EU Referendum

EU politics: peace in our time?


Nobel 703-gow.jpg

One feels almost (forget the almost) physically sick at the news that the European Union has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for having "over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe".

For people like us, who have worked so hard and for so long against this anti-democratic monster, this is a massive kick in the teeth. Now to having to suffer the nauseating, self-congratulation of the "colleagues", we know exactly how the Czechs must have felt when Chamberlain returned to Heston Airport on 30 September 1938, waving his infamous piece of paper.

How the Nobel Committee could possibly applaud this inherently anti-democratic construct for its "advancement of … democracy" is quite beyond me, but then, for a committee that awarded the peace prize to the IPCC in 2007, anything is possible.

But make no mistake. These people have set back the cause of peace and democracy by decades. The one hope we have of avoiding turmoil and civil war in Europe is of dismantling peacefully, the EU construct, and replacing it with something closer to democracies in the nation states of Europe.

The malign, stupid fools of the Nobel Peace committee have just made that task immeasurably harder.