Richard North, 24/11/2012  

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For once, Rotherham Social Services have acted speedily and correctly in protecting vulnerable children from a very real threat (above), removing them from foster parents in the thrall of party leader Nigel Farage, a known fascist, sexual predator and drunkard (well, two out of three isn't bad).

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We would not, for instance, want to see our public servants wasting their valuable time on trivia such as this (above), although we note with some approval that public funds were offered to a "vulnerable white girl, known to have been abused from the age of 12, for her to learn Urdu and Punjabi, presumably so that she could better understand phrases such as "get your knickers off, white trash!".

Now that these three children from ethnic minorities have been safely moved into Council care, and the UKIP-tainted "carers" properly "stigmatised and slandered", we can be assured that the youngsters will be comprehensively abused by real professionals, instead of being left to the mercies of amateur racist bigots.

It is thus so heartening to see that, despite the progressive decay in our public services, every now and again the system actually works. What a shame it is that that nice Denis MacShane was not still MP, to take the credit for such a sterling example of official intervention.


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