going to stop?
Dying of ignorance
What a good question
A reversal of roles
The stinger stung
PDF report available
Gone and largely forgotten
What a great idea
Why don't they just go away?
Criminal incompetence
They are getting there slowly
Sarkozy in the lead
No war crimes in Darfur
The tyranny of the officials
Late and badly…
Squandered lives
Our fundamentally unserious media
They catch up … eventually
Which bit of useless?
2011? Do I hear 2014?
The realities of power
Not on this planet
Press Complaints Commission
An international crisis
Love is blind
She doth protest too much, too late…
So it goes on…
Shifting populations - 2
Shifting populations - 1
Can't resist this
An industry in denial
A little known fact about Sir Alfred Sherman
The scum that they really are
Well, that just goes to show
Remembering Katrina
Drawing a line
Wishful thinking
This has to be copied out
That's where our money goes
Was it the EU's fault?
Sheer sentimentality
The British are running
The game they are playing
Bloggers win and lose .... but mostly win
Can't let the Italians lead
It would be funny if...
You thought it was over?
Green Helmet update
The Irish Question reappears
The enemy between
Abbas hands over the money
Sadly, they have no shame
Just a reminder
They will come to Beirut (maybe)
A single picture...
Our hidden government
Madness abroad
At least somebody has noticed
Ignorance on parade
That's not a piranha
The alternative Tuesday toy
A damp squib?
The root of all evil?
The Monday ""toy""
Realism 2
By their friends shall you know them
Unfit for office
The Sunday ""toy""
The alternative week-end toy
A little bit of realism is needed
The Boy speaks
And the real Saturday ""toy""
The real big brother
Raising the game
Here comes the next truce
Ahmed Abu Laban dies
Wouldn't it be nice for this country to be first again in something
The alternative Friday toy
We already have joined
The public intellectual's travails
Death of a photographer who deserved the Pulitzer Prize
Conclusive evidence?
The wrong kind of war
Your bluff has been called
Faking it!
More on that international contingent
Getting there
What can you expect with those A-level results?
What will France do next?
This is getting ridiculous
Now we can all sleep soundly
Why the Left is worried
Speak loudly and carry a very small stick
I suppose he was on holiday
We've found it
The Corruption of the Media
Part 1 - Introduction
The Friday ""toy""
Part 2 - The ""set""
Part 3 - Act 1: The dead baby
Part 4 - Act 2: The Red Cross workers
Part 5 - Act 3: The camera runs - Scene 1
Part 6 - Act 3: The camera runs - Scene 2
Part 7 - Act 4: Caught in the act!
Part 8 - Discussion and conclusions
Appendix 1 - The ""Stretcher Alley"" mystery
Appendix 2 - The ""reburying"" controversy
Breaking news
Another great idea from the Finnish Presidency
What will they do if they return?
More news
Great news
The horrors of war
Keeping it in the family
A little photo-manipulation
More filth from AP
Who is to run our foreign policy?
A demonstration of commitment
Green Helmet exposed
It's all the same war!
The religion of peace
I'm no Hezbolla guy
Compare and contrast
All the world's a stage
Lights, Camera, Action!
UN diplomacy stalls (again)
The BBC speaks
Arabs On Line
Funny thing that…
Death is a commodity
Green Helmet goes under cover
What we are up against
Second one down
Are we in denial?
The lies they tell…
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Only after scrutiny…
""Don't preach to us""
The anti-NGO law begins to bite
From Walter Duranty to Green Helmet and beyond
A parallel universe
Another fan letter from the MSM
The Daily Hezbollagraph
Qana - the director's cut
Back to the real world
A seriously unimportant jokey posting
Alright, explain this one!
""Vital to telling the story""
Stretcher Alley
This should do it
What do the French want? To be in charge
State of play
Now I feel better
Game, set and match
Where is that European foreign policy?
We need to know the truth
The ""Green Helmet"" mystery continues
Back in Germany
Guess who has been nominated for the Peace Prize?
Who is this man?
Meanwhile in another part of the battlefront
Milking it?
In whose interest?
Looking the other way
Fred Karno's European Army
Conflicting signals
Did we miss something?
What would we do without the French
Blair's forgotten war (2)
Another great idea from the Fluffy Fragrant Commissar
The way forward
Blair's forgotten war
The power of the Union
Rethinking our role
They're not even in the game
Reaching the limits
Mystery solved
A culture of denial
One day they will get it right - part 2
It just got a bit more complicated
Ideas above his station
Put up or shut up
The Fluffy Fragrant Commissar
It's the Sun wot done it
The Suez crisis
You can always trust the BBC
I got it wrong
Corporate manslaughter
A shed load of money
What turned the tide?
It's a start...
Give us your money
The EU strikes again
No problem
How will they communicate?
The wrong kind of results
Those Rolls-Royce minds
And now... the European Army
Foreign policy? What foreign policy?
Not good news
Go, go, go
Do they think we are all that stupid?
That clod Hague
The Thursday ""toy""
One does wonder about the French
It always was going to be trouble
Wheel meet again
A debate in the House
Attack mode
A collective failure
Genocide one or genocide two?
They really don't get it
Cut-price Yanks
The Tuesday ""toy""
A matter of strategic importance
It's all Bush's fault … again
An inseparable part of European integration
A different kind of spin
Cash for Kim - the story continues
The wreck of the party
Hurrah - they're all at it
Of course, we believe in free speech but ...
Dyeing for Europe
Conservatives beware
Money down the drain
Realism from the Anglosphere
All in it together
Taxi! £250 a mile, guv!
The cupboard is bare
Blair the tranzi (as if we didn't know)
Utter contempt
Butter wars
Update on Polish politics
One day they will get it right
Oh p-leeze…
European foreign policy at work
A veil of secrecy
Another invisible contribution?
Little Red Riding Hood would not be amused
""Limousines"" but no armoured cars
The billion euro babel
Makes sense when you think about it
Another fine mess
This is what we are up against
How things change
The predictable EU
The advancing tide of disillusionment
Minced euromyth
""We are on our way to a European Army""
The curse of the Eurotunnel
What if it works?
Cameron reneges on the EPP
An explanation
Spontaneous celebrations
Politics Polish style
Plague… houses… both?
Send a gunboat
Nothing in the middle
Off the hook?
""The BBC's impartiality is utterly unfettered""
Let's see now
Don't do it again and you can keep your pension
Silence prevails
The Monday ""toy""
Is there a journalist in the house?
Shamil Basayev's death reported
An important point of principle
The fun continues
Target for tonight
This one will have legs
Compare and contrast
Corporate lies
The conspiracy continues
Spring is in the air
Where has he been all this time?
What are we paying this man for?
Berlin will have to decide
They'll never agree - part 2
Oil smuggling
I didn't know that
Through ""toys"" to the truth
Another fine mess…
President ""Potemkin"" Putin
They'll never agree
As good as it gets
News from the front
Officially dead
Stealing our identities
Independence Day
Feeding the European fantasy
The two faces of the European Union
The lies of Lord Drayson 2
No European feelings in the World Cup
Seen in Whitehall
The words glass houses and stones spring to mind
A nation without trust
Mandelson speaks
Of course we do care
The lies of Lord Drayson
March of the Minnows
The great debate
Diving for cover
Mean streets 2
Jam tomorrow...
