Richard North, 06/05/2004  

Sources: AFP, The Times

According to Agence France Press, half of Czechs have no idea of how EU bodies function. Activities of the European Parliament and the European Court were best understood while people were least aware of the European Commission and the European Court of Audit.

Six out of ten people in the Czech Republic said they knew at least a little about the functioning of the European Parliament in Strasbourg while 57 percent knew how the European Court worked.

However, rather than be ashamed, the Czechs should purr with pride at the result – at least fifty percent know something about the EU. This makes a distinct contrast to the situation in Britain, if Times columnist, Caitlin Moran, is to be believed.

Revelling in her own ignorance, in an article entitled, “Spot the difference between the European Parliament and Geri Halliwell”, her own surname comes perilously close to being an accurate description of her own standing.

Like so many of the English establishment "clever-dicks", she seems to regard lack of knowledge as something to be paraded as a badge of honour. An extract from her opening piece illustrates the point:

“The turnout for this year’s European elections is expected to be around 18 percent. That high? Really? I’m not being funny ­ that, I hope, will kick in around paragraph two ­ but I am surprised. I have never met anyone who has voted in a European election. I have never had a conversation about the European elections. I have never thought about the European elections. I don’t even know when they are, or if asking where they are is a mark of stupidity or not.”

To Mz Moran), we can help her out with an answer to the last part of her question. It is "yes".

If you want to read Mz Moran's complete article, click here, although, frankly, I wouldn't bother.

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