Richard North, 07/11/2012  

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If I could be bothered to stay up into the wee small hours, I too could pick up something that every service in the world will be running. And that says it all … there is no point in this blog even attempting to duplicate what is being done elsewhere, by so many.

Further, conscious of how ignorant Americans often come over when they try to analyse British politics, I've been reluctant to return the favour. I simply do not know enough about the nuances of US electoral politics to be able make any worthwhile comment.

On the broader issues, my few trips over to the other side of the pond and my general studies of US systems suggest to me that this election isn't going to solve anything. Picking one person from two flawed and unattractive individuals does not seem to be a remedy for the deep-seated problems that are affecting the whole of Western civilisation, to some extent or other.

On the other hand, a good night's sleep will solve one of my immediate problems. So, when it comes a choice between that, and waiting to see which muppet won the election, there really is no contest. But, at least, I can confidently predict that somebody will win … and nothing much will change. 

UPDATE: It looks as if the Obama muppet has won - 303 to 206 votes from the electoral college. That is not as close as many had predicted - and totally contrary to the predictions of the Telegraph. That is one to savour when the paper starts pontificating on the next election - or anything else for that matter. 

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