""I know who my comrades are""
The mean streets of Basra
Energy wars
The wickedness of the Beeb
Wrong again
Dear Mr Blair, here is some advice
Well, gollygosh!
We've been there before
We are all free men (and women)
Coffins on wheels
Talking outside the box
Tip of the iceberg
The greatest enemy
Week-end reading material
The ministers must lie
What next for the Western alliance?
Democracy or stability?
Denial is not an option
EU wags a finger
Barbarossa Day
""Mobility and protection""
A significant action
Be nice to the French, Gordie
But we are not like those nasty Americans
Another ""surprise"" from the Court of Auditors
Canaries down the mine
On wings and a prayer
Defence – where the debate should lie
What kind of reform?
The wheels on the truck go round and round…
A not so new beginning
Let us not forget Slovakia
A model for all seasons
Directives Digest
Hard times ahead!
How Blair is killing our soldiers
It ain't Brussels, stoopid!
We are all very grateful…
Another opportunity to be ignored
Mr Incompetent
Prodi and democracy
The silence of the fat lady
Living on the edge
Will they, won't they?
A propos…
Well, I never!
The hangover comes tomorrow
Tail wagging the dog
The regular brushing of teeth
That Enron moment
A thoroughly dishonest little speech
Compost for brains
Lame duck ""superjumbo""
Dullest ever ""summit""
Forward the Anglosphere?
More on CafeBabel
First shot across the bows
Paying through the nose
Battle of the blogs
Another regulatory disaster
Questions, questions…
A completely different way of thinking
A cunning plan
The Sunday ""toy""
Danger, MSM at work!
Stealth politics
Cyprus - the minnow bites
Never trust a Tory
The Single European Sea
A certain lack of focus
More labels and more labels
Still navel gazing
Got the bastard!
Keep those migrants in their place
Flying false colours
Saddam ""the federator of Europe""
How can they be nasty about that nice Mr Annan?
We were misunderstood
Says it all
Hey! They’re only Africans
We shall overcome!
Mind how you go
The dog that didn't bark
Shape up or get out
Cooking the books
On the ball
More on the UKIP peers
Flawed priorities
An unimportant announcement
A mixed-up bunny
The Saturday ""toy""
Gone over to the enemy
Peter and the Bear
Political chaos Czech style
Logic, what logic?
Are there no depths…?
A prophet without honour
The jury is still out
Economical with the actualité?
This is truly embarrassing
Are we a nation of mummy's boys?
All so very plausible
Frog eats Frog
We don't want to be divisive
They really are getting desperate
What are we going to do about the BBC?
The CAP of the sky?
Whither manufacturing?
Stop stealing their fish
We can all save the climate
Wish I had been there
All we need are the white flags
How different from the political life we know
It's the sovereignty stoopid…
It may be pedantic, but…
We are the bosses now
Talking about them… talking about themselves
Here we go again
The enemy within
What a difference a year makes
The joys of VAT
Ever hopeful
Political schizophrenia?
More reflections
To our eternal shame
A temporary setback
Transparency no, invisibility yes
Negotiating with the Bear
The ultimate in fatuity?
Boring us all to death
The best laid schemes…
D for agoras
Between a rock and a hard place
A one-way street?
Going after the real enemy
Unintended consequences
Not big enough for both of them
The pace quickens
Baroness Nicholson is displeased
Credit where it is due
Another EU success
The engineer of human souls
Can he deliver?
A vote for serfdom?
The march of the EuroArmy
Nuclear fission
All that glitters is not gold
A reason to support the EU?
The EuroNavy cometh… slowly
You wonder what they use for brains
Week-end rumination
The £15 million heist
Of rumours dark and devious
Guns but no butter
Do as I say…
The UN hits out at the US
Detached from reality
In the ""difficult"" file
On a collision course
Flying into stormy weather
Wanted: set of British values
They can also see it
Fishing in muddy waters
We're shocked!
What does it take?
Getting the point
A matter of geography
Quelle surprise!
Cui bono?
The reluctant empire
Could we not all play that game?
Towards a European Health Service
Not long now
Why does he (try to) deceive us?
They get what they deserve
Tight security as Ken meets Hugo
Dereliction of duty
It's still there
I don't think so
The stench of hypocrisy
Have they thought this through?
Boy, when things go wrong ....
March of the jobsworths
The emasculation of common sense
Bi-regional strategic interests (whatever they may be)
Gesture politics
Conspiracy redoubled
One hell of a climbdown
You have to smile
How not to learn from elections
Spy in the (Euro) sky
Human rights are safe in their hands
A question of priorities
That famous European diplomacy
A citizen's agenda?
Whither regionalisation?
Grist to the mill
Europe Day
Another try-on?
Our favourite Latin American dictators
Is it any wonder?
One of our excuses is missing
Death of a sage
A conspiracy of silence
A personal tale
Oh, whoops!
Success with the Poles?
A hidden victory
A matter of nearly complete ignorance
Meanwhile back in the big bad world
Results and commentary
Pity the commission
A mother is allowed - just
A letter to the Finchley Conservative Party
Toothless tigers
A fundamental objective of the Union…
We support freedom and democracy, we do
Assault on batteries
Give me money...
Not of this world
In their tender care
This is entertainment?
Changing the brand
Are you thinking what we're thinking?
The Poles have a government (for the time being)
Fox's glacier hints
Accession plus two
A present for Mrs Prescott
You have to feel sorry for them
Why not money for peerages?
Noises off
You have been warned
Maybe they will listen to him
Abstinence is the only option
Now we are truly European
What did the European Parliament find?
The Indy shows its colours
Dead meat
He's totally bogus
Go to jail
How does he define good news?
A good day to bury bad news?
Well, they voted it through
Aren't we being a little bit precious?
Leaks and prizes
One shouldn't gloat, but…
Off limits
Yet another rip-off
True Finns
Here we go again
Role models
No thanks, Russia
The man makes no sense
A curious suggestion by the Danish Prime Minister
Going backwards
No wonder we are in such trouble
A Tory peer speaks
We are not alone
Passing off
Continuing with the theme
Sadly, they noticed
Two years old
A reality check
No direction but down
This must seem so familiar to the Russians
Off message?
Perfect timing
From the Conservative History blog
Back in the real world
How inconsiderate
If only Peugeot had been American
The Boy King does it again
Statists all hang together
When the lights go out
Surely we should be debating this?
Just in case something was done
Why does the BBC give this prominence?
Vote blue – go green
The groundhogs are gathering
The UN does it again
Couldn't have put it better ourselves
Opting out
Getting in a cat flap
The real civil war
Hostage to fortune
After Dave
I may be gone some time
Happy Easter, suckers!
Nobody listened to us
Hear, hear
What on earth is happening in West Africa?
An Easter Rebellion
The next Italian Justice Minister inherits a headache
They know not what they do
Another stitch-up in the making?
A climate of fear
Another loss of nerve
It is not a European problem
The brick that will not fly
Playing to the gallery?
Beginnings of the Union Flag
Killing with incompetence
The sin of national discrimination
Democracy denied
So ... errm .... freedom of speech is accepted after all
Faster, wider, deeper
Rum lot
Is there no limit to their messes?
