Richard North, 11/11/2012  


During the 1939-45 War, 62,464 civilians died as a result of war operations in Great Britain – more than in bomber command (55,573). In addition, about 86,000 were seriously injured, and about 150,000 were slightly injured. Approximately one-half of all these casualties were borne by London. 

Not until two years of war had passed did the number of civilians killed fall below the total of fatal casualties among soldiers, sailors and airmen. Not until over three years had passed was it possible to say that the enemy had killed more soldiers than women and children. 

And at the Cenotaph memorial in London today, the monarch laid the first wreath to commemorate members of the Armed Forces who died fighting in all conflicts since the First World War. We should not forget them. 

But one also notes that memory is a very selective thing. 

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