Richard North, 10/04/2005  

With the UK and the Czech Republic solidly against, France having moved into the "no" camp and Holland now opposed, Denmark is also veering closer to rejection.

The December Eurobarometer poll registered 44 percent in favour, 26 against and 30 percent "don't knows" and although, in the New Year, the "yes" vote dropped to 38 percent, those opposed also dropped, registering 23.4 and 22.3 percent in March and February, respectively.

But now, according to an opinion poll conducted by Greens Analyseinstitut [Greens Institute] and published by Business daily Boersen on Friday [8 April] the "no" camp is gaining ground, having turned out nearly 28 percent.

The survey of 1,229 interviewees between last Monday and Wednesday [4-6 April] put the "no" camp at 27.6 percent. The percentage of voters in favour of the constitution remains steady, at 38 percent but the figure for those still undecided fell to 34.4 percent.

With the referendum date now having been declared for 27 September, it seems that more voters have made up their minds and the indications are that they are joining the "no" camp.

If the trend continues, Denmark could also be one of the countries to reject the constitution, whence it could end up isolated in Europe, just like the UK, the Czech Republic, France, Holland…

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