Richard North, 12/02/2014  

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The National Post puts the blame list together, making the comparison with the Independent (above) all the more stark.

Says this dying newspaper, "As Britain steps up its flood defence efforts, with the police and the military mobilising their resources to help the Government take control of the disaster, it may be difficult to tell who is in charge of what in such a complex and sprawling operation – and who should be blamed for any failings".

But the one thing the paper will never point the finger at is the EU, an omission shared by most of the legacy media and especially the EU-supporting Daily Mail.

In a sequence that could only have come from EU Referendum, Leo McKinstry borrows the detail, but focuses only on the Environment Agency. But for a reference to "an EU conference in Warsaw in 2003", any mention of the EU is carefully excised.

This simply cannot be accidental. And, as days pass, the refusal of the media to address the "elephant in the room" becomes more and more bizarre, compounded by Farage's enthusiasm for ducking the issue.

Whatever else, it seems, the legacy media is not going to allow the EU onto the agenda. Discussing the role of our government in Brussels is simply not permitted. When it comes to blame, it is not even allowed on the agenda.

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