Richard North, 17/06/2004  

Perhaps I'm getting too cynical for my own good, but we hear that the "EU leaders" are locked in discussion on who is going to be the next president of the Commission. They will get down to the serious business of negotiating the constitution tomorrow, and the current timetable is that the meeting should end at lunch time.

Call that a negotiation? With 25 people round a table, all speaking different languages, agreeing the dinner menu should take longer. If there is going to be a deal – it's already agreed and the communiqué is already written up.

Incidentally, I loved the EU Observer headline, "Deal inches closer on constitution". Seeing as it is an EU summit, shouldn't it be "Deal centimetres closer…"? Perhaps, if the pace of negotiations slows down, we will be reading, "Deal millimetres closer…". Perhaps not.

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