Richard North, 24/02/2015  

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Rajendra Pachauri, IPPC chairman, pathological liar and altogether bad egg, has finally resigned – not for any of his professional foul-ups but over allegations of sexual harassment.

Interestingly, the Straits Times notes that he was mired in controversy when errors were found in the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report: "An erroneous claim that Himalayan glaciers could be lost by 2035 was allegedly taken from a press article instead of a scientific study".

Pachauri refused to accept personal responsibility for these errors and rejected pressure to step down, claiming "ideologically-driven posturing" was behind attacks on the IPCC. He should, of course, have gone then, but led a charmed life.

Now he has been outed for sexual harassment, though, others are coming forward with allegations that go back ten years. Sexual harassment, it seems, has been a common occurrence in the workplace when Pachauri has been around. Now, in typical IPCC fashion, Pachauri seems intent on doctoring the evidence.

It is better late than never that he has gone, I suppose. But it should have been sooner.

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