Richard North, 25/12/2012  

Carn 000-cri.jpg

Taken a few days ago by my Emma the Artist, this beach scene off Carnoustie, just north of Dundee, typifies the glorious global warming we have all been suffering - you know, the one where we have warm wet winters and hot dry summers.

But that aside, there is nothing to stop us making the best of it and having a very merry Christmas - from me, Mrs EU Referendum and the family. We've enjoyed your input, appreciate your loyalty and generosity, and look forward to another year in which we hope to inform, infuriate, educate and entertain, in unequal measure.  

But, for this one day, we wish peace and good will to all men and women - if only because it would take so long to list the exceptions that the day would be over by the time we got to the end. Normal hostilities will be resumed shortly.

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Brexit - the first year - New e-book by Richard North
Brexit - the first year - New e-book by Richard North
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