Bye, Bye Silvio?
Brains turned to mush
The rioters have it
Sloppy journalism
Intellectual property
The only alternative is violence
The DIY Conservative Party
Happy birthday Isambard
I wonder why
Sir Roy Denman
So do the children play
In your face
My brain hurts
Another election
The UN again
A tough call
Spot the difference
A plague on your houses
Let us not forget
Bailing out?
A beautiful page?
Scum for our money
Do they have a conscience?
Yes, I mean no
A last hurrah?
This is what the hike in the London precept goes on
Before or after?
Not even elective
The wages of sin?
Is this UKIP's new press officer?
One small step for the EU…
Told you so
France negotiates on ""our"" behalf
The Marshall Plan
Chicken and egg
A wonderful quotation to start the day with
Blame where blame is due
Not to be outdone
A despatch from the bunker
Too much reality
Chirac backs de Villepin
The measure of the beast
Yet another fine mess
Why do we bother?
The website is theirs… and a lot more besides
Another fine mess…
I guess they don't read French
Completely off-topic
A fatal confusion
The end of independence
Outcome remains unclear
Turkey drifting away
JSF – ""no decisions have been taken""
A European conundrum
The Dafur nightmare continues
Unlucky for all
Some good news
Freedom has curious champions
Those pesky organs… again
The break-up of the Union
A political vacuum
Them Frogs ain't all bad
Don’t be nasty to Schröder
Well we are still here
A policy without substance
The problem remains
The EU remains strangely silent
Beyond parody
A message from Dr Imran Waheed
Important dates
What fun!
When is a rescue not a rescue?
Britain deserves better
Oh joy, oh joy! (Not)
The Law Lords do the right thing
Eurofederalism begins at home
It has gone
Summit blues
The Nescafe solution
Different reactions
Now we know what the UN thinks (as if we didn't before)
Our unaccountable masters
Chris Tame RIP
And he's got it wrong
They got it wrong
The UN feels left out
Obscurity compounded by confusion
A nation doomed
An accidental ban?
The students are revolting (again)
Busy as a bee
Blog standard
Mon Dieu, les Biftecks rule OK!
Lessons from the masters
You will go on holiday…
Good enough is good enough for the UN
Are we winning? Are we losing?
Once more, the Danes show the way
Another potpourris
An odd nation
Get on your (Euro) bike!
Last exit to Lisbon
Penguins for European integration
Biff, bam…!!
At last they can agree
Business as usual
Sinking fast
Blood on the floor
Sweetness and light (not)
Understating the problem
Trimming round the edges
Are they even on the same planet?
Do they need to be controlled?
And the spin goes on…
Meanwhile behind the scenes
A muddled picture
We cannot afford to be so generous
Tough choices… deferred
Europe isn't there
The drift continues
Whistling in the wind
Competition rules OK!
The dream fades
Anyone seen the elephant?
Not drowning, but drowning
A certain lack of credibility
Saving the world and other tales
Après moi la deluge?
The Boy King speaks on Europe
A certain lack of resolve
A position of weakness
All change at the Telegraph
What price human rights?
Business German-style
So, does it matter?
The equality of wimmin
East, west, home's best
Another anniversary
The perils of spin
The way we were
Stresses and strains
You shall not die!
The European Dating Agency
To the barricades
They do keep trying
Freedom of speech - 2
The trouble with Eurosceptics
Another failed project
I could care less
Bukovsky ought to know better
Trust the BBC
That elephant in the room, again…
More on the Democratic Muslims in the West
Demonstrations you may have missed
The curse of the ""occupied field""
Compare and contrast
You know something is a bad idea when ...
JSF in Parliament
Nice one Roger
It's war!
Just as you thought it could not get any more ridiculous
A picture of England
Stand by for more alienation
An exercise in futility?
Freedom of speech - 1
A man we could do without
I knew it… I just knew it!
...while Rome burns
The fifty-year old speech
You're too kind Neelie
This is news?
Barking mad?
One day we shall reform it
Where did we go wrong?
It ain't all schools 'n' hospitals
Metric kills
Frattini has a way with words
Harris on Cameron
A spy in the camp
The ultimate indignity
Festung Europa
Another day, another failure…
In perspective…
A MARS away…
An erosion of consent
For our next trick…
The EU weighs in
UKIP gets good publicity
We don't do action
Les saboteurs
Will the EU listen?
Which way is forward?
The depths of ignorance
Well, now that you mention it, he has no shame
Speaking of contempt...
Totally out of touch
Brotherly love
Not quite the tsunami ....
Decline and fall
Why do we appease these people?
Pork barrelling
A tale of two parties
Another transnational initiative runs into trouble
Rot in peace
Building bridges
Well said!
A world gone mad?
New Abu Ghraib shock
Low-life scum
Too little, too late
Chose your demonstration
Two wheels on my wagon
Repent at leisure
Freedom go to hell!
The Muslims we betray through appeasement
A community of victims
…and another one
They’ve given them back…
France and human rights
MPs bottle out
Whom does London House represent in Brussels?
Launch another strategy
I thought I was joking
French to the rescue
Wine, women and summits…
Some of our Army is missing
Phew, the crisis is over!
What's yours is mine…
Capitalism be praised
Time to move on?
Lighten up
Did we ever think we'd see this in Britain?
We interrupt this broadcast ....
Without comment
The curse of the tranzis
New cartoons inflame community
Soft power turns to jelly
Egypt did it first
Consigned to the margins
The Harrison Ford solution
Calling all bloggers
Impartial service to the law
Make love not war!
Losing it...
Not Thinking but Drowning
A fundamental loss of faith
The truth is stranger than fiction… sometimes
The sheep may safely graze
About bloody time!
Lebanon breaks ranks
A politically motivated crisis
Arab political ""humour"" knows no bounds
The EU whimps out
Who else is involved?
A defining moment
An interesting development
And now for something completely different
A loss of moral equilibrium
Two interesting links
A Sunday stroll and a Bar-B-Q
Lest we forget
Is the worm going to turn?
Let's be fair to the State Department
Could he be a secret free-trader?
The truth revealed
The peace-lovers gather
Free speech for all
And why weren't they arrested?
Danes bring home the bacon (again)
Muslim outrage gathers pace
March of the morons
Intellectual debate?
Cartoon wars
There is another way
Victory in Europe
A retreat from defence
State of the Union
Mutatis mutandis
A cause for celebration
A dangerous place
The sound of Salzburg
The problem starts at home
What kind of European Union?
Riding two horses
What's in a word?
Fact checkers?
A long time coming
In for the long haul
Another one down
They are going to meet
This stupid nation
The church militant
It has begun
Has Europe lost its soul?
Losing the plot
A deadly combination
Shock wave or, maybe, not
Eat your hearts out boys!
Until proven otherwise…
Lib-Dims shock
Poland still refusing to shut up
Filling his satchel
Will the real Barroso please stand up (reprise)
Czechs bouncing back and forth
Does she ever stay at home?
They should have expected this
Even the groundhogs are revolting
Not so brave after all
Conservatives win election – shock!
News Values
UK to dump Joint Strike Fighter
Droit de suite at the House of Lords
And the ""colleagues"" plot and scheme
News from the Front
Our kind and munificent leaders
The Boy-King comes out fighting (sort of)
Scotland the brave!
