Richard North, 22/04/2016  

"Ultimately", says President Obama, "the question of whether or not the UK remains a part of the EU is a matter for British voters to decide". Sam Hooper of Semi-Partisan Politics gives the long answer. The short answer is in the heading to this piece.

This referendum is indeed a matter for the British people, and us alone. It is not a matter for politicians. A referendum belongs to the people. It is even less to do with any foreign politicians. Be they ever so mighty, they have no business seeking to interfere in the internal politics of our nation, and especially in our choice as to how we are governed.

Mr Obama nevertheless claims to be our "friend" but, for all his fine words, not once does he address that central issue. This referendum it is about how we, as a people, are governed. His proud nation went to war with us, the British, over precisely that issue, throwing off the yoke of the King and exercising their right to self-determination.

Of all the people in the world, this is something President Obama should understand - that this is indeed a matter for us to decide. He should know instinctively that this is not a matter in which he should interfere. A good friend would understand that. A true American President would understand that without having to be told. 

His naked attempt to influence the outcome of this contest, therefore, is not welcome. It is not the action of a friend. It is most certainly not the action of a President of the United States of America. 

Obama is welcome to meet our politicians. But it is ironic that he should also come here to have dinner with our Queen - this the representative of the monarchy which his own people have rejected. And yet, as he dines in style, he bears a message to our people that we should accept a form of government that free Americans would reject. They would doubtless burn down the White House a second time if he attempted to foist it on them.  

The President should, therefore, shut up. When he's had his dinner with our Monarch, he should get back in his aeroplane and go home. He's not wanted here.

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