Richard North, 09/01/2005  

The Spanish group "Another Democracy Is Possible" (AnotherDem) has asked the government’s equivalent to the electoral commission to shut down the government's official web site on the EU constitution referendum.

They claim that the contents of the web site are flagrantly biased in favour of ratification, including explicit and even literal references to a "Yes" vote. Details of the extent of the government "pro" bias can be seen on the group’s web site.

AnotherDem argues that because the government web site publicly funded, "its unfair nature degrades conditions of equality of the consultation" and runs contrary to electoral law.

The group also claims that the rest of government’s campaign shows the same unfair contents and biased nature, which could destroy the democratic legitimacy of the referendum, due on 20 February.

We on this Blog are not surprised. Even though the polls in Spain show the population generally in favour of the EU constitution, there are no lengths to which these European élites will not go in order to ensure the success of their project.

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