Richard North, 25/09/2013  

So, the Mighty Iain Dale tells us that Damian McBride was doing a live interview on Daybreak on the Brighton seafront – an open space accessible to the public.

Dale is waiting in his car (on double yellow lines) to drive McBride to do his next interview with Nick Ferrari on LBC when he notices that a protester was holding a placard behind Damian which "was filling a lot of the screen and totally distracting from the interview". Dale assumes someone from Daybreak would intervene to stop him, but no one did. So, he says:
I did what any self respecting publisher would do, got out of the car, ran across and pulled him out of the shot. He started resisting and we ended up in an unseemly tumble on the ground. I was conscious of the photographers and other cameramen who were present filming the whole thing, but I was determined this idiot shouldn't disrupt what was an important interview for my author.
In other words, Dale took it upon himself to prevent a protester lawfully demonstrating in a public place by physically assaulting him. He then justifies what has all the appearances of being a criminal assault by telling us that he did, "what any self respecting publisher would do …".

For some reason, there is a gap in Dale's blog for September 2005, but then we recall an event concerning a certain Walter Wolfgang, ejected from the Labour Party conference for daring to yell "nonsense" at the foreign secretary.

We are thus not privy to Dale's views at the time, but later posts leave us in no doubt as to his views of the action. But, when it comes to his own personal interests, it seems Mr Dale is quite happy with the idea of assaulting members of the public who dare to make a protest in a public area.

What is it with these members of our master race? They are so quick to criticise when it comes to other people's actions, but when it comes to their own, or the people they support, it is a different matter altogether. He is no different from the oaf Bloom, and just as full of himself.

UPDATE: Tory blogger now wanted by police after duffing up old-age pensioner Stuart Holmes, to prevent interference with Labour client. Story of our time really.


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