Is there any limit to their fantasies?
Separation of powers
Ah ça ira, ça ira, ça ira ….
A bizarre tale
Galloway's troubles grow
A blogger's lament
Delusions of grandeur
A matter of spin
I’m well and truly Googled!!
Think of an advertising slogan
Money talking
All change at the State Department
The limits of the media
Beware of Greeks…
Chirac threatens nuclear strikes
France calls for sanctions
And now we get the bad news
Gee, they noticed (but what did they notice?)
Of friends and enemies
The limits of centralisation
No thanks to the EU
So the charade continues
Mediaeval kingship revived
Right idea… wrong reason
The limits of integration
An international community
A picture cannot lie?
The other economic victim of Russia
Isn't democracy wonderful?
A very fishy smell
The limits of Euroscepticism
Losing and winning
Curioser and curioser
Another unholy mess
The wanderer returns
No longer a myth
Are we talking about the same man?
This is what the ""colleagues"" think is important
The march of the clogs
Little Europeans
Russia is the key
Head in the sand
Troubles enough
Letter from America No. 3
Told you so…
They just don't go away
The shapes of war
Could you make it up?
A certain disparity in treatment
A matter of inevitability
Hidden Europe
A glimmer of intelligence
The death of ideas
Death of a conspiracy?
I'm impressed
Fiddling while Rome burns
This is where our money goes
Looking after number one
It's Chicken Little time
EUFOR in action
This is what it has come to…
French to join carrier programme?
Letter from America No. 2
Dead man walking
An unsung anniversary
Who said we lose influence out on our own?
Down in the garbage
The sound of Europe
A period of silence
Credit where it is due
""Green"" energy in practice
The cost of an obsession
Letter from America No 1
Not another Boy King posting…
Another beneficial crisis
Cut-price terrorists defeating EU controls
A silly idea
How high?
Some conversation
Squeaks of protest
You can't fault the logic
Barroso is king
Poor old Österreich
Electronic tagging
Just when you think it couldn't get any worse…
A Happy New Year from him
Happy New Year from her
Great fleas and lesser fleas
The two cultures
Russia and Ukraine stare each other down
Euro siege
""Run away, run away""
Thieves falling out?
Good news on the blogosphere
I suppose it is important
We are so cultured
The Osthoff saga goes on and on
The strange death of politics
Immigration - the last straw?
Schoolboys should be seen and not heard
What is she on?
Just precisely what has Mr Cameron been doing in the last year?
And so we are ill-informed
Fight to the Finnish?
Well that is that
Russia lurches on
The teflon country
Do as I say, not what I do
Russians upstage Galileo
Perhaps she has been reading the blog
Have you voted yet?
A year after…
The Beeb gets it right?
Merry Christmas
Christmas greetings
UN budget agreed on (sort of)
Peace on earth…
Bad news comes at Christmas
Will there be a ""French CNN""?
What's yours is mine…
The regulatory mindset
Don't mess with Arnie
A lucky chancellor
An interesting detail
Congratulations Mr President
When the deal was done
Something else on droit de suite
They mean to do it
Déjà vu?
A poison chalice
Winning the argument?
Lisbon strikes again (not)
It's our old friend the droit de suite
German deals
Proverbs 26:11
After the storm
Normal service to be resumed
And now for the pay-off
The Beano's legal standing
A fishy tale
Handing over the cash
They've noticed
Talk about trivia
What is it with this obsession with trivia?
(Euro) Santa is going to be late
Public angst
Gee thanks, SecGen
Charity begins at home
And the beat goes on…
Why is this man smiling?
The end of the line
All eyes on Iraq
More on that budget
On losing a prime minister
Just the thing for Tony
Give them the tools
Let battle begin
In the national interest?
A study in ignorance
The guy needs a job, OK?
I don't believe this… and neither should you
Good news from the Met
""Simply not enough""
We have a credibility problem
Could have been worse
Hmm, things can't be that bad
A fruit and nut case
Will you put up with this?
Revolving doors
Meaningful and positive results
Serious money
The distinct odour of rodent
Well, that buggers Kyoto
Let's end the misery
Hypocrisy unlimited
And who's telling porkies?
The way we are
Hey! That's our job…
The Boy-King's court
The last nail…
The £4 million gamble
Unremitting gloom
The boy-king of the Conservative Party
Chipping away at the edges
A most determined case of economic suicide
The death of a policy
Maybe this time they'll be lucky
The coalition of the emitting
The pork barrel rolls
The European history of Europe
The man from Brussels… he say no
Lost in space
A straw in the wind?
The wages of sin
Regime change
The wrong kind of corruption
Is this the new Holy Roman Empire?
Amateurs of the press
A high-stakes poker game?
Decline and fall
Chinese walls
And so to that budget…
What a … (Please fill in the blank)
Not the EU budget…
Laid end to end…
Tomorrow never comes
I can't stand it…
EU Prerogative
Ersatzs indignation
He who casts the first stone…
That nebulous UN reform
As clear as mud
Oh I can't resist this
The EU paradox
Getting round the Karlsruhe Court
A really serious matter
Zapatero is bored
A job for the Euro-Army
What does it take?
So farewell, then Bob Kiley
Iranian bloggers become news
Voluntary integration
Stacking up the air miles
Another reason for not surrendering the internet
Turkey in two minds
The government gets away with it
A price too high
As advertised by Booker
Buried in trivia
The march of integration
Failure equals success
Even more unaccountable masters
Our unaccountable masters: No 2
The mystery deepens
Enjoy the moment
She is there at last
Nom d'un nom d'un nom
A grave and important development
Malta joins another club
The battle continues
In case you were wondering
Our unaccountable masters
European values
They are the masters now
Half a million up…
A matter of little importance?
Fax diplomacy
A narrative for the future
Tackling the mindset
Slaughter of the innocents
The first confession
Tilting the balance
Meanwhile in Tunisia
Your freedom in their hands
Well, well, well…
Freedom of the net is safe - for the time being
Where does our legislation originate?
Less on the blog today
Mistaken identity
Condi has sleepless nights
The EU's spies in the sky
Be careful what you wish for
More bilateral problems?
French leave
The invisible hand…
Taking the city by storm
Where there's EU, there's brass…
The dog barks
Pass the ammunition, s'il vous plait
Those familiar concepts
Useful narratives
Riding two horses
A loss of enthusiasm
They just don't give up
Over before it began
The European model
Remembrance Day
Then there were three
Who forged them and why?
Doha… ha, ha, ha…
Clear blue water
An open letter to President Bush
Where did all those jobs go?
Meanwhile, back in Germany
What a wonderful thought
At last!
Tug of war
A gloomy analysis
I don't love Europe
Looking at France
Intelligent and elegant?
EU popularity nose-dives
Sources of radicalism
Waiting for Godot
Things are stirring across the Continent
A personal note
The two Davids
Ostalgie ain't quite what it is painted
And now for something completely different
Ah, come on…
Czechs in the balance
Merkel's woes
A suspension of interest
Read it and weep
Ethics á la française
Grand coalition or new elections?
Is our government completely mad?
