Richard North, 14/06/2004  

With about 75 per cent of the Czech vote counted, the clear winner to emerge was the euro-sceptic opposition party, the Civic Democrats (ODS), with 29.55 per cent of the vote.

The Social Democrat Party (CSSD) of Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla, that has, inevitably, been enmired in various financial scandals, is in fifth place with 8.80 per cent of the vote. One cannot help feeling that the Czech dissatisfaction with the enlargement agreement must have played a part in the vote.

Second and third were the Communist Party (KSCM), the usual repository of protest votes in east European countries, with 20.76 per cent and the Association of Independents – European Democrats with 10.76 per cent.

The Christian Democrats, junior members of the government are in fourth place with 9.78 per cent.

Final results will be available soon.

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