Richard North, 01/06/2019  

I very rarely comment on US politics. I simply don't know enough about the system and have insufficient awareness of the nuances that make transatlantic politics special and different. Hence I have little to offer and could end up misreading the signs, drawing entirely the wrong conclusions.

That said, I wish US commentators would exercise the same caution when it comes to making observations on UK politics. And that particularly applies to Donald Trump, whose intervention on behalf of the turd-giver is singularly unwelcome.

Speaking glowingly of the ex-Foreign Secretary in a world exclusive interview with The Sun, POTUS declares that he has studied the Tory leadership contest "very hard" and knows the different players. "But", he says, "I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent".

At least The Sun is sufficiently on the ball to realise that this intervention - just a few days before MPs start voting - is a major breach of protocol. It risks, says the paper, sparking a full-blown diplomatic rift between London and Washington if the turd-giver fails to take the Tory crown.

More to the point though, foreign politicians simply have no business interfering in UK domestic politics, and especially in support of such a tawdry and controversial character who, by any measure, is entirely unfit to take the office of prime minister.

As for Mr Trump, he seems to be finding it difficult enough looking after the affairs of the United States. He would, thus, be better advised to mind his own business, and keep his own counsel on matters that are not his concern.

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