Richard North, 29/11/2012  

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We may have the misfortune of having UKIP on our side, with its ill-considered promotion of the UDI option, but I guess that is now balanced, to a degree, by having Blair on the other side, and volubly so.

And to ensure that there is maximum support for our cause, the former prime minister is telling us that he feels euroscepticism is spreading "like a virus". Says the BBC, using the kind of jive talk you might have expected to hear when he was still a member of a pop group at university, he pronounced: "The Right have got it bad on this Europe thing".

Then we get the message from his sponsor: leaving the EU would be "hugely destructive of Britain's interests", he says, arguing that "our country faces a real and present danger in edging towards the exit".

If ever there is anything that should convince the Conservatives to push for the exit, it is that. Anything Blair is promoting has to be wholly wrong. That he thinks of the cause as a "virus" tells you more about him than eurosceptics.

Sadly, though, Myrtle hasn't yet got the point. In his latest clogette, he whinges that UKIP is not playing ball and giving the Conservatives a free pass for the general election. He fears that their stance will most cost the Tories seats, and keep them from victory.

Mr Cameron, he says, will most certainly give them an in-out referendum, which will only happen if the Conservatives win the election. But, the "UKIP effect" (my words, not his), could cost them the election.

How typical it is, though, for Myrtle to blame UKIP for his own party's inadequacies when, if they played their cards right, the Conservatives could bury this dysfunctional party. All they have to do is invoke Article 50. And now, there is the added incentive in that it would really p*ss off Blair.

Talk about two birds with one stone … what is there not to like?


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