Richard North, 04/01/2014  

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So, when the ice retreats in the Arctic, it's "climate change" yet, when its expands in the Antarctic, it is weather.

At least we have something slightly more sensible from Dr Chris Huntingford who focuses on the devastation caused by intense rainfall events and associated flooding of properties over Christmas and the New Year.

"The very last thing that needs to be heard at the moment", he writes, "is a set of pompous statements implying this might be due to manmade climate change. What would this achieve? Nobody wants to hear the message 'it's your fault', and it is almost certainly not completely true anyway".

Last year, of course, it was the snow and the freezing conditions, and this year it is rain and storms. There is thus a strong possibility here that we are indeed experiencing weather. And I am told that we do tend to get these conditions around this time of year.

Huntingford's intervention, though,  seems to be yet another indication that the climate debate, as well as the warming, has stalled. The last IPCC report has disappeared without trace and even Huntingford himself admits, "It feels as if these days, people now just switch off when hearing any discussion of climate change and its implications".

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of vain fools around, like Chris Turney, who now writes a self-justifying piece in the Guardian, a man who is to climate change what UKIP is to immigration.

The first comment on the Guardian piece says simply, "the ship of fools". Sadly, fools come not in ships but fleets. Turney is simply one of many.


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