Richard North, 03/07/2004  

According to a headline in the Scotsman, "Blair Faces 'Serious Risk' of EU Referendum Defeat". That is what his Europhile former Cabinet minister Stephen Byers - taking time out from spending more time with his family - is telling Blair.

The pro-European camp start as "underdogs" in the campaign to win the referendum because so many voters regard the EU as bureaucratic, intrusive, inefficient and out of touch.

And, with a stunning flash of insight, Byers – who for some unaccountable reason was speaking in the Ukraine (did he take his family?) – is also warning that government, if it is to turn public opinion round, must "go out and make the case for Britain taking a lead in shaping Europe's future."

One does wish, however, that these people would stop prattling on about "making a case" and get out there and make it. At least then, we could have a bit of fun demolishing it.

If you can be bothered with the full story, click here.

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