Richard North, 30/09/2004  

One of the constant refrains from the Europhile luvvies is how much better things are in "Europe", compared with Britain, the inference always being how much better off we are throwing in our lot with our continental bretheren.

It is a refreshing change, therefore, to read The Times this morning, which catalogues "German bungling on state projects" that have cost the public purse £20 billion.

Amongst the more egregious examples is the fabled German railways which ordered 19 high-speed diesel locomotives that turned out to be incompatible with the national network. The trains cost €7.5 million.

There is nothing particularly German in the examples – they can be found all over Europe – if not the world. But they serve to underline that there is no end to the appetite of civil servants for wasting other peoples’ money.

That of course is the reason for opposing the EU – a construct built by civil servants for civil servants, without the inconvenient constraints of democracy.

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