Richard North, 22/09/2017  

It's probably no more a coincidence that the left wing press is suddenly attacking Foreign Secretary Johnson than it was the other day when great tranches of the right wing press took to sounding off about the EEA.

But here we have the Guardian headlining "With a liar like Boris Johnson as foreign secretary how can Europe trust Britain?", while the New Statesman runs an editorial headed: "Boris Johnson, a liar and a charlatan". And adding fuel to the fire is the Independent which has the man labelled a "nationalist liar" by European newspapers, after reviving the £350 million claim.

When a national newspaper can – as does the Guardian - write of Johnson that he "displays an almost psychopathic pleasure in shamelessly telling lies", without the least fear of a libel suit, there is something very odd (to say nothing of disturbing) going on with our politics.

Mind you, it's taken long enough for even these papers to work up the courage to take on this loathsome creature when his psychopathic tendencies have long been known. But what is disturbing as anything are those who rush to his defence despite knowing exactly what sort of a person he is.

It's truly ironic how many stern little lecturettes Pete and I get from the anally retentive chatterati, telling us that, if we want to be listened to, we have to be "nicer", yet here we have this lying, thieving plagiarist sailing effortlessly into one of the highest political offices in the land, when in any decent society he would have been treated with the disdain and excluded from polite society.

Yet, having been fired from his first job as a journalist for fabricating quotes in a most damaging way, it is entirely fitting that he should have immediately found employment in The Daily Telegraph where, as Brussels correspondent, he brought journalistic fabrication to a new low, getting out of the city just before his journalistic credentials were removed by the European Commission.

This the man whose tawdry, incoherent views of Brexit are now applauded by the new editor of The Sunday Telegraph, Allister Heath who lacks the personal judgement to see Johnson for what he is and describes his work as "brilliant".

This more than adequately illustrates the decadence of a once-great newspaper that it should champion a psychopathic liar and see nothing wrong is so doing, alongside a Prime Minister who has debased one of the great offices of state by appointing this disgusting man to it.

There are no members of the so-called establishment who support or even tolerate the continued employment of this man as a Cabinet Minister who can claim to be of sound judgement, lacking as they do any moral base. And the idea that this man could become the prime minister of this country is something no balanced, ethical person could possibly countenance.

But the fact that he is in office and applauded by so many says a great deal about this tarnished little nation of ours. It is said that we deserve the governments we get but, bluntly, anyone who supports this vile creature deserves only the contempt of any right-thinking person.

Certainly, no nation which has as its Foreign Minister this psychopath can expect the respect or support of other nations. To have him representing our country is not only an insult to us, but to all the nations that have to deal with him. They deserve better – we deserve better.

Getting rid of him cannot come too soon and every day he stays in office is a stain on the reputation of the United Kingdom.

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