Richard North, 08/09/2004  

Apologies for the dearth of posts today. Since 3 am this morning, the system has been down and we have been unable to post. The Blogger team advise us that this was due to a simultaneous, multiple failure of the servers which handled publishing. the faults have now been remedied and they have told us that system redundancy has been installed to prevent it happening again.

Considering that the service provided is entirely free, we can hardly complain, especially as the team haa always been very responsive when we have had problems.

Not all of you will know that is in fact owned by Google and, in that they are seriously assisting the cause of democracy, by making an alternative media available, free to all comers, we thank them for the service so far provided.

We hope to resume normal service shortly.

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Brexit - the first year - New e-book by Richard North
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