Richard North, 05/05/2004  

We are not alone in our reservations about the EU arrest warrant. According to Italy's AGI newsagency, about 15 Northern League MPs showed their disapproval in front of the parliament in Rome this morning whillst it was being discussed inside. They unfurled a banner proclaiming "Yes to the Europe of freedom, not the Europe of handcuffs".

They fear that a law claimed to fight terrorism is being used to investigate people who have different opinions to those that the judges and technocrats of Brussels want to impose. Echoing British reservations, they also believe that it is unacceptable for a citizen to be arrested for something which is considered a crime in other countries which is not a crime in Italy.

Whether British opponents of the arrest warrant would want to be associated with the extreme right wing Northern League, however, is another matter, but today's demonstration does indicate that concerns are by no means confined to the "Little Englander" tendency.

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