Richard North, 21/05/2004  

Source: AFP

Following the initiative by Poland to have a reference to Europe’s Christian traditions included in the preamble to the constitution, six more countries have now formally opted for God. They have joined Poland on the list of signatories to a letter demanding inclusion of a reference to Christianity. The countries are: Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Even now, this list is not complete, and Poland is hoping that other countries will join the initiative. Spokesman Boguslaw Majewski (with a Christian name like that, he really ought to be an EU commissioner - ed) stated that the letter stressed that "the governments of those countries view as a priority mention of the Christian tradition in the preamble so as to begin discussion on the issue during the next meetings of the IGC."

Noticeably absent from the list is Ireland but, as long as his country holds the presidency, Ahern could not support this demand.

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