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A whiff of panic

2012-04-13 03:28:07

Independent poll.jpg

The Independent talks of Tory ratings at a new low, with Labour on its biggest lead since February last year. So Tory Boy Blog rushes to the dyke to stick its thumb in the breach. It don't mean nuffink, says Timmy.

To hold the line (or plug the hole whichever you prefer) europhiliac Bruce Anderson has been recruited, pitching in to tell us that UKIP doesn't matter, as long as "Cameron delivers economic competence and strong leadership".

That's rather like suggesting that Herod might have gone down in history as a compassionate king, had he been kind to the first born. Thus we see betrayed an untoward belief in the merits of porcine aviation, combined with a strong whiff of panic as the local elections loom closer.

A while ago, we remarked that it took a certain amount of political genius to lose a general election against one of the most unpopular governments in history. When the local election results come in, we may find that Cameron's rare genius has not deserted him.