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UKIP: out to lunch

2014-02-10 15:23:24

I have less than three working days to complete my IEA "Brexit" submission, with still a massive amount of work to do, not least to deal with the recent Nexit report, which impinges directly on my arguments. I am having to write from scratch a new appendix, taking apart some of the arguments raised.

In the meantime, on one of the major stories of the day, the political fallout from the floods, Autonomous Mind is doing the heavy lifting, pointing out that the response by UKIP's leader, Nigel Farage, marks a new low, the point at which the party walked away from its anti-EU role.

After months of intensive work on "Brexit", however, I must concentrate on what for me is the main event, with the midnight Wednesday deadline looming. Inevitably, therefore, blogging is going to be a little light, but not before a quick guest post on AM's site

UPDATE: And then we have Muppet's half hour, courtesy of Autonomous Mind:
I don't know the truth to the extent the Environment Agency is now bound by European Union rules and laws, I just don't know, which is why we need to have a public inquiry.
So says Nigel Farage - not an ordinary member of the public, but an MEP since 1999 and the leader of the supposedly anti-EU UKIP.

Says one AM commenter: "UKIP don't know about the extent to which UK government is bound by EU rules and laws? Incredible. I thought one of their main reasons for being was to find out such things and point them out, as part of the wider argument for leaving the EU".