Richard North, 09/05/2005  

In response to our posting on the fragrant – and odious – Margot, two readers respond. But not any old readers, erudite and distinguished though you all are. These are Mikael Gennser, MD PhD and Mrs Margit Gennser, former Member of the Swedish Parliament. They write:

Dear Dr North,

We are so ashamed that our country has foisted this third rate politician on our neighbouring countries. As you and other British eurosceptics have noted Mrs Wallström does not possess the sharpest tools in the box, but that she would be able to in a few foul sentences reveal her total ignorance of the history of the last century, and besmirch not only the memory of millions of dead in WW II, but also every voter who has had the temerity to vote against the EU, was beyond even our wildest imagination.

Unfortunately, one must wonder whether the speech by Mrs Wallström which was shortly followed by the statement from the EU Commission is not part of a pattern of disenfranchising the European peoples. Mrs Wallström is not the first one to invoke the Holocaust to promote the European integration. If pro-Europeanism is to be the "litmus test of political respectability" (to quote John Laughland), will in the end any other standpoint be allowed?

Of course, less than two years ago a large majority of Mrs Wallström’s compatriots voted no to the euro. Therefore, and for no other reasons, we will not be allowed to vote on the EU constitution.

It is certainly a terrible thought that we are being led by fools like Mrs Wallström towards a new authoritarian rule, only years after the Soviet empire imploded.
It is indeed terrible, and we are grateful for the comment.

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