Richard North, 17/08/2016  

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Liechtenstein on Newsnight - 22 minutes in. Helen Thomas, business editor, completely butchers the story in what was almost complete waste of time and money, thereby confirming the view that the legacy media is quite incapable of dealing with complex issues.

The only interesting thing that came out of the clip was the Liechtenstein prime minister, who said that it is unlikely that his country could, right now, broker the same deal - even though this is precisely what Switzerland is attempting to do right now, with some indications that it might be successful. It seems that Liechtenstein politicians are as ignorant as our own.

That said, I think this is the last time I ever do anything with the BBC. You spend time on the phone and internet briefing them. Then going to the studio and back takes an hour and they interview you for about 20 minutes - all for a 30-second clip, which is really too short to add anything of value. This is not a productive use of time. 

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