Richard North, 16/12/2012  

They even turn on their own. Writes Patrick Cockburn of recent events in Syria:
This misperception of the reality on the ground in Syria is fuelled in part by propaganda, but more especially by inaccurate and misleading reporting by the media where bias towards the rebels and against the government is unsurpassed since the height of the Cold War. Exaggerated notions are given of rebel strength and popularity … In the event, a basically false and propagandistic account of events in Syria has been created by a foreign media credulous in using pro-opposition sources as if they were objective reporting.
What little credibility Lord Justice Leveson might ever have had, he destroyed with his frankly stupid comment. One wonders now whether an inquiry into the intellectual capabilities of judges might be appropriate. This is not the only fool (or bigot) on the benches.


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