EU Referendum

EU Referendum: not your business


000a ADS-011 EU.jpg

I'm sure Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of ADS Group, thinks he's very important in the scheme of things, but when it comes to a referendum, he's got one vote – just like the rest of us.

In the meantime, he might even believe he's clever. But he parades the ignorance typical of his corporate class, failing to understand the difference between the political construct of the EU and the Single Market – which are actually two different things. And nor is anyone particularly impressed that he should get the negligent, incompetent and downright criminal fraudsters, KPMG, to write his propaganda, on behalf of his equally negligent, corrupt and downright criminal members.

When it comes to whether we remain in the EU, therefore, Mr Paul Everitt needs to learn one thing: how we are governed is not the business of business. His corrupt, incompetent and criminal gang needs to pay a bit more attention to how it runs its own businesses, before telling us what we should be doing. We don't appreciate political interference in our referendum from Airbus, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and the like - all of them recipients of multi-millions in EU funding.

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And, of course, it might have helped if this poisonous organisation had revealed that it was receiving substantial EU funds (above) to organise a major EU propaganda-fest in London this autumn, called Aerodays 2015. You can just bet that this event, co-funded by British taxpayers, will be used to spread more propaganda, all in the guise of jobs and the public interest.

And as they stick their hands in our wallets, the corrupt and dishonest corporates can always rely on a friendly reception from the gullible media, who willingly publish the euro-propaganda, ever-complicit in the spread of ignorance and corporate lies.