Richard North, 22/07/2004  

So Jose Manuel Durao Barroso got approved by the EU parliament as the new commission presidente.  Now there is a real surprise.
What is something of a surprise, however, is the Agence France Presse release, announcing the news.  It states that "Barrosso vows to bolster EU role with more women".  If read the wrong way, this could have interesting implications.  Nevertheless, one can safely assume that he will not be asking them to clean behind the ‘fridges.
Apart from doing it with more women, Barroso has also pledged (not the furniture polish) to work with a "coalition of the willing" to further European integration.  Blair must be feeling sick as a parrot if he thought he was rooting for an non-integrationalist presidente.
The only people he could not work with, Barroso says, are those who opposed the EU per se. Now there’s another surprise.

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