Richard North, 25/06/2014  

000a TGD2 copy.jpgWith apologies to all, I uploaded the wrong file for the book, ending up with the first edition rather than the second, more comprehensive edition. In fact, I have never had a complete second edition file. The publishing was done all in a rush, with corrections and amendments sent piecemeal to the publisher. The collation was done by the publishers and we were never sent a completed file.

I have had, therefore, to assemble a "second edition" from diverse files salvaged from the wreck of a previous computer, which I have now done. They are uploaded here, complete with the two additional chapters, to form a single version. Because of the way it is assembled, there are minor differences between this, online version, and the print edition.

Also, because this is a .pdf of my own word files, pagination is different from the print edition, so there was no point in uploading the contents page, or the index. With those omissions, however, you have the complete volume, including the foreword and acknowledgements, apart from the bibliography, which I will add later.

In due course, I will also add my own revisions and updates, eventually to produce a third edition as a new work. I will do it in the same way that I am dealing with Flexcit - as a "living" document, which readers will be able to see emerging.

This, obviously, will have to wait its turn, as there is the pressing demand to get Flexcit finished, although some of the work on this volume will also serve to provide material for Great Deception III. In the meantime, as always, comments and suggestions – as well as the occasional donation – will be appreciated.

And a small word on those donations: sitting day on day at the computer, writing up the blog and – for over a year now – Flexcit, is an extremely economical operation. We do not need expensive offices, grand expense accounts or any of the trimmings. But there are costs involved and we do have to eat … occasionally.

Thus, the very generous donations from readers really do make the difference. They keep the show on the road and now will go towards the maintenance and production of an updated history of the European Union. In the meantime feel free to download versions as they appear and pass the link on to friends, acquaintances and even the odd Europhile.


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