Richard North, 13/04/2005  

As trailed on this Blog last Sunday, yesterday in Strasbourg, MEPs, with their snouts firmly embedded in the trough, rejected the reform package for their notoriously liberal travel allowances and expenses, by a margin of six to four.

Their decision, according to The Telegraph, "prompted anger and disbelief from British MEPs," who voted for proposed reforms. All that goes to show is what a useless bunch of w*****s they really are - "all mouth and trousers" as my mother would have said, somewhat more elegantly.

Anyway, these EUnuchs did their bit so they could then bleat to the media about how distressed they were, while queuing up for the self-same expenses that they had just endorsed and, in due course, picking up their £1 million additional, contribution-free pension package. My heart bleeds for them.

What vile, self-serving, slimy dregs these people are. Compared with them, used toilet paper is useful.

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