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Rotherham: pursuing an interest


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Is one to assume that, having been safely escorted by the police from his Rotherham hideout, Mr Farage will now be able to pursue his new-found interest in child abuse? If that is the case, we look forward to him visiting Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where there is clearly a hotbed of child abuse that demands his attention.

One trusts that his crusade against the evils of child sexual exploitation (CSE) will also include a pilgrimage to Dolphin Square where Conservative politicians and others have been involved in all kinds of evil, in what has been acknowledged to be the Westminster "abuse conspiracy", carried out under the very noses of the local authority and the police.

His quest, one presumes, will also take him deep into the pop industry and the world of celebs, where just one of its most famous stars has got his come-uppance.

Necessarily, we should expect him to have mugged up on the Casey Report where there are suggestions that most abuse happens within the home, where it is almost invisible – children living with it into adulthood, too ashamed to tell anyone.

With the limited resources available, some felt this should be the priority, so we look forward to Mr Farage taking up their cause as well, insisting that social services departments throughout the land are properly resourced, so that they may take zealous action to root out this evil.

Bearing in mind his concerns that multiculturalism is greatly responsible for events in Rotherham, and his enthusiasm for things Australian, we suggest also that he should follow their example and insist on the authorities bearing down on the Jewish community, where hidden abuse could be rife.

He should also take care to see that cults such as the Jehovas Witnesses are thoroughly scrutinised, to ensure that there are not involved in covering up sex abuse over here. And then there is that insidious organisation, the Roman Catholic Church, which is forever up to no good.

Or is it the case that Mr Farage is only concerned about CSE when he can attribute it to "Pakistani" males, and pin it on "multiculturalism"? In that case, must we assume that his real interest is to gain local electoral advantage from exploiting concerns about immigration and the growth of Islam in this country?

If it is not the case, then - now that a new head has been appointed to the historic child abuse inquiry, which will be looking into, amongst other things, the Dolphin Square affair - can we expect that he will allocate Ukip resources to shadowing the inquiry, with a view to developing a coherent, nation-wide policy dealing with CSE in all its ramifications?

After all, we wouldn't want anyone to think that Mr Farage was an egotistical opportunist, following in the footsteps of Nick Griffin. That would never do.