This mad, destructive organisation
French politicians corrupt shock
The law of unintended consequences
We are truly amazed
Something has to give
Legal principles (or something)
A phantom army
Neat reply
Will the French and the Germans go for a harmonized tax base?
Some people do still care
More on Iran and Europe
Talk Sport
The ""beautiful game"" costs money
What to do?
It's up to the national economies…
So, why does Norway stay out?
The president whose name we dare not utter
Letter G in that report
Names will be named
Multiplying the rubbish
I see no ships
Different developments
Transparent it ain't
Holy cow!
Are we still interested in the defence of our country?
An international incident
Nobody seems to have noticed
Dangerous and irresponsible
One can't help chuckling
Feta complis
Going down…
Standing over the gap
French education
Confusion compounded by confusion
The twin has it
Oxygen thief
It never rains but it pours
He's singing our tune
How very appropriate
French punishment
Us and them
Beyond carelessness
A long time dying
Not very Nice
UNESCO tries to control flow of ideas
Reinventing the wheel
Running out of steam
Wheels within wheels…
""Jeszcze Polska nie zginela""
France's little Iraq
UNICEF replies (sort of)
Who are these men?
Volcker astonishes
The world is a safer place
It's an ill wind…
Half-wits of the world unite…
Clarke is out
Collateral damage
Conjecture upon conjecture…
Now we know
A drama so bizarre…
Real democracy
In praise of negativity
A policy-free zone
Voices of freedom
Hold the front page?
Boys' Own
Cameron responds to drugs slur
Old Europe strikes again
A regulation for the Guy?
Location, location, location
F for Fluffy Bunny
Our defence in their hands
Oh this is such fun
A succession of failures
An interesting question
Europe is costing us a bomb
Simply absurd
The net is widening
An expensive bunch of amateurs
Missing the point
Those loathsome French
Who is going to be isolated?
Three-dimensional chess
Get stuffed
Make-work for bureaucrats
Yet more Polish elections
A German puzzle
Cry freedom…
The brave new world
Raising the political game
Time to call it a day?
Tranzis and world government - a comic tale
The state we're in
What's behind the theatre?
Sucking up to dictators
Well, they didn't listen to us
The Fragrant Commissar is being ""mild and rational""
Join the dots
A statement of the bleeding obvious
The embarrassment is theirs
Prisoners' voting rights
Unhappy Frogs
Mouth but no money
Watch on the Right
Through a glass darkly
Together we will… fudge
Stop Clarke
Nothing but the truth
""We should shoot EU regulators…""
It bombed!
The yo-yo chairman
Are you sure you really want to join?
Making a stand
Rank amateurism
In the gutter
Whaddaya mean ""if"", paleface?
I want to live there
Will they, won't they?
From the sublime…
Cold Turkey
Something interesting in today's newspapers
Another part…
Part of the problem
Don't bother
Our esteemed and trusted allies
A further element of flux
A chance to win
This should be fun
They are beginning to notice
She is finally engaging in the fight
Counting their own teeth
Net wars
We are not the only ones
Nice one
A white elephant in the making
Foxing the opposition
A dreadful malaise
French commandos go in
A bonfire of frogs' legs
Wait a minute, she has said this before
Running on empty
God save the royal person
Lies, damn lies and…
Belgium yaps at France
Personality or principle?
Tainted by corruption?
It never rains but it pours
Tanks for the memory
The Polish prime minister
What's his game?
A question of money
Polish poll update
Blair's contribution to history
Ending the rule of law?
The next member of our government?
A small but important gesture
It's time to get nasty
One rule for them…
Spain hits back
Basket case
Matters of no importance to the British media
Taking the 'special' out of the US-UK relationship
A mystery man in the race?
Giving up on Kyoto
Humiliation compounded
A parallel universe
A German veto
In vino veritas
A period of reflection?
The sell-out continues
Of meps, mups and mps
A step too far?
C’est trés curieux
Paralysis in Berlin
Blair burns the Beeb
Schröder on the way out?
Journalists look at themselves
A collective fantasy
They've noticed
Full circle
Fighting for democracy
Normal service resumes
Cameron speaks
A Trojan horse
Encouraging terrorism
Heat and no light
Brothers under the skin
Ceci n'est pas une pipe
An interesting quote
You can't be serious!
The conference season is upon us
Mote and beam
The measure of the beast
Him again
Changed for the worse
He is part of the problem not part of the solution
A memorial
As chosen by Eurocorps
Rewriting history
Good news
The sleep of the damned
The BBC begins to lose its shine
A confusion of summits
Trying out the merchandise?
Those workers are sooooooooooo stupid
Oil-for-food - what is it about?
Who governs Britain
Denied justice
Drinks all round, chaps
And he's off!
And your point is?
Flooded farmers call for EU aid
What will it take?
Power before ideology
Bouncing the member states?
Straw refused aid to Katrina victims
Will Russia start reconstructing borders?
Accountancy begins at home
So that's all right then
Summit blues
Christmas time for China
The realignment continues
Vive la liberté?
Germany calling
The new face of Conservatism
Short-changing the Army
Not a pretty sight
Get over it
Solana is back from his holidays
The EU is too busy creating disasters to help relieve them
Why the levees broke
More news from the fount of moral superiority
Chirac in hospital
Which one would you prefer?
Mandy in trouble
Off-topic but somehow relevant
Gays beware
Rats to join sinking ship
There must be a better way
And I though I was joking
Not fit to run a whelk stall
The fragrant Commissioner is back
Solidarity with the people of New Orleans
There's a surprise
Clarke – an unmitigated disaster
Katrina update
Double standards
It's closer than you think
Turning in his grave
It is all our fault
Some news from the Anglosphere
Telling it like it is
What's in a name?
Well, the Czechs can see it
The end of civilisation
Oh for a grown-up newspaper
The sinking Beeb
The Gaitskell Prize
Dialogue of the deaf
Democracy is not a spectator sport
Bring it on
The trouble in the east continues
Kicking and screaming
Getting rattled
Now we know what aid workers are for
An idea whose time must come
Flogging a dead horse
A crucial litmus test
Somewhat perverse
Welcome to reality
Peace in our time (not!)
Europe accused…
A Defence Policy for Great Britain
Does he know what he is doing?
A sledgehammer to miss the nut
Critical infrastructure
He isn't even a Conservative
Out of control
EU to the rescue?
Conflicting signals
The power of the net
The lawyers' delight
""Secretive and sloppy""
A leopard doesn't change its spots
So, will they have an election?
Another nail in the coffin
How about the truck drivers?
Spud bashing
What will it take...?
Nobody benefits
Too many eyes in Gaza
Lying for Tony
The million pound bomb
A disaster waiting to happen
Dutch Agriculture Minister subsidized
Big girls' blouses
As others die
Merkel's team
Defence policy: what a difference the years make
I know it's serious...
A minimum of formalities?
The tragedy of the Type 45
No tears for the CBI
Slipping away
Much pain and little gain
Mad officials – Irish style
Dying for the tranzis
How Americans see it
Spectacularly wrong
United in greed
Dying for Europe
They never give up
What is Malcolm Rifkind for?
Lest we forget
The final surrender
Let sleeping monkeys lie
Chancellor Schröder tries a repeat performance
Crisis in Germany
What is the Conservative Party for?
