Richard North, 08/07/2004  

This evening on BBC Radio 4 "Analysis", the programme, headed "Making our minds up", dealt with the issue of leaving the European Union, an issue previously – according to Dr Alan Sked – you could not bring up in polite conversation.

Simon Buckby, formerly of Britain in Europe, argued that this was the most important issue to confront not only British but continental politicians. But it was an issue that most politicians seemed keen to avoid.

Sked believes that people in the UK have already made up their minds and that anti-EU sentiment will solidify. He adds, "If the elite are stupid enough to ignore the wishes of the majority, the majority will get rid of the elite". To ignore the wishes of the majority, he says, would be "suicidal" for any leader.

As to making the case for Europe, Alison Parks of the Social Attitudes Survey says that of all the groups, Eurosceptics are the least trusting of politicians. They simply do not believe what the politicians tell them. I wonder why that is.

Anyhow, if your computer is suitably equipped, you can listen to this programme on line. To get to the programme index, click here. It is worth a listen.

If you prefer, you can read the transcript. Click here for the link.

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