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The slow road to madness

2012-03-03 00:00:00

First you have this (above), reported on 14 September 2009 - " effectively a new interpretation of the European Working Time Directive".

Then we have the usual ritual (above) of a man pretending to be a British prime minister, calling for a cut in "Europe red tape" this one on 26 January of this year but it could have been yesterday as indeed it was.

Then, for the final act in the play, we have this (above): implementation of the original ECJ judgement, bringing with it more red-tape and costs to business and the hard-pressed taxpayer making The Boy to be the powerless fool that he is.

New regulations will be introduced in October and the government estimates that they will cost employers more than 100 million annually.

Strangely, the Failygraph reports that: "Ministers claim that the new regime must be introduced following several European legal judgements". "Ministers claim"? That is odd phrasing, for something that could be checked - but at least there is a mention of "Europe".

And so the charade goes on, year after year after year, while little Timmy on the Tory Boy Blog prattles that: "The Conservative Party remains the best hope for Eurosceptics". At least Helmer has had enough - he's resigned from the Tory Party.