Richard North, 14/02/2014  

Michael Muldowney interviews North on the policy background to the floods. I'm rambling a bit, but the ground is covered, so to speak.

We note, incidentally, that the Great Bishop Hill has finally discovered that floods "policies are set - or effectively set - in Brussels" (to say nothing of Geneva and beyond). Needless to say, rather like UKIP, GBH has gone to great lengths to avoid citing my work, or even Booker's. I don't know what Booker has done to offend Montford, to deserve being cast into outer darkness - but the absence of any references on the GBH blog tells its own story.

Booker and I have both noticed the almost comedic lengths some writers will go to to avoid acknowledging sources, when the information quite obviously comes from either of us - directly or indirectly - compared to the gushing approval of other writers, some of which verges on fawning adulation. We are used to this with the legacy media but, clearly, even in the self-referential world of the GBH blog, who you are matters more than what you have to say.

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