EU Referendum

EU politics: the stupidity of Wolfson


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We've had a go at the shopkeeper before, but we've held back on his stupidity. Not so Autonomous Mind, and one can see why. The man has been on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, with his drivel, only to have his words repeated in the Telegraph.

According to shopkeeper Wolfson, the European Union has become "hungry for power" and must be reformed to focus on free trade. Europe, he says, "needs to change" and must be pointed in the "direction of free trade rather than a government of governments".

There is only one way to put this: the man's an idiot. No one with any brains could possibly fly in the face of over 60 years of history and argue that what has now become the European Union has even been anything other than a plan for a government of Europe. Power has always been its objective.

As for trade, free or otherwise, the ambitions from the very start have always transcended economic issues. This is so well known, and acknowledged by so many people that it should not need restating.

But this idiot is one of 50 European "business leaders" fronting for the Open Europe Muppets, prattling about reform. Wolfson therefore gets to tell the BBC that the question about whether we stay in or out of the EU "depends on whether it changes enough". The man then has the gall to suggest that he is capable of sentience, saying, "I think the most important thing is the principal – what is the EU there for. Is it a vehicle for greater freedom in Europe – free movement of capital, free movement of good, free movement of services, free movement of people?".

"Or is it", he asks rhetorically, "a government of governments, a government above governments, a government without democratic licence, but the right to interfere in every aspect of our lives?" Then, he tries it on again: "I think that is what it is becoming. I think over the last thirty years it has slowly changed itself and become ever more hungry for power".

That, of course, is the Tory meme. The Community started of as a free trade agreement and somehow lost its way, and strayed into becoming this horrible thing it is now. And that delusion is impenetrable. It is beyond argument – beyond debate. Stupidity, naked in tooth and claw, has taken over.