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Eurocrash: taxes are for little Greeks


lagarde 239-abq.jpg

The Almighty Herself, the Great Christine Lagarde, was so full of it last Friday, insisting that it was "payback time".

Telling us she had more sympathy for children deprived of decent schooling in sub-Saharan Africa than for many of those facing poverty in Athens, she bluntly told Greek parents to take responsibility if their children are being affected by spending cuts. "Parents have to pay their tax", she said.

But how typical of the slime that infest the upper echelons of our society is our Christine. As an official of an international institution, we learn that her salary is $467,940 (£298,675) a year plus $83,760 additional allowance a year. And none of it is subject to taxes. Christine Lagarde does not pay any taxes. Those are for little Greeks.

On similar lines, we also learn that a former executive of the failed Spanish bank, Bankia, is to get a €14m payoff, just as the Spanish government is "set to cause controversy if Europe is asked to foot some of €19 billion needed to bail out the bank".

Now good readers – what you don't see are the e-mails and other comments I get when I use that now-famous punchline: "And the reason we don't rise up and slaughter them all is?" One of the mildest of epithets I get is "irresponsible".

But, as I made out in a very recent piece, I am not urging violent revolution, murder and mayhem. However, if I were ever to change my mind, I would certainly know where to start. And who then would be irresponsible?