Richard North, 30/07/2004  

Peter Mandelson, the recently nominated British Commissioner, has spoken out on how he sees the next five years (we need not fear that he will be sacked in Brussels, where his financial peccadilloes will be regarded as very small fry, indeed).

I want a Europe that is pursuing economic reform, new jobs and protection from terrorist and other security threats, not a Europe that is over-regulated, bureaucratic and centralised.

This will only work if there is a change in the regulatory culture in the Brussels system.

Well, gee. Have we not heard all this a few hundred times? As, indeed, the wish, also expresed by Mr Mandelson, that the Commission take tougher action to prevent over-regulation in the European Union, thus stifling its economy. Presumably, said tougher action will take the form of more regulations, initiatives and score-boards. Oh, and more officials in Brussels and in the member states to administer.

In other words, normal service will not be interrupted.

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Brexit - the first year - New e-book by Richard North
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