Absorptive capacity
More trouble in the east
We are not alone
I said it once, I said it twice ...
The cost of Blair's vanity
Insane or what?
They can't even give it away
Beyond belief
Defence integration – the next steps
Immunities being waived
A major diplomatic defeat
Closing down
Where's the beef?
Are we becoming a little too ""European"" in our outlook?
When the lights go out…
A great example of true international co-operation
Sacré bleu! Et nos vacances?
Why the dog didn't bark
End of the bonanza
The smoking gun
Looking the other way
For the love of Europe
Unquiet in the east
Remember that er… referendum thingy?
Meanwhile, back in Turtle Bay
Good news
Policy interactions
Thanks for the solidarity, mes amis
Doing the decent thing
More of the same
The price of collaboration
The police state cometh
The European Arrest Warrant at work (not!)
The commission is on the case
By-passing the Commission
Forum ideas
Soft power turns to sludge
Dangerously vulnerable
They are not joking
The forum is up
Is this the curse of the euro?
Mind your own business
Grumbling in the ranks
Sleaze German style
Well, someone likes the EU model
Digging deep
Fingerclickin' good
Kilroy quits
Control freaks
Berlusconi hits out at ""Prodi's euro""
Mercs for jerks
The great divide
Those British values in full - 2
Those British values in full - 1
The modernizers' champion
Shutting down terrorists?
The New European Army
France and democracy
Ship ahoy!
Update on the oil-for-food scandal
A little light relief
The war of French yoghurt
Is it here already?
Desperation or what?
Frattini has the answer
A crisis is not necessarily beneficial
That Communication Action Plan
Prodi's logic
Another jolly for the fragrant Commissioner
Normal service will not be interrupted
Wot, no North?
Putting a name to the fight for freedom
So what are we to make of Edward Heath?
Going down
Germany and the European Arrest Warrant
Ten green bottles
The legacy of Heath
He's dead
Edward Heath ""nearing end of life""
You can't have everything
Merkel again
And even murkier…
Meanwhile in Germany
Fantasy island
A dark and murky tale
Facing up to the 21st century
What a total, utter farce
A missed opportunity
A denial of politics
Well, is anybody going to say it?
Getting the government we deserve?
The BBC again
An alien culture in our midst
Merkel disappoints
Too much to handle
There's no place like Home
Not even in London
By-passing the system
One for Juncker
That special relationship
Perpetuating the insult
They all want to tax financial transactions
A cautionary tale
Luxembourg ""backs EU constitution""
Security begins at home
Sooner or later we pay
Booker is back
Smoke and mirrors
Pass the sickbag
The most futile referendum in history?
Hartz and Mindz?
Do as I say…
Beware the bicycle shed
West London
Spitting images
This is all they needed
Have they no shame?
The meek shall inherit the earth
We've been here before
Bombs in London
Not really talking Turkey
Leave it to the élites
Deafening silence
The Euro-Army cometh
Well, we are saddled with the Olympics
A shift of emphasis?
Clear the decks
A straw in the wind?
Software patent directive
Focus groups debunked
Whose money is it, anyway?
A little entertainment
Chirac blows it
Free for all
The EU's efforts are acknowledged
Glasnost and perestroika EU style
A question of blunt scissors
Hoist by their own petard
EU rules come before patient safety
Happy birthday!
Looks like fun
Compassion is soo yesterday…
Who gives a rat's bottom?
An historic day?
Not the Booker column
Sour Krauts?
An unimportant little detail
Lose equals win - maybe
This is all so depressing
Here we go again (and again)
A break in tradition
From the cutting edge
The grip tightens
Maybe they should all arrange their own kidnapping
Leaving the opposition floundering
Set a tranzi to catch a tranzi
Another helping of fudge
Vile pen writes
Europeanisation by stealth
One hundred and fifty years ago
Mugs, yet again
They are not joking
Heritage conference
You win some and you lose some
He still doesn't get it
Piggy in the middle
A sorrowful shake of the head
Prizes for everyone
An interesting theory
A new project
Yippee, another anti-dumping duty
Still waters run deep
Maybe when they have set up their systems they will teach us
I just love it
The shame of the ""super-soft"" squidgy power
A wind of change?
The march of integration (2)
And the walls came tumbling down… (not)
Ban the trumpets
Looking to the future?
Wishful thinking
Hypocrites of the world unite
A vision of the future
We must modernise…
Quotes from the Budget Wars
A tale of two presidents
Napoleon's revenge
An air of unreality
The march of integration
Subsidies galore
Overdosing on fantasy
Born-again losers?
Where do we go from here?
Moving to the centre ground
Sitting Bull on the warpath
Little Europeans
A little unfair
At the limits of Europe
Blair's ""grand plans"" for the presidency
Not time for the obituaries
A media event
Summit collapses - Europe in crisis!
That other constitution
Biff! Bamm! Wallop!
Dialogue of the deaf
First prize
I have a cunning plan…
No, he will not resign
A ""pause for reflection""
Implementation by other means
I don't necessarily agree with all they do but ....
Reinventing the wheelbarrow
Now here is a crisis…
Crisis! What crisis?
Helpful hints
What is it to be Mr Blair?
Will he resign now? Not a chance
Our masters must not be disturbed
Just tell us straight
Head in sand
The voice of democracy
Time for a gesture
A dose of fantasy
""A lot of work to be done""
Meanwhile, in the rest of the world
No Comment!
Something really fundamental has happened…
A tad unpredictable
Forget the gloating…
No Minister!
Constitution ""to be quietly ditched""
Not even in the game
And so it goes on…
We can repress the… nationalism of Europeans only gradually
What a great title
And now for something completely different
I can't believe they're still saying it!
It's not rocket science
A minor setback
A wholly different game
That Rebate
Good start Dominique
What a wag!
Turf wars
The rain in Spain ....
What about our salaries and expenses then?
Nice one Jacques
It's a done deal
Mixed messages
The best laid schemes of mice and men…
No! No! No!
What's this… Scotch bloody mist?
Plan D, sub-plan F (for fluffy)
Something stirring in the European Parliament
A reminder
Do we now get a referendum?
Doing the ""decent"" thing?
One to remember
We are Europe
Carry on governing
Yet more holes in the Swiss agreement
Stroke… and counter-stroke
Elephant on the road
Trouble in the Low Countries
Calling it as it is
Funny… us?
The game goes on
The Swiss agreement is full of holes
Thirty years, eh?
Determinedly Anglocentric
The music has stopped…
The wrong sort of ""no""
An apology
And so to Booker…
And your point is?
Blair – the suicide bomber of Europe?
How Britain fell
Should we have a referendum in the UK?
The voice of a believer
Thirty years of ""no""
How we were conned into Europe
Don't give them ideas
Keeping the peace
Straws in the wind
Shock, horror, Toby Helm gets it wrong
""The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated""
The nuclear option
A whiff of panic?
A dictionary for EU commissioners
And now, ritual sacrifices
Watching the cat-flap
You cannot be serious
Which part of ""no"" don't they understand?
It's the Blogs wot done (some of) it
Why they have got it wrong
We shall overcome
The People's Campaign
Actually, the people got it wrong
It shows the establishment… all got it wrong
A moment for mature reflection
Hell No!
