Richard North, 28/05/2004  

On Tuesday of this week, the Times published a story headed "Political union should be the EU's next big project, says Prodi report". It referred to a "controversial study" entitled Constructing a Political Europe, apparently arguing that the European Union was in crisis and can be saved only by turning it into a fully fledged "political union", with a European tax, minimum wage and pan-European political parties

Despite our best attempts, however, we had not until today been able to get hold of this report. We now find that the search was not aided by the fact that the Times misquoted the name of the report, which is in fact "Building a Political Europe" – a small but important distinction when using search engines.

Even then, there is no access to the report through the official commission Europa website but we have at last tracked it down. Possibly by mistake, it has in fact been published by the European Commission Delegation… to Australia and New Zealand. If you want to download the report, click here. Warning: .pdf file, 112 pages.

We will we publishing our own analyses over the weekend.

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