Ratification must go on
And then to Luxembourg
Today's the day…
L’Ancien Règime
Man of the people
Out on a limb
The final betrayal
The voice of bitter experience
Life goes on
And here's one I lost earlier
How Britain could lose the referendum
The things they say
With one bound, they will be free
The fat lady hasn't sung yet
This was their finest hour
Actually, we won
83 percent of votes counted
Banality rampant
As France votes and Netherlands watches
Un petit grand ""non""!
Too close to call?
No means: ""full steam ahead""
French referendum update
Stop it!
Let the voters speak
""Verweile doch / Du bist so schön""
The two faces of propaganda
Cartoon physics
A minor hiccup
Damage limitation
A bodyguard of lies
The things they say
Inevitable really
The creation of the European Republic
We've been there before
Too many questions?
Blinking in the sunlight
Even the Italians are falling out of love with the EU
Of course they are pleased
Blogging lite
Seven minutes to change the world
Mr Blair goes travelling (again)
An increasing note of hysteria
Never taking our eyes off America
Looking for an alibi
Why bother?
Against the laws of nature
Those battle groups again
An American writes ....
There is never any point to appeasement
Great historic quotes # 1
They use fruitier language in Eastern Europe
One must not misoverestimate one’s enemy
And nappies to you too…
A curious choice of words
Of rats and sinking ships
Has Condi been ""captured"" by State?
A quarter of a million up
The best outcome
Bright, this one!
Bring on the terrible twins
They've finally found a use for the constitution
Now is the time for all good men ...
One size definitely does not fit all
The love that dare not speak its name
That just about says it all!
Who is this ""we"", paleface?
Vote ""yes"" or we'll invade France
""Geburtsurkunde für neues Europa""
The lady is sprung
Microsoft misses a trick
Les paysans révoltent?
Another hijack
We have become more powerful V
The business case for Europe
Denied safety
Budget blues
Key word: democracy
We have become more powerful IV
A question of scrutiny
Dr Helen Szamuely
Labour hijacks VE day
Can ""super-soft"" Europe make the difference?
China - a political agenda
Cry freedom
Changing horses
We have become more powerful III
The peasants are revolting
Nato is the cornerstone
The China view
It don't mean nuffin
Dr Helen Szamuely
The fragrant Glenys
No wonder they want the embargo lifted
Blogs away!
The Beeb strikes again
President Bush continues to disappoint (not!)
A lesson in objectivity
Bush disappoints…
All eyes on President Bush
Ever the optimist
The voters’ revenge
How many more times?
Who cannot understand whom?
The people have spoken... (not)
The UK is ""full of hate""
A profound impact on our lives
Chirac in a panic
Bush on Europe and the EU constitution
A question that deserves an answer
Unfortunate, but there it is
This living in a bubble is getting out of hand
The Europe minister is telling porkies
Is the Commissioner telling porkies?
A mixed blessing
Leaves from the EU pensions war
France and America
Italians block European arrest warrant
A wake-up call
Fault lines
A highly forgettable experience
All things to all men – and women
We have been there before
Consumer protection - EU style
Our advice remains the same
The China issue again
We have become more powerful... II
Mood music on defence
When in a hole
A preposterous idea
This will have to stop
Of course, we believe in consumer choice but ....
A parting of the ways
Tip of the iceberg
Economic suicide
Playing Russian roulette in the Middle East
Yes, the art market will leave Britain
The ""McLibel"" travesty
That ghastly Mr MacShame
UN Thugs
Denied boarding
ID Card Bill clears the House of Commons
What do Russians prefer?
We have become more powerful…
The seven basic myths
""New Rumsfeld"" meets ""old Europe""
Yet more UN scandals
Myth seven: qualified majority voting hands power to Brussels
Democratic legitimacy
A tidying-up exercise
Everyone is wrong – except Will Hutton
Figures to juggle with
A message from Mr Tony Bennet of Veritas
Our new masters and transparency
To boldly recycle…
Myth Six: Europe will control our economy
Indicator theory
How high?
Myth Five: creating a European superstate
The troublesome threesome
A new right to be ignored
No ""powerful backing"" for European integration
Spanish ayes
Swan song or dead duck?
Odd meetings
Myth four - the Charter of Fundamental Rights
""Czech this out""
Are they listening to themselves?
The debate in the media
A conspiracy of silence?
Neil O’Brien versus Sir Stephen Wall
Neither common nor a policy
The second reading
Jim Naughtie interviews Jack Straw
The case for the constitution
Something cheerful in the state of Denmark
France in turmoil?
A flurry of activity
The BBC and the constitution
Myth Three
The single European airbrush
Guantanamo and the French
The joys of totalitarianism
The new protectionism
Japan, too, is worried
The government really understands its business
Pushing their luck
Myth Two: the European Army
The battle of the airwaves
Tackling the myths?
Identity politics
Rigging the question?
The system did not fail
What is it about Kilroy?
Au revoir
Ducking the issues
Appeasement revisited
Chutzpah may not be a French word but ....
The perils of symbolism
Gib on the agenda again
Chirac nervous on referendum
Can the referendum be won?
Lunatics taking over...
News of an interesting new book
Banning history
From the horse's mouth
Explanation – or propaganda?
Volcker speaks
Danger - Riddell at large
In Veritas, islamophobia
China – the stakes continue to rise
An ""unashamed economic liberal""
What do they think they are up to?
Bring on the rain
The Tillack case again
Delay on EU referendum?
Veritas is on its way
A Horlicks…
European unity at last
Spanish practices
The unwinnable quagmire
The debate begins… sort of
What Neelie did next
Democracy to die for
The real reason for ignorance?
The biter bit
European Week
Undermining national sovereignty
REACH for your passport
An interesting thought
Making the Revenue shiver
Security woes put £2bn at risk
The problem of China will not go away
Better late than never
More grief than the enemy
A rogue poll?
A spanner in the works?
Apathy rules in Eire
Is there no end to her talents?
Boring us all to death
Beware the ""helpful"" commission
No means no… maybe!
They're at it again
Synthetic indignation
The more subtle defence agenda
That defence question
Corbett versus O’ Brien
""Ignorant and hostile""
It's not what you do that counts
We have found no evidence of deliberate bias…
Perles of wisdom
You’re too stupid!
No difference between us
The propaganda flows
Well, he’s repeated it!
All over the place
Well, what are we to do with Ukraine?
The non-election manifesto
Unprofessionalism rather than conspiracy
EU dirty little Belgium
The Beeb strikes again
The patriotic case for the EU constitution
Are we engaged?
The invisible Americans
The penny is finally dropping?
An independent inquiry (not!)
We got there first
Down to the Yanks!
A European fantasy
Groundhog ministers
Another day, another agency
So who are the masters now?
Cut red tape or suffer decline
Attempts at a new Franco-Russian amity
Ratification roundup
Cut to the chase
What a shame
No plan B
A short shelf-life?
Now this is important
The Bigger picture
More co-ordination
Everybody's doing it
Michael Howard's desperation
Waxing indignant
Wimps past and present #2
Another blow for big business
Moving further into the European camp?
Drawing in the net will save our fisheries
They can’t all be wrong
Error message
The noose is tightening
The path to salvation
Three bags full, sir!
Wimps past and present #1
We have a cultural problem…
That darned question
A reminder
Political calculation
The perils of irresponsibility
Who is using whom?
Quote of the day
What’s the big deal?
When the going gets tough…
Bad losers or what?
How not to answer the questions
Beyond parody
Insult to injury
Ahem, what happened to the Lisbon agenda?
A new class of parasite
Is he working for the Commission's propaganda section?
They are getting the minnows
Musing on flags
Hardly a ""presentational problem""
Right on cue…
Tory's EU hitlist
The price of rejection - not
""Old Europe"" takes to the skies - almost
Figures to juggle with
Puffed up with self-importance
Are they trying to tell us something?
She's dun a Blog…
""Our purpose is to ensure there is an informed debate""
Resentment of America starts at home
Hear! Hear!
Heavyweights line up against Schröder
The BBC ""has no regrets""
Back from Mitteleuropa
Aiding and abetting the enemy
An exercise in insanity
Schröder draws a line in the sand
These things, I do not believe
EU break-up in 15 years?
The Booker column
Setting the record straight
Even in their core functions, they still cannot get it right
He has turned in the wrong direction
BBC Europhile Bias
Beneath contempt
They don’t even own the name!
The price of ""Europe""
It sucks!
This is news?
He’s at it again
The elephant in the elephant in the room
The billion €uro Babel
News from the front
This I gotta see…
You would never have guessed it…
Lest we forget…
Spain in twain
The cheque is in the post
""Europe"" cancelled through lack of interest
Greeks bearing (down on) sh*t
""We cannot have politics in the European parliament""
Per ardua ad Land Cruiser
Playing with fire
Wot, no Szamuely?
Sledgehammer to miss the nut?
Quelle surprise
Loyalty under strain
Feeding off disaster
French government humiliated
Spinning for Mandelson
Institutionally corrupt
A hundred grand
Manipulating the media
Stuffing the system...
Aid where it is needed
The EU must be obeyed
The Marines have landed!
Tory fishing policy launched
Taking us to victory
The squalidity of the UN (and the new world order)
Leave it to the Marines
Zut, alors, les anglais invented kitchen patriotism as well
The pain in Spain…
Trade not aid
Enough aid already
The Booker column
Gender inequality
We don't want your money
A champion idea
The march of metric
Just a thought
Will he, won't he?
Their self-importance knows no bounds
Couldn't have put it better myself
Marshall Aid will not be repeated
Well, we know where he stands
Less use than a discarded teabag...
How they see themselves
Europe, the minor global player
Another detailed strategy
And not a tsunami in sight
Really, one does despair
Putting aid in perspective
Politics and the uses of enchantment
The turning point
And now for something completely different
Even the Frogs are at it
Is that too much too ask?
Doomed to failure?
Football is once again put at the EU's disposal
Learning from the masters
A period of silence
We await with bated breath
Guardian readers
Kofi is really in trouble
Not important enough for the BBC
Is this the best they can do?
A hugely risky step to take
It was to be a triumph of French diplomacy
A sick joke
A sideways look
Mark Steyn on the case
The steady drip of propaganda
The hidden agenda
""Sustainable"" aid giving - a higher form of ""sustainable"" development
All so predictable
The UNcredibles
Free propaganda
Russo-German friendship
The letters that count
Taking a rain-czech?
Normal service
Myth of the week
The road to hell is paved with good intentions
The European disease
How Americans see it
The Booker column
Off the blocks
Well, what can I add to that?
2005 – A New Year
After the tsunami, what?
French admit Galileo is military
Action instead of words
Those ID cards again
Compare and contrast
Actually, they don't want to emulate the EU
It could only be EU…
We the media
Hartz IV is coming
The official line
Time for a re-think
The collapse of Nato
What on earth is going on?
Whose health and whose safety?
Don’t they know who’s boss?
Worse than a tsunami?
Not me, guv
Another cunning plan
A small man with a big stick?
Cold feet in Warsaw
Conscience money
Making a mark
Why doesn’t he go the whole hog?
A pile of sewage
Quote of the year
I support that
Christmas service
It's how you tell 'em
Aren't we so very lucky
Next year, they scream
Being consistent
Luxembourg throws its weight around
We have the word of the Prime Minister
Only boiled in water!
They have managed to pick someone their own size
I don’t believe it…
Iberian woes
Climate conference produces nothing but hot air
A troublesome bunch
The bunfight starts
Germany and Russia
Another one down
It’s the blog wot done it… again!
Dealing with American influence
UKIP declares against ID cards
A petty, vindictive act
How Americans see it
Our PsyOps are different from your PsyOps
An epidemic of accession talks
Maybe this time we'll be lucky (or not)
Latest bulletin from the North front
Top news stories of 2004
My colleague appears to be ""indisposed""
Which bit of no don't they understand?
Threat scenarios
Talking Turkey
Russia moving backward
Mr Herron has been informed
And so to fishing
“The oil-for-food program or the soon end of Kofi Annan”
Join up the dots…
The slow motion coup d'etat
A Turkey is not just for Christmas
Please don't call it a summit
The elephant strikes again
EU budget agreed
Conflicting noises on Kyoto
A union of sovereign states
Now that makes a refreshing change
Swedes still oppose the euro (and are not too happy about the rest of it)
Of maidens and roses
The price of democracy
Another whistleblower goes to court
""Unity in diversity""
And now for the Euro-hump
Would you buy a used satellite from this man?
European malaise
Billy Bunter to take charge of the tuck shop?
Going all the way
The gloves are off
Welcome to the world of diversity…
One size doesn't fit all
Missing the point... again
Thoughts of a European security expert - 1
Thoughts of a European security expert - 2
How others see us
Is it a state? Is it a region?
An ironic transparency
Lord Pearson again
In praise of anger
Check this out!
A curious lack of news
A stark warning for Eurosceptics
Still no proper accounting system
Why cannot the Minister answer a simple question?
From the sublime to the ridiculous…
On the home straight?
A useful reinforcement
The march of integration continues
Keeping ""Europe"" off the agenda
Another summit – this one is a biggie
Referendum Bill may be postponed
China still in the waiting room
Cripes! Blimey! I’m a pr*t!
Democracy Swedish style
Waiting for that question
A calm and measured response
While the EU wonders what to do ...
The Birds
They are going to do it...
Unknown territory
In the merda
Give him a kicking
Happy days are here again
What a surprise, the Italians cheated as well
More fishing
Sniping from the sidelines
We're serius this time... honest guv!
Well, no, they still don't know what they are doing
The death of fiscal sovereignty
Conferences all day long
On not being negative
Blame the managers
March of the ""funny money""
And so to the constitution
Nothing new
Bigger fish
Beyond comprehension
Red tape kills
Booker and Galileo
A referendum would be ""nice""
Troubles in his back yard
Schröder under pressure on China
Giving them a ""kicking""
Muddled thinking
Taking Europe for a Ride
Another one lost
The Conservatives' betrayal of their East European colleagues
China turns the screw
Off to the Tower with him
A false dawn?
Everybody cheats
Now is the time ....
The badges change in Bosnia
Galileo: cat amongst the pigeons?
And the Conservative policy is?
A rose-tinted vision